How to buy jeans

14th July, 2015


I can’t live without denim. It’s a key part of my wardrobe all year round so it’s key to find the perfect pair. I buy a lot of stuff online but I think jeans are one thing that you really need to go in store to try on to make sure the cut, fit and colour all work well. I have to make sure that it works with my body shape, has some flexibility and isn’t too stiff, isn’t too hipster or high-waisted and has to be of a good quality so it lasts. When you find the perfect pair of jeans you just know! If you’re in the market for new jeans, here are my top denim buying tips:

Buy the right size

It may sound obvious but I’ve been caught out before by the whole “it will stretch” claim. I’ve learned that you should always just buy a size that’s firm but not super tight. It should feel comfortably snug but not so much that you feel like you can’t breathe!

Take the time to try things on

Yes, you may have a pair of old faithfuls that have served you well but it pays to try on different cuts, styles, washes and brands when you’re buying jeans. It can be a tedious process, I know, but taking the time to actually try things on outside of your denim comfort zone may help you unearth a pair of jeans you never knew you always wanted.

Know your denim

A heavier denim has more durability than a lighter denim. So if you’re after a pair of jeans that will last a few seasons, it pays to go for something a little thicker. Also a heavier denim will generally offer better support than lighter, thinner denim which can be a little less forgiving.

Expand your denim wardrobe

For me I love a pair of light denim jeans but I also like black denim and white denim. I have a black and white pair of denim from my Skin and Threads collection which are my best fit jeans. I also really like Ksubi and Nobody jeans for denim. Also, know that some washes will show wear and tear a lot sooner than other washes. For example dark denim will show obvious “whiskering” a lot sooner than lighter denim.

Look 12

One of my go-to jeans. A white pair of denim jeans from my Skin and Threads collection

If you’re getting jeans hemmed, bring heels with you

If you’re going to get jeans tailored it should only ever be the length. You should keep looking until you find a pair that fit you around your bottom and your legs rather than trying to do anything with the waistband or legs. I’m not that tall so jeans can be quite long for me so I’ll take them to be professionally tailored. I like my jeans to sit on my ankle bone. When I’m getting them tailored I’ll normally take the heels I’d wear the most with them to the alterations place so I can be sure to get the correct length. I think if you get the right length for high heels they can work with sneakers, flats and most other shoes quite fine.

What are your top denim buying tips?


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