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The best raincoat recommendations that I received in my DMs

4th March, 2022

If there’s one thing that’s amazing about the Instagram community it’s that it always comes through with the goods if you just ask! Case in point: my hunt for a great raincoat. I’ve been wanting one for ages but the recent weather we’ve been experiencing of late has inspired me to finally make the purchase once and for all. However I was stuck on where I could find one that ticked the form and function box. So, I put the question out there on my Instagram and was flooded with recommendations in my DMs. Some were familiar brands, some totally new, and cluster of my favourite super stylish mums all recommended one particular brand. So, if you’re also in the market for a raincoat, here’s where to look first.



This Swedish brand does beautiful minimalist raincoats. The colours are all really functional and practical, think oat, sage, navy and black (there’s a fun yellow version which reminds me of the raincoats you’d have as a child in you’re after more colour!) so they would fit seamlessly into most wardrobes. There’s also two silhouettes, one A-line and one in more of a straight silhouette.

The Sutterheim Mosebacke

The Stutterheim Stockholm



When faced with a dreary rainy day sometimes you just want a little injection of colour in your day, enter the raincoats from Gorman, such as the colourful leopard print below. Expect explosions of colour and fun prints galore. (They also do really cute kids and dog raincoats, FYI).

The Gorman In Disguise raincoat


Marks & Spencer

UK brand Marks & Spencer are known for their quality basics, so you’ll be pleased to know they also do wet weather gear in some stylish options. There’s a classic trench in a waterproof fabric, while there’s a slightly sportier version which would make a great all-rounder raincoat.

The Marks & Spencer Stormwear belted trench coat

Marks & Spencer Waterproof Hooded Parka



All the stylish mums I know (including my stylist and influencers like Sara Crampton) recommended this brand. The raincoats are all sleek and simple in style, and most importantly, do the job! They come in practical, classic colours like black and grey, so you’re guaranteed to have them in your wardrobe for years.

Rains long waterproof jacket

The Rains 1201 rain jacket



I know Lululemon do activewear but didn’t realise they actually also make jackets suitable for wet weather. The top two styles I received in my DMs were about the Rain Chaser and Rain Rebel styles. One is specifically designed for running and exercise, but the other is perfect for being out and about doing errands or on the school run.

The Lululemon Rain Chaser

The Lululemon Rain Rebel