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How to shop straight from Instagram

18th April, 2016


Am I the only one who can spend hours endlessly scrolling Instagram and walk away with an even longer shopping list than when I started? It’s great when I spot someone wearing something that I really love and I can see where they got it from but sometimes it’s frustrating when I fall in love with a bag or a pair of shoes only to have no outfit details to help me track it down.

To solve these issues, I have been using an app called ‘’ which allows you to shop directly from Instagram.

All you need to do is register for a free account, double tap or like the photos which have the unique URL and almost like magic the links appear in your inbox and you can click to buy. I’ve found that it saves me so much time and means I can buy the exact pieces I want. I don’t need to spend time trawling the internet to find something similar. You can also set the emails to come ‘ASAP’, ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ which means you’ll never miss out on a shopping purchase again. So, who’s ready for a little add to cart action?

I’m taking over’s Instagram all day tomorrow and showcasing some of my favourite looks. Don’t miss it!


10 Instagrammers to follow in 2016

4th January, 2016

Instagram is by far my favourite social media app. It’s great for sourcing everything from foodie pics to interiors ideas but it’s greatest use for me is definitely providing a virtually endless sources of fashion inspiration. These picture perfect Instagrammers are definitely worth following.

A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

Eva Chen Eva Chen is the former editor of Lucky magazine but has now moved over to Instagram to be the Head of Fashion Partnerships. Her signature #evachenpose in the back of a cab with her accessories for the day are always a source of bag/shoe envy. Her posts featuring her daughter, Ren are particularly adorable. Plus as a former beauty editor at Teen Vogue, she also gives great tips on which beauty products are worth trying

A photo posted by The Coveteur (@thecoveteur) on

The Coveteur The Coveteur regularly profiles the who’s who of the fashion/beauty/entertainment world accompanied by gorgeous vignettes of their space – whether it be a close up of a jewellery case or a sneak peek inside a designer-filled closet. Their Instagram account is a great snapshot of the eye candy that features on their website.

Maria Duenas Jacobs The ELLE Accessories director’s Instagram account is every accessories fan’s dream come true. Shoes! Bags! Jewellery! It’s all right here in picture perfect squares for your viewing pleasure

Sincerely Jules The cool laidback style of blogger Julie Sarinana will give you plenty of inspiration for your weekend wardrobe. Whether she’s rocking jeans or a simple tee, it’s all so effortless and cool.

Natasha Goldenberg If you’re a fan of Miroslava Duma you’ll fall in love with Russian stylist and designer Natasha Goldenberg. Her on-point, polished style will give you endless outfit of the day inspiration.

Something Navy Super stylish Arielle Noa Charnas chronicles her amazing style on her blog along with her Insta account. If you’re a mama-to-be, you’ll love Charnas’ current maternity style posts, which should give you enough wardrobe ideas to last you for the whole nine months!

A photo posted by Jamie Chung (@jamiejchung) on

Jamie Chung Actress Jamie Chung’s style will incite some major wardrobe envy. Whether you’re looking for ideas for an outfit for work, a girl’s night out or just some casual weekend wear, Chung well and truly has you covered.  

Eleanor Pendleton The editor/publisher of online beauty mag Gritty Pretty will inspire not only your closet but also your beauty collection. Her Insta account features loads of great beauty recommendations, amazing outfits and if you’d be hard pressed to not want to cut your hair after seeing Pendleton’s amazing tousled bob.

Katherine Power The co-founder and CEO of Who What Wear has that kind of polished look that will give you some major outfit longing. Would you expect anything less from the stylish lady who founded one of the world’s top fashion websites?

The Fashion Guitar Natasha Groeneveld is the founder and editor of the blog and her look whether it be a pastel pink skirt or metallic heels will inspire you to takes your fashion game up to the next level.

Photography: The Fashion Guitar


How to take a good Instagram pic

30th June, 2015


These days taking a really beautiful photo can be as simple as snapping a pic on an iPhone. I feel Instagram is about beautiful images. The kind that you’d want to put in a photo album or frame. I’m not so big on treating Instagram as a diary but more as a way to collect images that inspire me. I love fashion, I love travel and I love my family, so most of the time my subject matter will be made up of those types of images. I love capturing images on my phone all the time. I am definitely not an expert photographer but these are some tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Lighting is everything
Whether it’s a professional photo shoot or a selfie, lighting is key to getting a good shot. If you’re taking a selfie always face a window to get the most flattering light. This is why car selfies always turn out so great.

Take more than one shot
Don’t be shy about taking multiple shots. The odds are you’re going to get a shot that you’ll love.

Use the grid function on your phone
Using the grid lines on your phone can help you line up a shot. Often you’ll get a more interesting image by not having everything perfectly in the middle but slightly off centre.

Try different angles 
The flatlay shot has become really popular (a pic taken straight from above) and it just goes to show that different angles can really change the way a shot turns out. Don’t be afraid to take multiple shots from different angles as it’s the best way to get the best looking shot.

Don’t go too crazy with filters
I love a good filter as much as the next person but sometimes it can take away from the image. If you get your lighting and composition right, your photo should be ready to upload to Instagram without any extra help.

What are your best Instagram tips?


Who I follow on Instagram

22nd June, 2015

Lena Perminova

Like most people I’m always on Instagram. It’s a great source of fashion inspiration and I love being able to check out what my fave fashion icons are up to. I follow quite a few people but these people are at the top of my list:



Miroslava Duma is one of my style icons. I love seeing what she’s up to whether she’s travelling the world or attending an amazing party but I also love seeing what she’s wearing because it inspires me. She always has the most beautiful outfits and she’s definitely one of my favourites.


Lena is a Russian fashionista who’s also a mum of three. She’s always going to amazing parties and runway shows and she’s always dressed to perfection. She’s a great source of outfit inspiration and I love seeing the exciting things she gets up to.



I love following the girls from Fashion Bloggers. Nadia has got a really fun personality and I love how it shines through on Instagram. Not only is she always really well dressed but she’s always at the best bars and restaurants and latest parties and her Instagram is a great way to get an insight into her world.



Zanita’s always dressed in a really unique way and I love her original take on fashion. Often I’ll see something on the runway but wouldn’t think of putting it together the way Zanita does. She’s got a really great eye. She’s also a really amazing photographer and I really just love seeing what she does with her photographs and she really excels at capturing the moment and creating a beautiful image.



Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley is a big source of fashion inspiration. I really love the way she works her wardrobe with a minimalist colour palette of black, grey and white. She always gives some great tips and tricks on how to dress.



Mandy from Oracle Fox is the ultimate in really beautiful style and travel. I feel I’m on an endless journey with Oracle Fox and just travelling across the world to Paris and to amazing beautiful beachside resorts. She’s also an amazing photographer and I love seeing the images she captures.