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Linden Cook Impression: The ultimate way to personalise jewellery

22nd January, 2020

Late last year I was invited by jewellery brand Linden Cook to their showroom to view their Impressions range and was lucky enough to be able to create my own special necklace on the day. Each piece in the range is one-of-a-kind as each delicate pendant features a fingerprint impression. Mine features Sophia and Grace’s fingerprints, but the four of us, including Luke and myself were all able to experience having a traditional wax cast taken of our fingerprints on the day.

The whole process is incredibly easy but results in such a personal, unique piece. You can choose from four different lengths (or request a custom length), the number of fingerprints pendants you want and also the type of metal used. Once you’ve purchased it on the site, you’re sent a kit to take the wax impression, send the completed cast back to Linden Cook who will then start crafting your necklace. As each piece is handmade, it takes around 4-6 weeks to receive the finished piece.

I’m quite sentimental when it comes to my jewellery and love the pieces I wear to mean something so I was thrilled be able to have this experience. It’s very special to have a beautiful piece that allows me to have the girls with me always. If you’ve got an important milestone coming up this would definitely be a memorable way to mark it.

[Top necklace] The beautiful finished product