Wardrobe Envy: Olivia Palermo

20th May, 2019

There are some women whose outfits just spark wardrobe envy wherever they go and whatever they wear and Olivia Palermo would most certainly fit into that category.

Ever since her days appearing on the reality TV show The City to now fronting campaigns for the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo and Rochas and brand collaborations with Westward Leaning and the legendary late Karl Lagerfeld, everything that Oliva touches turns to fashion gold.

So what is it about her style that incites so much interest? Her knack for putting together unlikely combinations—clashing bold prints, layering textures, experimenting with silhouettes and adding unexpected accoutrements all make for a look that’s aspirational for women the world over. It’s the kind of unique aesthetic that makes her wardrobe one to watch. Plus her love of mixing designers labels with chain store pieces makes her outfits accessible—it’s the kind of thing that we all could do.

If you want a little OP style of your own, think outside the box. Experiment with colours. Add something extra. Work with volume. And above all love your accessories. Whether it’s sunglasses, statement belts or jewellery, there’s always a finishing touch to every outfit that makes Olivia Palermo’s ensembles something to remember.

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