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My trick for avoiding online shopping regret

14th February, 2017

I do most of my shopping online so I know how easy it can be to make an impulse purchase when you’re sitting at home, enjoying a glass of wine and trawling through your fave clothing site. When you’re looking at something in real life it’s easier to gauge whether it’s definitely something you’ll wear or if it’s just an of the moment item that will end up just spending its days gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe. When you’re shopping on screen it can be a little trickier as everything looks great when professionally photographed.

I often get asked my tips for online shopping and without a doubt the biggest one is that I will often leave something I am thinking of buying in my cart for 24 hours. The action of adding it to cart is enough to satisfy my shopping whim but by not buying it immediately I give myself enough time to think about whether I really want it or not. My general rule is that if I’m still thinking about something the next day then it’s something I really want as opposed to just getting caught up in the moment. By delaying the purchase it gives me time to research the item further (I suggest googling what you’re thinking of purchasing and seeing what it looks like on other sites as sometimes the colour or texture can look really different) and also consider how it’s going to work with the rest of my wardrobe. If all the boxes are ticked then I know I’m making the right decision.

What are some of your favourite online shopping tricks?  


Online stores: where I shop

18th February, 2015


While shopping in a bricks and mortar store is great for seeing pieces in the flesh and getting to try on outfits to check out the fit in real life, there’s still something to be said for the sheer convenience of shopping online. It also means I can shop labels from Italy, France, the United States, the UK and everything in between right from the comfort of my own home. Plus there’s just something nice about receiving a long awaited package in the mail. I often buy clothes, gifts, homewares and baby clothes online so I’ve frequented my fair share of stores, but these are my favourites…


You can always count on Net-a-Porter for a designer fashion fix. Not only is the selection is fantastic but the care they take with the packaging keeps me coming back. It’s like a gift each time I receive a parcel.



This site makes shopping for international designers so easy. It stocks a lot of my faves plus it’s no cost shipping which makes it even better – and cheaper!



I used to have to wait till a trip to London for a Matches shopping trip but this store lets me browse and buy without ever having to leave home. The selection is amazing so I almost always find something I love.



While I love getting aboard current trends but there are some items I know I’ll only really have a season or two so ASOS is the perfect place to get on-trend items at an affordable price. Their range is constantly getting updated too so you’re always pretty much guaranteed to find whatever it is you’re looking for.


The Iconic stocks a lot of my fave Aussie brands plus they’re great for basics and wardrobe staples. Oh and if I’m feeling really impatient or just need something in a hurry I love the fact that they’ll do same day deliveries.


I can’t survive any race day events without a Nerida Winter headpiece so I am loving the fact that if I don’t have time to visit her store, I can easily just order something from her website.



I’ll often hit online stores for outfits for Sophia too. I really like the range at Purebaby plus everything is organic and beautifully made.


I am always guaranteed to find something for Sophia at Sapling. The range is adorable, plus all the pieces are organic too.

What are your favourite online stores?