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Date with Kate: Miranda Kerr

28th October, 2018

From killing it as a supermodel to founding the hugely successful skincare company KORA Organics, Miranda Kerr certainly knows how to succeed at whatever she puts her mind to. During a recent trip to Sydney, I caught up with the mother of two to chat about how she built KORA from the ground up, what she wishes everyone knew about organic products and her number one beauty tip.

What’s a day in the life of you?

It’s a juggle… being a mum and running a business, no two days are ever really the same, but I do my best to try and keep to a schedule and navigate through the day as calmly as possible.

I usually wake up around 5:30am when Evan gets up. This gives me a chance to do my meditation while he is in the shower and the kids are still asleep. Hart generally wakes up around 6am and Flynn at 6:30am.

We then have breakfast together and get Flynn’s bag and lunch packed for school. I try as best I can to schedule in work and meetings during the day while Flynn is in school so that I can I drop him off and pick him up in the afternoons.

At the moment I’m working mostly from home because Hart is only five months old and I’m still breastfeeding. I feel it’s so important to be present with him when he’s awake, and try to get work calls done while he’s napping.

Welcome home. What is the first thing you do when you arrive home in Australia?

Thank you! It’s so lovely to be back. The first thing I do when I come home is see my family. This recent trip was to bring Hart over to meet my grandparents, it was really special.

Your organic skincare line, KORA organics, has had amazing success. Did you ever imagine your brand would become so popular and successful?

Well, I initially got into the organic skincare space because I was looking for products that were certified organic and natural, but I couldn’t find anything on the market that delivered results, so I decided to create my own range as a passion project. KORA was my first baby!

I don’t think I could have ever imagined how much we were going to grow back then, because I was just focused on creating products that were safe, non-toxic and that delivered results rather than the bigger picture of expanding the business globally.

Since we launched in Australia in 2009 with David Jones, our customer base has grown rapidly year-on-year as people are starting to be much more informed and educated about organic and cruelty free products, and generally adopting a more sustainable and natural way of life. In the last financial year our online sales alone grew 900%. We don’t advertise, so it’s all word of mouth and recommendations. That’s the greatest compliment to know it’s all about the integrity and efficacy of the products.

What has been your biggest pinch me moment with your KORA business?

One of my biggest ‘pinch me’ moments would be launching into the US market last May in over 360 Sephora stores, and the incredible growth we’ve had in the past 18 months. KORA Organics has expanded from being in 300 retailers across Australia just 18 months ago, and by the end of 2018 we’ll be stocked and in more than 2,500 stores, across 25 countries. It’s a WOW moment for sure!

Tell me a bit about the new products launched in 2018? 

In 2018 we launched the Noni Radiant Eye Oil. I love this product! It contains kahai oil, which is a natural retinol that helps improve elasticity and smooth fine lines. Coffee seed oil to revitalise and reduce puffiness, tomato fruit extract to brighten the eye area and of course my hero ingredient of noni fruit extract which contains over 100 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. My favourite part of the eye oil is the special rose quartz ball applicator, it’s super soothing and uplifting.

I’m really proud of the results… when we did consumer testing over a 4-week period, 90% noticed fine lines around the eye area appeared visibly softened and 93% noticed visible improvement in the eye area looking healthier and smoother.

We also recently launched a 2 in 1 Turmeric Mask. I’m obsessed with exfoliating and also face masks, so I wanted to create a product that could be used as both a physical exfoliator and a revitalising mask. I essentially wanted a product that delivered a post-spa facial glow, that can be done at home or when traveling, in one simple step and in under 10 minutes. It contains natural AHA’s from papaya enzymes and aspen bark to stimulate cell renewal, as well as rosehip seeds and quartz to polish and peppermint to control sebum production and for an invigorating tingle. You can really feel it working while it’s on! It’s honestly the best exfoliating experience I’ve ever had; I am so proud of this product!

Selfies with a supermodel

What product could you not live without?

Agh, all of them! But the Noni Glow Face Oil is one of my must have products, I use it religiously every morning and night… so does my husband! He loves it too! I also love the balms, both the Noni Glow Face Oil and Body Balm have won beauty awards recently in the US (Allure Best of Beauty), and here in Australia (David Jones Best of Beauty), which I’m really proud of.

KORA organics only utilises certified organic and natural ingredients. Can you explain why this is so important? 

It’s something I feel very passionate about because what you put on your skin soaks directly into your bloodstream.  People are now so aware of eating organic and non-processed / non-GMO foods for example, but they don’t think about all the chemicals in the everyday products they are using and putting on their skin. The thought of unnecessary chemicals in my bloodstream is one of the driving factors of why I created KORA in the first place.

But it’s important for consumers to know that there is a BIG difference between products that are Certified Organic, like we are through COSMOS-Ecocert, and products that claim to be Natural or Organic or have those words on their packaging… many products claim to be organic, but actually only use one or two organic ingredients.  Unless products are certified by an independent body they come with no guarantees, because using the terms Natural and  or Organic on packaging or in marketing is currently unregulated.

Due to the lack of regulation within the beauty industry, manufacturers can misleadingly label their products as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ even though they contain processed, toxic and chemically enhanced ingredients – it’s just false marketing!

Certified Organic is the most heavily regulated ingredient system and only Certified Organic guarantees no toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals are used in production of ingredients. Organic producers and manufacturers also are subject to rigorous certification inspections by third-party inspectors such to ensure that they are producing and processing organic products in a manner you and your family can trust.

Our products are officially certified by the world’s leading international certification body COSMOS-standard AISBL/Ecocert.

Where do you foresee KORA organics to be in five years time? 

My dream is for KORA Organics to become a household name that provides, safe, clean, Certified Organic products that deliver effective results and uplift our customers. My focus will also be on continuing to cement our position as the leader in the clean beauty industry. I also want to continue to focus on growing our range.

What is your number one beauty and skincare tip? 

Less is best! Don’t camouflage your natural beauty with layers of make up, instead focus on achieving healthy, radiant skin. Healthy skin is the most beautiful skin! Our skin is our largest organ and it supports the life of all our other body parts. It plays a vital role in maintaining our immune system and works 24/7 to take care of us, protect us and keep us healthy. It makes sense to look after our skin with products that replenish it and fill it with the nutrients it needs to function at its best.

I believe that the health of our skin is also connected to our mind and body – for example when we are stressed or tired, or eating unhealthily it shows on our skin. We try to encourage our customers to look after and nurture their mind and body, as well as their skin for best results. Our brand philosophy is to “feed your mind, with positive affirmations and self-love”; “feed your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best”; and “feed your skin with products to help detoxify, nourish and revitalise”.

With Miranda during her recent trip Sydney

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, Hart. How have you been juggling your career with a newborn baby? 

Thank you! He’s gorgeous and we’re all in love and doing really well. I find it really important to prioritise and organise my schedule around both Hart and Flynn so things run as smoothly as possible and thankfully I have a wonderful support team around me.

What is it like to be a mum a second time around?

I absolutely love being a mum and having a newborn, although it is very different this time around as I have to balance my time with both of my children. It’s really important to me to be able to make sure I am spending enough quality time with both of them, as a newborn is so dependent on you I am so conscious of meeting Flynn’s needs too.

Have you taken time out from work since having Hart?

Although I have remained actively involved in my business, KORA Organics, I did take some time off right after Hart was born to really enjoy this special time and bond as a family as I believe it is so important.

Good vibes with crystals and healthy snacks

You keep your personal life pretty private, why is this important to you?

I have chosen a career in the public eye, but I believe my children deserve the right to choose whether they would like that or not. It is important to me to respect their privacy and freedom of choice until they are old enough to make these decisions themselves.

What’s something that people don’t know about you and would be surprised to find out?

I’m obsessed with cleaning and organising!

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

People often think that I am just the face of KORA Organics, they don’t realise that it’s my own company that I built from the ground up.

There are so many brands out there these days that are fronted and promoted by celebrities.  It’s important to know that KORA Organics isn’t fronted by me, it’s owned by me.  I self-fund it, invested all my savings into it and I’m across the day-to-day operations from product development, marketing, packaging and customer service. Actually, I even see every online sale because I get an alert on my phone, I see the full transaction – what they’re buying, if they’re return customers and where they’re shipping to!

What has been the best advice that you’ve ever been given?

It came from my husband! When I was first approached by Sephora in the US for them to stock KORA Organics, I sat with my team and did the numbers…. and it was going to be a substantial upfront investment for the raw ingredients, packaging and additional staff. I had already invested a considerable amount of money and my savings into the business (still to this day haven’t taken a cent out – I just keep reinvesting), and I was worried if I should self-fund the expansion or look for an investor, but he gave me the confidence to take the risk. It’s the best decision in business I have made as it’s also provided a platform for me to expand globally into stores and my vision isn’t diluted by having outside investors.

Bite-sized morsels of goodness

 What are your go-tos for being a stylish mum?

I like to keep it simple; a great pair of jeans that flatter the figure (I prefer a high waist and slim leg), white t-shirt, tailored blazer and white sneakers… but to update this look from school drop off to a lunch I’d swap out the sneakers for a great embellished pump to dress it up. I like to be classic and comfortable.

For a busy, tired mum what is your go-to pick-me-up?

I add my KORA Organics Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement to water and shake for a delicious and nutritious drink. It contains noni extract and also many of my other favourite plant foods for healthy skin and general wellbeing such as: acai, blueberry, mangosteen, pomegranate, matcha green tea, rosehip, chlorella and elderberry flower.  It comes in convenient single serve sachets that are easy to use on the go, providing me with beauty and wellness benefits from the inside out!

Do you have a personal trainer?

I like to mix up my exercise routine so I do have a few different trainers that I do yoga, reformer pilates and ballet workouts with. But to be honest, I’ve been taking it easy after having Hart so that my body can heal which means and just doing light workouts and a lot of walking these past few months. It’s important to be kind to yourself and your body and give it the time to it needs to rest and recover after birth. I’m ready to get back to the grind though so I’ve just started scheduling some more intense exercise regimes for the coming weeks! Cardio on the bike, swimming and reformer pilates will be my go-to.

What’s the number one thing you wish someone had told you about parenthood?

Be kind to yourself and try not to put any pressure or expectations on yourself. Each pregnancy, birth and baby is different. It’s exhausting, but the most rewarding experience of your life.

Photography: Blask Design

Date with Kate, Fashion & Beauty

Date with Kate: Miranda Kerr

21st February, 2016
Tea time with Miranda Kerr. Photographer: Julie Adams

Tea time with Miranda Kerr. Photographer: Julie Adams


Miranda Kerr was the first Australian to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel (in 2007), was counted the following year among the world’s 10 highest-earning models and has modelled for the likes of Prada, Balenciaga  and Vogue. This week the 32-year-old stepped out publicly for the first time with her new boyfriend, Evan Spiegel , the billionaire founder of Snapchat, at a pre-Grammys gala in Beverly Hills. Kerr, 32, talks to me about her new romance, being a working mother to her five-year-old son with ex-husband Orlando Bloom, and what’s off-limits on social media.

What is the first thing you do when you come back home to Australia?

It’s a long flight back, so I take a shower and make a cup of tea – usually Earl Grey with goat milk and honey, and then get out in the garden, put my feet in the grass and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

What has been your biggest pinch-me moment in your career?

I think doing what I’m doing now. I never expected to be still in this profession and to be able to work and collaborate with amazing globally respected brands like Royal Albert and Swarovski – I’ve just finished designing my second jewellery collection for them, it’s amazing and something I am very grateful for.

You stepped out publicly for the first time with boyfriend Evan Spiegel this week. How long have you been together? 

For a little while now, we met at a dinner in LA for Louis Vuitton and became friends. We were really good friends for a long time before we started dating.

You have both kept your romance private until now. Has that been intentional? 

We’ve just been having fun together and sharing our time amongst friends and family … We’ve been out publicly together a lot but just hadn’t been photographed together on the red carpet.

Tell me about the new Royal Albert collection.

We had such an overwhelmingly positive response to the collection of teaware I designed for Royal Albert that we decided to extend the range to glassware … wine glasses, tumblers, champagne flutes, water pitchers and vases. Something I wanted to continue across the range was the butterfly motif – butterflies are sentimental to me, they are also a symbol of joy, hope, growth and transformation, they have elegance and a beautiful vulnerability, so each piece has little butterflies etched into the glass.

What is your favourite way to entertain family and friends?

I love entertaining at home – everything from BBQ lunches by the pool to dinner parties, and afternoon tea with girlfriends. My home has been designed with entertaining in mind; I have friends drop by unexpectedly all the time. I love that … I think it’s what makes a house a home.

If you sit next to anyone at a dinner party, who would it be? 

Marilyn Monroe – I find her incredibly fascinating and think it would be really interesting to hear her story firsthand and be in her presence.

What is something that you cannot say no to?

French fries!

How would you describe your style? 

I think it has evolved over the years, especially since becoming a mother, so I’d probably describe it as classic, functional – and at times little bohemian.

What is one fashion item you couldn’t live without?

Jeans! And sunglasses.

What is your top beauty secret you’ve learnt while modelling?

Beautiful skin is healthy skin. That’s why it’s important to feed your skin from the inside as well as outside.  Choosing fresh, organic – when possible – produce, drinking enough water and using a skincare that is nutrient-rich and full of essential fatty acids. That’s why I developed KORA Organics, it’s formulated to feed, protect and nourish your skin.

What is still on your bucket list career-wise? 

Making KORA Organics a household name worldwide.

You seem to keep your family and private life off social media. Is that something that is important to you?

To be honest, I try to find a balance. Obviously Flynn is a big part of my life and I am so proud to be a mother, so I will sometimes share little pictures of maybe his hand or a drawing he has made, but I keep it to a minimum. So much of my life is public, it’s important for me to keep some things sacred and just for my family.

What is off-limits when it comes to social media? 

I think it’s personal, what feels right for me may not for someone else. For me social media is a way to connect and communicate directly with family, friends and fans … and I find it fun!

What’s the best thing about being a mum?

Everything … every day is magical … Seeing their little eyes light up when they learn something new. It’s amazing to think we can create such special little people.

What do you find most challenging thing about motherhood? 

Finding a daily balance to ensure that we get enough one-on-one quality time together.

What do you enjoy most about being a working mum? 

Showing my son a strong work ethic, and leading by example.

If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be? 

My late grandmother. She passed just before I was born so I never got to meet her. I’d love to experience her life and walk a day in her shoes to get to know her.

What would be your advice for someone starting out in the industry?

Show up on time, work hard, ask lots of questions, don’t take the opinion of others personally and be gracious.

How do you stay in shape?

I work out most days but I do things that I enjoy so it’s less of a chore… I practice yoga daily even if only for 20 minutes, and then rotate between Pilates, ballet, swimming, cycling, hiking and keeping up with Flynn.

What’s next on the pipeline? 

I’ve just finished designing another range for Royal Albert that is giftware and textile focused and it will launch soon. I’m launching my second collection of fine jewellery that I designed for Swarovski and I have just launched a handbag collection in Asia, which was great fun. I love working on these creative projects, it’s great to be able to have different creative outlets.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Hopefully as happy, healthy and content as I am today. I feel blessed to have the experiences I do, and such wonderful people in my life who enrich it in so many ways.


WE WENT TO Miranda’s private residence.

WE ATE Orchard Street turmeric macadamia bark, rose and lavender cacao bark, caramel tulsi slice, dulce de leche rosemary cake, goddess glow cake, cacao bliss cake

WE DRANK Orchard Street botanical tea and green fields organic juice

MIRANDA WORE Novis dress

I WORE a Jac and Jack top and LOVER skirt.




Date with Kate

Date with Kate: Miranda Kerr

15th July, 2014
Lunch with Miranda Kerr

Lunch with Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has graced international magazine covers, she has walked for high-profile runway shows, she was the first Australian to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel and, after 17 years in modelling, she is still at the top of her game. Kate Waterhouse caught up with Kerr to chat about her success, “escape plans” from the paparazzi, and those James Packer relationship rumours.

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Date with Kate


31st May, 2013
At the Park Hyatt with Orlando Bloom.

At the Park Hyatt with Orlando Bloom.

Actor Orlando Bloom touched down in Sydney on Wednesday morning to attend a lunchtime reception at the Park Hyatt to celebrate the launch of the British Airways Boeing 777-300ER aircraft that now operates the Sydney to London route. It was a short trip for the British-born actor who flew out that same afternoon. I had a quick chat with Bloom for a so-called “speed” Date with Kate!

Welcome to Sydney!

Thanks, I’m very happy to be here, I just did a long leg from Nice to be here today. I’m very happy to a new friend to BA [British Airways] and starting this relationship. I had breakfast in the Concorde Room in London [airport] which is one of my favourite places to have breakfast in the world, especially because you don’t have to pull your wallet out at the end of the day! I’ve flown with BA since I was a little child so it feels quite special to have gone from family holidays flying around Europe to becoming a Gold Card member and being spoilt – more times than not – in first class and there isn’t a better first class in my mind than British Airways.

How was your flight?

It was great but due to the fog this morning, we got diverted to Melbourne but happy to be here now.

What have you been up to?

I arrived into Sydney this morning as a special guest of BA following a busy week in Cannes where the movie I filmed with Forest Whitaker, ZULU, closed the film festival.

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

I will be in New Zealand for about a month to finish filming The Hobbit. Then I will be in New York for over six months playing ‘Romeo’ in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Where is your favourite international holiday destination?

As a family, we also love to come to Sydney.

Do you have a favourite Australian restaurant?

[My wife] Miranda [Kerr] and I love the seafood in Sydney!


WE WENT TO The Park Hyatt, The Rocks.

WE ATE Canapes.

WE DRANK Sparkling mineral water.

Date with Kate


26th May, 2013
Chatting to Jess at the Gowing Bar and Grill, QT Hotel.

Chatting to Jess at the Gowing Bar and Grill, QT Hotel.

Model Jessica Gomes replaced Miranda Kerr as the face of David Jones in March. The Sports Illustrated model touched down in Sydney this week to attend the department store’s black-tie 175th birthday celebrations. I caught up with the 27-year-old to talk about filling Kerr’s shoes, finding success in her home country and having her sights on Hollywood.

Congratulations on your new role. Did you have any idea you were going to be the new David Jones ambassador?

No, but it was always a dream of mine, so it was very exciting when I found out. I still can’t believe it; it really is huge. It is a big deal in Australia and it’s a great gig for a model. Obviously we have seen what it has done for Megan [Gale] and Miranda [Kerr], so I definitely feel very lucky. And I’m proud of myself, too – I’ve worked really hard to get where I am today.

Taking over from Miranda, they are big shoes to fill. Is that a little daunting?

Everyone keeps saying, ”Do you feel the pressure?” but it’s not daunting at all, it’s really fun. I love fashion and I love what David Jones represents, so for me it’s almost like an organic and natural thing that has happened for me. I feel like this is what I’m meant to be doing. I feel really fulfilled at where I’m at with my career.

You are a household name in South Korea and in the US. Is it nice to finally be finding that success in your home country?

Yes. I’ve worked with people like [famed photographer] Mario Testino and had my own TV show in Korea and they are amazing achievements that I’ve conquered overseas. But conquering this achievement in my own country is the most rewarding because I’m proud of being Australian, so it’s really nice to be recognised for what you do in your home town.

You are becoming recognised in Australia. Have you found the spotlight more intense since you arrived back in Sydney this week?

Yes, when I arrived at the airport and there was paparazzi and everything. I was like, ”Oh my god, this is so funny!” It felt like I was Madonna or something. I was laughing to myself. It’s a great feeling to be supported by your home country and for people to recognise you for what you’re doing.

You were once told you would never be the face of David Jones because of your ethnicity. How do you feel about that now?

Yes, and there has been a lot of talk about the whole racial thing and how ”she overcame racial taunts” and I think, oh, how dramatic. Yes, it was pointed out to me because obviously I’m ethnically ambiguous – I’m half Asian and half Portuguese. I had been told that it would never happen because it wasn’t the ”Australian aesthetic” and I thought, OK, cool. I started modelling 10 years ago and it was just different then and I had to go to Asia [to find work] and that is all good; I’m happy with the journey I had to take to get to where I am now. I’m really happy that Australia is now embracing all these different cultures because that is what the world is coming to now. Look at America, they have conquered a lot of racial problems; they now have a black president. It’s great that we are embracing and becoming more open-minded about cultures.

What is it like being a Sports Illustrated model?

It’s great. I celebrated the launch of my sixth issue of Sports Illustrated in February. We shot it in China and that went really well and I think it’s great that the fashion industry is recognising the Sports Illustrated models. Everything is going really well. I also did the Clinique [campaign], which was amazing. We shot that in New York. That was a really lovely piece to the pie among all the madness that has been happening.

What do you do for fun?

I love going out with my girlfriends and having a dance and a cocktail – that is one of my favourite things. And letting loose and talking about crap! [Laughs] Also going shopping. I love exercising, I love going for hikes, I do a lot of Pilates and I love to cook. I love to cook because I eat out all the time, so I like to do the simple things on my down time, like watch movies and pottering about and doing nothing.

What is next in the pipeline?

Being based in LA, Hollywood is at my doorstep, so I’m doing a lot of auditions and I definitely want to get into film.


WE WENT TO Gowings Bar & Grill, Sydney CBD

WE ATE Spanner crab salad; tartare of yellow fish tuna and salt-baked beetroot salad with ashed chevre.

WE DRANK Port Phillip Estate 2012 Salasso Rosé.

I WORE Ellery dress.

JESS WORE Camilla and Marc top, Nobody jeans and Saint Laurent heels.


Photography: Brendan Esposito

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10th April, 2013

Rihanna, Diane Kruger, Florence Welch and Miranda Kerr are just some of the celebrities who are fans of the Australian made swimwear label We Are Handsome. Today, Their signature prints hit the catwalk as part of their highly anticipated Spring Summer 2013/14 collection. Their show took place at The Theatre, Carriageworks.

We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14 We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14 We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14 We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14

Photography: Getty images.