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All in the family

28th April, 2016


I loved doing this shoot for Trenery with my mum and Sophia as it was not only a special experience to have all three of us there but it was nice to capture three generations of the family. My mum and I have always been very close. When I was growing up she was not only a great mum but she was a great role model too. She worked extremely hard and achieved a lot in her career but always maintained a great work-life balance. Mum has always been an inspiration but now that I’m a mum, even more so.

I’ve always looked up to her for a million and one reasons. She’s a caring person who always looks out for other people. She’s also always been very charismatic, and she lights up a room whenever she walks in. I actually wish I had some of the charisma she has! It’s not surprising that Sophia gravitates towards that and even when she was a baby she was always excited to be around my mum, which has allowed them to develop a really close bond.

I think my love of fashion has largely come from Mum! She’s an impeccably dressed woman and I’ve always admired how stylish and chic she looks no matter the occasion. I think we have a similar aesthetic and love good quality pieces that are timeless such as the cosy knits from Trenery but we also love to inject a bit of personality into what we’re wearing, and love prints such as the polka dot blouse I was wearing in the shoot.

The one thing Mum always emphasised as we were growing up was that family always comes first. And that’s something that’s carried through to today, especially now that my brother and I have our own families. I live so close to mum that Sophia and I pop in for a visit practically every single day. Mum works seven days a week and has a hectic schedule but she always makes time to spend with her family. We often pop in for dinner and it’s a great way to spend quality time together as Sophia and I help her cook. Growing up, we would always have dinner together as a family and we would always have a big lunch on Sundays. This tradition still continues today. We still catch up as a family on a Sunday and we still go on family holidays once or twice a year which I feel so incredibly lucky to still be able to do.

Sophia is almost two and with another little girl on the way, I often think about the bond that I will have with them as they get older and I can only hope that the relationship I have with my daughters is as close as the one I have with my own mum. I wrote about my first year as a mum in a post last year and I honestly didn’t think I could love Sophia anymore than I did then but I just fall in love with her a little more each day. To see her little milestones in life is so amazing and she always teaches me something new. We have our good days, challenging days and amazing days but it has made our bond as a family stronger and I know it has taught Luke and I to have patience, especially with each other as we navigate the ups and downs of parenting.

We’re about to welcome a little sister for Sophia and I am so excited to meet her. I can’t wait to get to know her and see her personality and watch the bond between her and her big sister. I’m excited that my girls will be able to experience that sisterly bond in their lifetime. I don’t know how much Sophia understands about me having another baby but I try to explain it to her. I read to her a book about being a big sister every night but she already seems to be excited. She gives my tummy kisses and I’m blown away by how affectionate she is already.

As I navigate being a mum to two little girls in the future I can only imagine how much I’ll be looking to my mum for advice and guidance. I know she’ll be an amazing role model to the girls as she always was with me and I can already see that she will be a doting grandmother with an incredibly close bond with her granddaughters. And I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have that in my life.

To all the mums out there, wishing you all the most amazing Mother’s Day.

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Credits: Kate: Cable crew neck knit, Abstract Spot top, Slim black jeans; Black patent derby shoeSlouchy rollneck knit, Garment dyed jean; Cropped sleeve rollneck knit, all by Trenery; Light jeans and white sneakers are Kate’s own; Gai: Milano Dress; Pointelle raglan knit; Jeans (Gai’s own); All shoes are Gai’s own; Sophia wears Country Road throughout.

Credits: Photography: Julie Adams; Hair & makeup: Liz Jones

Fashion, Lifestyle

Reflections on my first Mother’s Day and my first year as a mum

5th May, 2015


I remember being heavily pregnant last Mother’s Day and I can’t believe how much time has flown and I’m about to celebrate my first one with my family. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and Sophia is approaching one. It’s a very special moment and I’m looking forward to spending a relaxed day with Luke and Sophia.

I think being a mum is the best job in the world. Sophia comes first in every aspect of my life. I always knew that it would be an unconditional love like no other but I don’t think you can ever fully understand it until you become a mother – the love I have for Sophia is like no other and she brings so much joy to my life and my husband’s life.

I just love the little things – I could spend hours upon hours just watching her and spending time with her. Plus it’s the small private moments like watching her first crawl or watching her try to take her first step, or when she falls asleep in my arms… it’s those moments that just mean so much to me.

All I hope is that I’m guiding Sophia in the right direction and being the best mum I can be. It doesn’t matter what she wants to do in her life or who she wants to be, ultimately I just want her to be happy and to smile and be the best she can be.

In honour of Mother’s Day, Sportscraft asked Sophia and I to take part in a special Mother’s Day feature and asked me to reflect on life as a mum. Check out the pics and some of my thoughts below. You can read the full Q&A on the Sportscraft blog.

My style as a mum…

My style is relaxed yet polished. My style has definitely changed since becoming a mother. I now opt for more comfortable clothing for everyday wear and I spend a lot more time in flats as I’m always racing around. Also there is never much time for getting ready so I don’t get to experiment with beauty & hair trends as much these days so simple makeup and uncomplicated hair is my go-to.

The mum/work juggling act…

It’s always a bit of a juggle but I feel lucky that my job isn’t 9-5 so I can fit work around Sophia’s schedule. Also I feel blessed that my husband is a huge support, I don’t know what I would do without him.

The best bit of advice my mum gave to me that I will pass on to Sophia…

To show strength as a woman, have an opinion and stand up for what you believe in.


Wearing: Hilda Tunic Dress






Wearing: Agatha Melton Coat and Nell Textured Knit







Wearing: Jacqui Cable knit and the Cleo Ankle Jeans








Wearing: Drape Tencel Trench and Nell Textured Knit






Photography: Julie Adams

Hair & makeup: Filomena Natoli


Mother’s Day gift guide

30th April, 2015

I love to spoil my mum every Mother’s Day so I’m all about finding the perfect present. Here are some great present ideas I discovered in my hunt for just the right gift…

Samantha Wills sunshine & saltwater bangle

A classic piece of jewellery for the mum who loves sunny days and hanging at the beach.

Sheridan ultralight mum robe

A luxurious white robe never goes astray.

Michael Kors classic single chronograph watch

Rose gold is definitely having a moment and this watch is a gorgeous time piece.

le specs rapture sunglasses

Black statement sunnies are a wardrobe staple.

Fornasetti scented candle

I think a scented candle is a must for every home and this one doubles as eye-catching decoration for any room.

Kenneth Jay Lane faux pearl necklace

Pearls are a classic addition to any jewellery collection but this is ideal for the more fashion forward mum.

Rag & Bone leather-trimmed wool-felt fedora

I love a great hat! This is perfect for winter and can work back with so many outfits.

Givenchy pouch

This printed pouch is a great way to make a statement.

Givenchy scarf

I love the fact this scarf has a slightly edgy print. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with anything from Givenchy!

Miu Miu pouch 

A classic plain black pouch is just the right piece for any fashion-conscious mum.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5th May, 2014

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t found the perfect gift then here are some great gift ideas. From a tailored blazer, statement necklace to gorgeous candles and beautiful perfume, there is something to suit every mum this mother’s day…


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