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Pieces that you can buy now and wear post-lockdown

11th September, 2021

With more time at home, and online shopping almost becoming a number one past time it’s easy to get caught up in buying up big when it comes to lounge wear, active wear and things that are generally made for staying in. However at some point we won’t be spending so much time at home so it pays to start thinking strategically when it comes to what you’re adding to cart.

While there’s no harm buying really comfortable pieces now, it’s worth looking for particular styles and silhouettes that will seamlessly fit into your post-lockdown wardrobe. An abundance of tracksuit sets are great now for example but you may find you don’t have as much use for as many of them once you start inching back to some semblance of normality. That said comfort is still key in the meantime! So right now it’s about merging the two worlds to help you snap up some versatile wardrobe buys. Whether it’s pieces that can be worked into your office wardrobe or elevated basics that can be utilised for a night out, there’s definitely plenty of scope to snap up things that will be able to have longevity long after lockdown is lifted (which hopefully is sooner rather than later!).

So if you’re in the mood to snap up some new pieces, here are a few great places to start.