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Moroccanoil Styling Suite at Fashion Weekend Sydney

15th May, 2015

With Moroccanoil Global Creative Design Team Educator Kevin Hughes

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Moroccanoil is one of my hair essentials so when I was invited by Moroccanoil to be their exclusive hair blogger at the launch of Fashion Weekend Sydney I jumped at the chance. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Moroccanoil Styling Suite and had a chance to hang out backstage to see Moroccanoil’s Global Creative Design Team Educator Kevin Hughes in action. Kevin’s styled the hair of celebs like Emily Blunt and Natasha Henstridge and worked with designers such as Badgley Mischka and Carolina Herrera and is doing the hair styling for the runway shows for the weekend so I couldn’t wait to ask him for his big hair trend predictions for this year (see hair trends below!).

The Moroccanoil Styling Suite is open all weekend at Fashion Weekend Sydney so make sure you head down there to get your hair done and check out the latest Moroccanoil range. I know I picked up a new favourite or two!


Getting my hair styled by Kevin


Chatting about the season’s biggest hair trends


Kevin Hughes’ fave hair trends to watch out for this season…

Kevin did a low messy bun for the models on the runway and he said this is very much in keeping with the big hair trends of the season. It’s all about not looking too done (hair that’s too curly or too straight is definitely out) so the hairstyle he created was all about loose pieces and creating movement as the models walked. Along with messy buns look out for…

  • Braids and plaits: Kevin’s tip is to try and keep it loose and not too tight and just have fun with it.
  • Waves: It’s more the subtle or barely there wave so the hair doesn’t look done and that’s really important when trying to create the look this season.
  • The white look: Think glossy and shiny especially at the top and then more natural at the back.
  • Ponytails with a twist: This isn’t your average pony! It might be a ponytail with a kink in it or a bit of loose wave but the aim is to have something a bit different to your every day straight ponytail.

When attempting any of these trends at home Kevin says don’t be afraid to go on YouTube and copy a hair tutorial. Plus practise makes perfect so definitely experiment. He says he learned to do braids by following YouTube videos so if a hair expert says video tutorials are the way to go then definitely try it for yourself at home.


The runway show


Think unstructured and relaxed


This low bun style would be a great hairstyle for your next event


Hair should have texture and movement


The extensive Moroccanoil range


Some of the lovely ladies at Fashion Weekend Sydney getting their hair done at the Moroccanoil Styling Suite


Having fun at the styling suite


If you do get to visit the Morocannoil styling suite be sure to ask your hair stylist for some tips on achieving the look at home




The hair products I can’t live without

24th November, 2014

I have a really low maintenance approach to my hair. Most of the time I either just blow dry it or tie it back in a bun. However there are still three staples in my hair product wardrobe that I can’t live without.


Sometimes if my hair is a bit dry I put a bit of Moroccanoil through it. I think it’s really good for hydrating and repairing hair.

Bumble and Bumble Holding Spray

I find this has got really good hold but it’s really light so it doesn’t make your hair look crusty!

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Styling Instant Volume Powder

I think this is great for when I want a bit of volume in my hair or if I’m putting my hair back in a bun I find that it holds it all into place.

What are your favourite hair products?


Photography: Bumble and Bumble