My beauty routine for big events

25th November, 2020
There’s nothing like that clean skin feeling post-facial

In the lead up to big events I like to ramp up my beauty routine to ensure my skin and hair are in top shape. I did this for my wedding, for spring carnival when I’m on reporting duties for 7 Racing, and whenever I’m booked for hosting duties. I think skin and hair is paramount for looking great at any event, and it ranks highly in any event prep I do.

When I was filming with Channel 7 a few weeks ago, it was one weekend after another of having to be in front of the cameras so I made sure to dial up the skin treatments I did. Along with my at home AM and PM routine, I complemented my routine with the a few professional treatments to really ensure I had a healthy glow. Here’s what I did…

Invested in facials

I booked myself in to have facials with expert facialist Jocelyn Petroni in Sydney. We did a facial every six weeks. While there are several treatments on offer, I went for The Heart Chakra Signature Facial which left my skin feeling so refreshed, hydrated and glowing afterwards. The treatment involves a thorough cleanse and exfoliation followed by a steam which helped with any decongestion such as blackheads. Perfectly glowing skin afterwards!

Enjoying a facial at Jocelyn Petroni’s Sydney salon
IPL treatments

I had three IPL treatments at The Clinic in Sydney, in conjunction with my facial routine. IPL is a form of light therapy which rejuvenates the skin. It helped smooth out my skin tone and can also assist with pigmentation, discolouration, redness and broken capillaries. In other words, it helps to achieve that flawless skin effect.

One of the definite upsides is that I found my makeup would go on so much easier after the course of three treatments and it also sat better too. A must for any big event.

Hair treatments

I’ve been getting my hair cut and coloured at Valonz in Sydney’s Paddington for years. They’ve seen me through short and long hair so I trust them completely with my locks, particularly when there’s a major event in my schedule.

I usually aim to have a colour and cut every few weeks, which helps with hair maintenance and keeps my locks in top shape. The additional thing I’ve been doing is Wellaplex (number 1 and 2) which is an in-salon treatment. It’s great for strengthening hair, repairing broken hair bonds and also for avoiding breakage after having a colour. I’ve found this routine has really helped with the condition of my hair and helps it to stand up to frequent styling, particularly when it comes to using hot tools and product.

This routine has been the general blueprint for my routine in the lead up to any big event and the results are always great. I find that if my skin and hair are in good shape, then everything else like making and styling are just that much easier.

What are your go-to treatments?

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