Why you need to start shopping from the men’s department

14th September, 2020

When I was pregnant I often borrowed things like jumpers and shirts from Luke’s wardrobe as it gave me just the right oversized fit I was looking for. Plus when it comes to certain pieces such as the t-shirts, shirts and jumpers, you’d be hard pressed to find the difference between something specifically tailored for women and a tiny size in the men’s range. And that’s just the beginning of why you really need to start broadening your shopping horizons to the men’s department…

Items are sometimes cheaper

I’ve noticed that there is sometimes a big price difference between something that is marketed to men and something marketed to women, particularly designer items. Yes, it’s not entirely fair, but it does happen so you may as well use it to your advantage. Take this Balenciaga camera bag for example. Check out the price here in the women’s section and check it out here in the men’s. There’s a price difference, no? They’re almost identical styles but you’re saving a few hundred dollars by buying it from the men’s department. So it often pays to scour the accessories and clothing section of men’s sites/sections because you may just save yourself some money by choosing to buy there.

You have more chance of finding your size on sale

It’s not uncommon for really popular sizes to disappear quickly when they’re on sale, so if you want to up your chances of snapping up a great find, try scouring the men’s section. There’s not much difference between getting an XS or S men’s size and a women’s S or M, but the main difference is that you have increased the chance of finding something in your size as those sizes are generally not amongst the first to go in the sale section for men. This is once again particularly great for designer items, as a branded jumper for men is often priced very differently than it is for women.

You can get a perfectly oversized fit

I’m often searching for a slightly oversized fit when it comes to basics such as t-shirts and jumpers and there’s no reason not to find those items in the men’s department. The fit that you can often get is that just perfectly relaxed look.

Designs are different

If you want to broaden your horizons style-wise then you may just find what you’re looking for in the men’s range. The cuts or prints are often different so you’ll often unearth things that you may not see in women’s stores/departments. It’s a great way to give your outfits a more unique spin.

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