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Steal her style: Blake Lively

18th November, 2016

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Blake Lively has always been one to watch as far as style crushes go. Ever since her role as the fashion-forward Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, she has made her mark on the red carpet and beyond with her penchant for feminine silhouettes with just the right injection of sexiness to give the look some edge. Lively has also always earned major sartorial points for her on-trend pregnancy style. Whether she was promoting a movie or making an appearance at an event with husband Ryan Reynolds, her maternity fashion was always the kind that almost defied what a woman dressing with a bump could do. Her other specialty? Her off duty looks. Pretty dresses, relaxed sweaters and denim are all part of the Lively playbook, and whatever the look, each is always worked back with interesting accessories. Time to take note, ladies!

Floral dress

A floral dress is the perfect option for a fresh spring outfit and with a split a la Lively’s it gives a flirty touch to an otherwise demure look.

Converse sneakers

The classic Converse Chuck Taylor has always been a go-to sneaker and in white it’s the ideal shoe to give bold blooms a sporty touch.

Cream bag

To give this look a polished touch team it with a cream shoulder bag that will perfectly offset the relaxed vibe of the rest of the outfit.

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Steal her style: Kate Bosworth

11th November, 2016

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Kate Bosworth has always been one of Hollywood’s most on trend, fashion-loving stars. Whether she’s dressed in up to the minute designs fresh off the runway on the red carpet or embracing her relaxed, slightly boho off duty style she manages to look incredible every time. Take a leaf out of her book and embrace the fact that sometimes less is definitely more when it comes to an ensemble that will make an impact.

Black slip dress

This is one of those spring/summer staples that I guarantee you will wear to death. A simple black slip dress can easily be elevated to evening wear with the addition of a great jacket and heels or dressed down with sneakers for a stylish take on weekend wear.

Slip-on shoes

A pair of black slip-on sneakers give a feminine dress slightly more of an androgynous feel. The perforated detail on Bosworth’s shoes also give the look a bit of an edge.


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Steal her style: Jamie Chung

23rd September, 2016

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Actress Jamie Chung has starred in Sucker Punch, The Hangover Part II and III, Gotham and Once Upon a Time but when she’s not in front of the camera she pens a blog called What the Chung. The blog has everything from travel to beauty but her style posts are definitely the most clickworthy. Chung’s style is the perfect mix of California casual meets polished meets edgy and her looks are definitely worth bookmarking. Here she shows that a pop of colour can really take an outfit to the next level…

Saffron top

This shade of yellow is gorgeous and when in the form of a long sleeved lace top it takes it from being conservative to being fun and fashion forward. To mix up your wardrobe veer outside your usual colour palette and take a walk on the colourful side.

Straight leg jeans

Chung’s high waisted Adriano Goldschmied jeans are without a doubt one of the most popular denim looks of the season. Make sure they’re cropped at the ankle and keep everything else in your outfit quite streamlined to avoid looking too bulky.

Green pumps

Sometimes it pays to do multiple block colours for an eye-catching effect. Yellow and green is normally  a tricky colour combination to pull off (unless you’re on the Austalian Olympic team) but in this instance it works. Chung’s pairing of bottle green pumps with her saffron coloured top works as the shades are both quite subdued and complement rather than compete with each other. Maintaining the same tones works in keeping the look sophisticated.


Think pink with actress Mallory Jansen

23rd September, 2016

Jansen on the red carpet at Marie Claire’s 2016 Fresh Faces party

Did you know that today is #BrightPinkLipstickDay? This is one of the major fundraising and awareness days for Pink Hope, an organisation that aims to shine the spotlight on breast and ovarian cancer. I spoke to Pink Hope ambassador and talented Australian actress, 
Mallory Jansen who along with getting behind this amazing charity has also starred in the biopic INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Galavant and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Here she speaks about her involvement with the cause, her love of fashion and her fave shade of pink lipstick ever…

Why did you become involved with Bright Pink Lipstick Day? 

I wanted to be involved in a cause that empowers, supports and educates women. That is exactly what Pink Hope aims to achieve through encouraging women to know their health risks and by creating a caring and supportive community.

Sadly many of us have been touched in some way by breast or ovarian cancer, whether it be a friend or a family member. My mum has had a number of scares with breast and ovarian cancer over the last few years. Sadly she chose not to tell anybody about what she was going through at the time, as she didn’t want anyone to worry about her. I wish she had spoken out, especially to me as I would have accompanied her to every appointment and procedure. Women need to be more open about their health, especially to friends and family members, as we all need support and encouragement in tough and uncertain times.

What does being an ambassador involve?

I think my role predominantly is to spread the word and create awareness about breast and ovarian cancer. The key is to have open discussions with our friends and family about our health. I would recommend every woman to go on the Pink Hope website and use their brilliant assessment tools to determine if they are at risk of developing these types of cancers. Knowing your risk could potentially save your life.

As today is all about pink lipstick… which one is your favourite?
MAC matte ‘Breathing Fire’.


Jansen at an Emmys party in LA

What is your favourite fashion piece?
The trench! One of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe is a navy silk Marc Jacobs trench that I bought about six years ago…..If only I got more use out of it in LA?!

Who do you follow on Instagram?
It’s a mixed bag really. I follow a lot of women in comedy who I admire, such as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler. Food is a big part of my life so I follow my favourite LA eateries like Salt & Straw ice cream, Bestia restaurant and Petty Cash Taqueria. In terms of fashion, I’m obsessed with Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung and I drool over everything on Toni Maticevski’s page.


One of Jansen’s favourite food haunts in LA is worth an Instagram follow

What is your most played song ever?
‘Africa’ by Toto is one of my all time favourite songs, I’ve played it literally HUNDREDS of times. However more recently I’ve had ‘Flawless’ by Queen B [Beyonce] on repeat.

Where is your favourite travel destination?
Italy, without a doubt! I love everything about that country, the culture, the people, the arts, the history, the beaches, the food…oh good lord the FOOD!

What is your favourite food?
Pepperoni pizza.


In gorgeous Positano, Italy


Enjoying pizza in Naples

What is your top fashion trick?
Well, I don’t know if you would call it a trick, but I never wear super high heels. I just end up uncomfortable and miserable. I stick to the low pump, it’s a few inches shorter, but I’m guaranteed a good night.

What was your most recent clothing purchase?
Reformation ‘Parisa’ dress, it’s been my LA summer staple.


Jansen in her beloved Reformation ‘Parisa’ dress

What is your favourite drink to order at a cafe?
A shot of espresso.

What do you love about your job?
The truth is there isn’t much I don’t love about my job. I love how every day is different, I love that everyone in my industry is passionate about what they do, I love working with incredible actors and learning from them, yes I even love the 4:30am starts….most of the time. I love how much hard work it is, I love how rewarding it is. I just love being able to do what I love.

Date with Kate


11th September, 2016
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 04: Kate Waterhouse poses for a picture with Caroline O'Connor during a 'Date with Kate' on August 4, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Munoz/Fairfax Media)

Caroline O’Connor and I catch up for cake and coffee at Fourth Village, Mosman


Caroline O’Connor has performed on Broadway and London’s West End, danced at the Tony Awards and played Nini Legs in the Air in the Baz Luhrmann film Moulin Rouge. The performer, who was born in England and grew up in Sydney, has been awarded for her roles in Chicago, West Side Story and Man of La Mancha. She is back in Australia playing two roles in Dream Lover, the musical on the life of Bobby Darin, alongside David Campbell as the American crooner. O’Connor, 53, chatted to me about what’s on her bucket list and shares her advice for anyone aiming to be an entertainer.


Tell me about your roles as Polly and Mary Douvan in Dream Lover.  

I will be playing Bobby Darin’s grandmother. And then also the mother of his first wife. So there will be two totally different characters, which is going to be amazing fun for me.

Is it difficult to transition into two different roles? 

I don’t think so. I did Bombshells: I played six different women from the ages of 15 to 53. My whole career has been based on playing characters anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever done a role where I’ve played someone like myself. I’ve never used my own accent … I’ve just always created a character, who talks a certain way or a certain speed or a certain accent.

How did you prepare for these roles? 

Well, the best thing is that these people were real and that always makes it easier. When you play a fictional character, you have to just come up with stuff yourself and then believe in it. [When the people were real] it’s just discovering if she dressed well, if she didn’t, if she came from a poor family, what the fashion was like at the time, if she was a happy person, if she was a very sad person. So I get to do all that research, read the autobiographies and really try and find out about these women and bring them back to life.

What attracted you to the roles of these two women? 

I think the fact that I’d get to be challenged, as an actor, to do two diverse women. I adore musicals. I think that they’re sometimes underrated as far as the demands of a musical are concerned …  It’s [much harder] to go from dialogue to a song and song to dialogue than it is just to do dialogue.

You are a singer, a dancer and an actress. Which of those genres do you prefer the most? 

I’ll always be mad for dance because that’s how it began for me. But I have to say, the older I get, the more I realise that whenever I’ve worked … I have to inhabit that person and become her. If I’m going to be Fanny Brice, a comedian, then I have be inhabit that physicality of her being a comedian and also vocally use the accent, use the personality of the person.

How did you start in dance and musical theatre? 

My parents came from Ireland [so] they sent me off to Irish dancing classes. That’s how it started. And then, by the time I was 15, I went to Dublin, I got third in the world for Irish dancing … I auditioned for Oklahoma when I was about 20 and I got into the show [and] I thought, ‘This is where I’m meant to be.’ I feel so fortunate because a lot of young people, that doesn’t happen to them, where they find the job that they love.

You’ve been called the queen of musical theatre. What has been your biggest achievement to date?

After Dream Lover, I’m going back to Broadway to do my third Broadway show. It is going to be Anastasia, which is based on the animated film Anastasia.

You have worked on Broadway and the West End. What has been your most challenging role? 

I did Funny Girl about 17 years ago and when they rang up and said, ‘Do you want to do it again?’ I thought, ‘Oh gosh, that’s hard.’

Why is Funny Girl so hard? 

It’s a really big role. I sing 11 numbers and she is off-stage just for literally maybe 30 seconds at a time.

What was it like to part of Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge? 

Doing Moulin Rouge was a really big deal because I had never done a film before that.

What did you learn from your time on set? 

Camera angles, how you get a person worked up and ready for the scene. It was fabulous. It was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had.

What was it like working with Baz Luhrmann? 

He is incredible and the most amazingly supportive and inspiring person when you’re on the set with him. He is just so excited about it all. It’s wonderful. You can see how much he adores what he does.

Were you excited to hear that Moulin Rouge is heading to the stage? 

So excited to hear about it because, to be perfectly honest, since we made the film, I always thought it would be the perfect vehicle as a stage musical – it has all the ingredients to make a brilliant stage musical, so it’s incredibly exciting. I just wish I was 20 years younger so I could be in it again!

Will you be part of the production? 

I should probably think not, unfortunately – unless I get a comedy cameo somehow! I would be happy to give any advice or any help if anybody would like to have any, but I will definitely be in the audience.

Is there a role or a character that’s on your bucket list? 

I really want to do more plays, but I should have to just wait and see if that’s going to happen. I would love, love, love to do shows like Hello Dolly and Mame – classic shows. I’d love to do a play called The Lion in Winter and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. They’re two I’d love to do. [And] I think I’d like to [teach] master classes or something.

What would be your best piece of advice to someone starting out in the industry? 

People will take criticism or direction personally, rather than professionally. They can’t help it, their ego gets hurt. But I think that’s one thing I try and say to students is when you get a ‘no’ or you get corrected, you’ve got to realise that it’s about the work, it’s not about you personally … The other would be to not plan anything – you can’t. You never know what they’re going to produce or what’s going to come up next, you’ve just got to go with the flow, expect the unexpected and be prepared for whatever might come up.



WE WENT TO Fourth Village Providore, Mosman

WE ATE Vanilla and Chocolate Cannolis and Raspberry Ricotta Cake

WE DRANK English Breakfast Tea and a Flat White.

CAROLINE WORE a Carla Zampatti jacket and silk blouse from Marcs

Photography by Daniel Munoz


Dream Lover opens on September 22 at the Sydney Lyric theatre; from $69.90.