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What I Wore: Michael Lo Sordo 10th Anniversary Show

17th May, 2023

An evening celebration of Michael Lo Sordo’s 10th anniversary called for a party ready look, and I couldn’t think of anything better than a slinky cocktail dress by the man of the hour himself. This canary yellow dress is a signature style of Lo Sordo’s (a navy iteration was worn by Ana de Armas in the most recent James Bond movie) and no wonder — it’s elegantly simple but so impactful at the same time. I’m also a fan of any dress with a statement back and this particular style features a stunning crystal strap, adding a little sparkle to this look.

After dark accessories are often all about dialling up the glamour. I knew sparkling accoutrements were a must, and I was lucky enough to be collaborate with jewellery brand Hardy Brothers on this particular look. I didn’t want to overpower the dress so I opted for accessories with an understated profile, but with plenty of shine including a beyond gorgeous tennis necklace and drop earrings. Adding a evening pouch by Jimmy Choo and a Giuseppe Zanotti shoes with a crystal heel complemented the dress, helping to anchor the more flowy silhouette of the dress.

Credits: Dress, (similar here), Michael Lo Sordo; Heels (similar here), Giuseppe Zanotti; Bag (similar here), Jimmy Choo; Jewellery, Hardy Brothers

Photography: Ashleigh Larden



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My fave investment jewellery

18th May, 2015

As someone who loves beautiful jewellery, I’m so incredibly thankful for the pieces I’ve been able to collect over the years. I truly value these heirloom pieces in my collection because I can wear them with so many different looks and they’ve all got a sentimental story behind them. That’s one of the things I love about beautiful jewellery—being able to wear these pieces everyday, it reminds me of special occasions and some wonderful people. I tend to keep my accessories quite simple and have some regular go-to pieces that I will rotate according to the occasion. Below are some of staples that I can’t live without…


1. Patek Philippe watch

This was a 30th birthday gift from my parents and my aunts and uncles and I wear it to death. It’s simple, it’s understated and elegant and I know I’ll be wearing it for years to come.

2. Van Cleef and Arpels Sweet Alhambra Clover bracelet

I’m all about delicate jewellery and this is a piece that can be worn on its own or layered.

3. Hardy Brothers tennis bracelet

I was the ambassador for Hardy Brothers’ 160th anniversary year and that was one of the pieces that I wore during that campaign and I fell in love with it.


4. Tiffany & Co link bracelets

These were a birthday gift from my aunt and they’re also one that can be worn on its own or stacked with another piece.

5. Claire Aristides initial bracelet

I think a customised bracelet makes a really nice gift so I’ve given this Claire Aristides bracelet to friends as birthday presents.

6. Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet

I love this and wear it to death. It’s versatile and works with so many different outfits. I tend to wear it and layer it with other jewellery.

7. Kailis bracelet

This was a gift from Luke. I think it’s great for an evening occasion – I think pearls are so elegant and understated.

Photograph: Tamika Keioske

Date with Kate, Fashion

Date with Kate: Poppy Delevingne

10th November, 2013
Coffee and a chat with Poppy Delevingne at Flemington Racecourse.

Coffee and a chat with Poppy Delevingne at Flemington Racecourse.

British model Poppy Delevingne has modelled for the likes of Louis Vuitton, is an ambassador for Chanel and is a regular in the front row at London Fashion Week. I caught up with the 27-year-old while she was in Australia to chat about starting a new career as an actress, being labelled an “it girl” and her sibling rivalry with her supermodel sister Cara.

What are you doing while you are in Australia?

I’m out here just for Lavazza and Derby Day. Being English I’m so used to the horseracing scene but I’ve never been to Melbourne, so I jumped at the chance.

How does Australian racing compare to Royal Ascot?

Well, Ascot is all about the Queen and sipping tea, and this is one big party, it’s outrageous and wild!

What are you up to at the moment?

I’m living in LA part-time because I’m trying to get some auditions down and I’m trying the whole acting thing.

Poppy on the cover of Vogue Turkey.

Poppy on the cover of Vogue Turkey.

Has it been an easy transition from modelling to acting?

No, not at all, it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’m having to start at the bottom, so it’s like I’m 17 starting modelling again. It’s quite a hard pill to swallow but I really enjoy the challenge. It’s interesting because in LA I’m completely unknown, so it’s nice, but in London casting directors couldn’t really see past the whole sort of model thing so hence it’s a big move. I have to prove myself even more than before.

Do you want to go into TV or films?

At the moment I’m trying to do TV because I think TV is so big and has longevity in it, so that is my first challenge.

If you could be cast as any character, who would it be?

The things that I’ve been closest to getting have always been the bad roles: the nasty bitch at school, the evil queen and I was really confused by that because I always thought I would be cast as the heroine, leading lady and suddenly they are like “no, you’re definitely the bad role”. I think it might be because I talk like a man [laughs].

What was your first big break in modelling?

I was spotted at Cara’s sports day in London by the owner of Storm Model Management, Sarah Doukas. Her daughter was in the same class as Cara and she approached me and I thought it was the funniest thing I had heard. I was a very gawky teenager, I had limbs that I couldn’t really control, not attractive whatsoever, but she saw something past the freckles and the mad blonde wiry hair, and I decided to give it a go because I needed money so I could go travelling.

Poppy with friends (including Sienna Miller and her sister Cara).

Poppy with friends (including Sienna Miller and her sister Cara).

You get labelled as an “It girl”. What do you think of that term?

The “It girl” thing is not as much of a problem as it used to be. I feel like now, it means models or girls who do more than one thing so that does not bother me as much as it did four years ago.

Why did it bother you?

I always assumed that an “It girl” was a girl who didn’t do anything and just went around from party to party, and I’ve worked for the last 10 years so it would piss me off, but now I’m fine, it doesn’t bother me.

You count Princess Beatrice as a good friend and Sienna Miller is your former flatmate; does that feel surreal?

Not really because they are some of the most down-to-earth people that I know and they have also been relationships that I’ve had for years. So, no, it feels very normal. They are very low-key and down-to-earth in their private lives.

Poppy and Sienna Miller.

Poppy and Sienna Miller.

You top best-dressed lists all around the world, is there pressure to look your best every time you walk out the door?

Not really. I’m bit of a spontaneous dresser, I never really think about it too much, but at the same time I don’t really get hounded [by paparazzi] as much as poor Cara – she gets hounded all the time, and she doesn’t give a shit what she wears.

Tabloids seem to try to create rivalry dramas between you and your sister Cara. How does that feel?

I find it hilarious because we couldn’t be closer. We are as thick as thieves, we have lived together all our lives, we still do live together. I have my telephone on 24/7 and I got a call from her last night at 3am. I mean, we just don’t stop talking and people always want to cause dramas and say there are issues, but we are just two normal sisters who bicker over who stole whose lip gloss and who stole whose last cigarette, that type of thing, like normal sisters. She is the love of my life, really.

Sisterly love: Poppy & Cara Delevingne.

Sisterly love: Poppy & Cara Delevingne.

Congratulations on your engagement to your long-term partner James Cook. Can you give away any wedding details?

It’s only seven months away now but I don’t even know what I’m wearing yet. I’m very behind, but my future husband is kind of like the groomzilla. He is fully organised and knows what flowers we are having and I am letting him do it all so he is kind of in charge.

What do you do for fun?

I’m a huge bookworm and I’m a lunatic dancer and, after a couple of beverages, I think I am Carmen Diaz out of Fame.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would like to have a baby. I’ve suddenly become quite broody, out of nowhere. And I would like to be a fully blown actress living in LA.

Poppy with her fiancé James Cook.

Poppy with her fiancé James Cook.



WE WENT TO The Lavazza marquee, Flemington Racecourse.

WE ATE Costoletta di Agnello – Parmesan-crumbed Riverina lamb cutlet, shredded radicchio, pea and mint salad with lemon dressing.

WE DRANK Lavazza Gran Riserva cafe latte.

I WORE BALENCIAGA Sculptural backless dress, Nerida Winter and Hardy Brothers Jewellers headpiece.

POPPY WORE a J’Aton dress and Dolce & Gabbana crown.


Hardy Brothers Brisbane Event

9th September, 2013


Holding the Melbourne Cup with Luke Kennedy & Stuart Bishop.

Holding the Melbourne Cup with Luke Kennedy & Stuart Bishop.

Bacchus Restaurant.

Bacchus Restaurant

James Horwill & Lauren Diamond.

James Horwill & Lauren Diamond.

Luke Kennedy.

Luke Kennedy.

Jonathan Brown & Kylie Adams.

Jonathan Brown & Kylie Adams.

Susie O'Neill and her husband Cliff Fairley.

Susie O’Neill and her husband Cliff Fairley.


The Hardy Brothers 160th anniversary Brisbane event took place at the Bacchus Restaurant. VIP guests enjoyed champagne and canapés on the rooftop pool deck before a surprise performance by The Voice’s Luke Kennedy. Guests were then treated to a formal dinner inside the restaurant. Models walked the room and guests viewed a salon-style showing of the beautiful Vault Collection. But the highlight of the night was when the Melbourne Cup made an appearance. Hardy Brothers has made the Melbourne Cup trophy since 1981. It’s a six-month process from start to finish, and is created from 18 carat solid gold over 220 craftsman hours. Days are spent filing and polishing by hand to produce the beautiful symmetry and mirror finish before it’s mounted on the timber base.

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Hardy Brothers

25th July, 2013

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Jesinta Campbell and Cameron Williams.

Jesinta Campbell and Cameron Williams.

Kerrie McCallum, Nick Smith and Edwina McCann.

Kerrie McCallum, Nick Smith and Edwina McCann.

The Hardy Brothers 160 year anniversary dinner and media event was a truly special occasion. The event took place at Sydney’s Guardian Vaults. VIP guests included Governor of New South Wales Marie Bashir, Hardy Brothers General Manager Clifford Stockley, model Jesinta Campbell, former Olympian Stephanie Rice and Vogue Editor Edwina McCann. Cameron Williams hosted the evening and gorgeous models paraded some of Hardy Brothers stunning designs. I was lucky enough to be wearing the Diamantina 10 cluster earrings and solitaire ring to compliment my Carla Zampatti dress. The Diamantina 10 collection is new to Hardy Brothers and they contain the world’s brightest diamonds because they are the world’s most brilliant cut diamonds. They have 71 facets, instead of a traditional diamond’s 58 facets so they are stunningly luminous. They are just one of the collections Hardy Brothers has introduced for its anniversary year.