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How to… elevate neutrals

14th February, 2021

If there’s one thing that I think every wardrobe needs it’s a great assortment of neutrals. They’re ideal for mixing and matching and are ultra versatile, but because of this, they might be considered a little flat or boring. But I think they’re anything but. In fact I think they’re the ultimate workhorses of any wardrobe because not only can they be treated as a blank canvas but they can also be quite impactful by employing accessories or various textures into the mix.

The benefit of working with neutrals is that it provides the perfect base to start with and allows you to elevate them easily with a few simple style tricks. Here’s how to elevate neutrals with ease.

Mixing textures

A great way to bring neutrals to life is to mix textures. By bringing a tactile element into your look whether it’s mixing a soft cashmere with a luxe linen in a neutral shade, you can instantly add a little depth to your look. Also incorporating things like denim and leather into your outfit can easily amp up any neutral tones.


As always accessories are key. Given that neutrals tend to be quite pared back, they can easily be lifted by adding strong accoutrements like jewellery, shoes or bags. This will also allow you to incorporate a few contrasting colours and textures into the mix making for a more impactful outfit.

Colour is a great way to increase the impact of a neutral piece

Adding touches of colour

The beauty of neutral tones is that it acts like a blank canvas and you can easily incorporate touches of colour into it. Choosing strong shades like punchy pinks or deep blues act as the perfect complementary hues, instantly lifting a palette featuring beiges, creams, tans or whites.

Block and ombre styling

Playing with a neutral colour palette and its various shades makes for an eye catching look. You could try working similar neutral shades together for a colour blocking effect — something that was quite prominent at this year’s Fashion Week. Another alternative is working with one neutral colour and incorporating varying shades of it for an ombre effect.

How do you elevate the neutral tones in your wardrobe?


How to make neutral pieces more interesting

23rd June, 2018

Layering neutral hues for a fun winter look

Neutral pieces are the backbone of my wardrobe. I couldn’t get dressed without them. They’re the bridge that allows me to wear the bolder items in my closet without feeling too over the top. And while I appreciate their value, sometimes neutrals can admittedly feel a little flat. My style is quite pared back so I love a beautiful garment in neutral tones because of its versatility and understated appeal. However I admit it doesn’t always have that wow factor of something in a striking colour. I’ve found that the key to making neutrals pop is by employing the following style tactics…

Layer, layer, layer

If you want to add some depth to a neutral look try layering a few subdued tones. I’ve found that beige worked back with crisp white (such as the above look) has an element of warmth but also doesn’t feel so stark and flat. I love an all white ensemble but sometimes you need to add a few other tones in a similar palette to add another dimension to it and tie the look together.

Add a bold statement piece

If you want to stick to a neutral palette you can always amp it up with the right accessories. A vibrant bag, a statement shoe or colourful jewellery can often add a much needed lift to neutrals.

An all white look employing different textures

Embrace texture

You can always make neutrals interesting by playing with textures. I’ve found even if you’re wearing multiple shades of white or beige if you include textural elements it all of a sudden becomes infinitely more striking. Whether it be a pair of white jeans worked back with a cosy mohair sweater or a woollen coat with a pair of silky wide leg pants, if you incorporate a few different fabrications in the mix you can add another layer of interest to your entire ensemble.

What’s one neutral pieces you can’t live without?