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Commit this The Row outfit to memory—it’s going to be your new go-to look

9th June, 2021


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Every so often an outfit comes along that’s just so simple in its execution that you know it’s going to be copied the world over. Because while this look from The Row’s latest spring/summer collection may be pared back, it evokes style by the bucketload. Kendall Jenner wore the above head-to-toe look from the brand while out and about in New York City and it has now been dissected and analysed by major fashion outlets and no doubt screen shotted in abundance. Why? The beauty of this outfit is that it’s so damn accessible.

If you looked in most people’s wardrobes you’d be able to source most if not all of Kendall’s ensemble. Everyone has a white tee, most people would have a white shirt and beige pants are the kind of thing that you don’t have to move heaven and earth to find, nor completely max out your credit card to buy (well, unless you’re actually buying the same pair from The Row!). And the accessories of minimalist sandals and a black belt, are easily sourced, and so great for working back with other existing looks in your wardrobe. It’s all about a high end look that’s so incredibly wearable.

Also, don’t be afraid to take the basic principles of this look and replicate it with other pieces you have in a different colour palette. You could pop on a white shirt virtually over any coloured pant, while you could eschew beige and go for something darker or go all the way to a crisp white (Kendall was also spotted in such a look). As long as you’re doing a shirt nonchalantly thrown over a white tee and worked back with tailored trousers and wholeheartedly evoking a minimalist aesthetic, you’re good.

And let’s not forget just how comfy this look would be to wear! It’s unfussy, and also who wouldn’t want to be rocking a white tee and relaxed trousers, all day, everyday. Think of it as servicing your lockdown loungewear addiction but with a way more stylish twist. I don’t know about you, but if I can wear an outfit that’s polished, but would be comparable to my fave relaxation pieces (yes, even the sandals are a really low heel and so walkable)  in terms of wearability, you can bet I’m going to give it a five-star rating.

Scroll down to start shopping your must-have The Row inspired pieces or shop the OG look from head-to-toe!

The Original Look


The Look For Less



12 Insta-outfit ideas to steal

5th February, 2018
Instagram outfit blogger style

Who could use a little outfit inspiration to get them through this week? If you’ve now hit peak “I have nothing to wear” after being well and truly back into the swing of things after the big holiday break then you’re not alone. An outfit rut can strike at the most inopportune times and sometimes you just need a little inspo to help get you out of it. So, instead of emptying your entire closet onto your bedroom floor it might be time to turn to Instagram to provide some new inspo for killer looks. the And whether you’re looking for ideas on how to step up your office attire or need to pull together the ideal date night look, there’s definitely plenty up ahead to have you looking great.

Embrace neutral tones

Who says brown is boring? Layering earthy shades with neutral hues creates a striking gradient effect that works to create a refined, bohemian feel. Paired with white sneakers, it’s the perfect off duty look.

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Mix dressy with casual

Take a dressy top, pair it with laidback denim and you’ve got yourself an ensemble that perfectly marries both. Don’t be afraid to pair unexpected things together as you may unearth an outfit combination you had never really considered.

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Invest in a midi dress

Want to make a truly versatile addition to your wardrobe? A midi dress is just that. The length makes it appropriate for work and dressy occasions, but pop it on with a pair of sneakers and you’re instantly ready to play.

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Try different textures

The truly stylish know how to make varying textures work together to great effect. In this instance corduroy meets silk meets denim, creating a look that instantly feels elevated and interesting.

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Considered clashing

When making prints clash it pays to do it in such a way that still feels considered. In this instance stripes and polka dots working against each other still maintains an element of cohesion by sticking to similar colour palettes in both pieces. The end result is adorable and fun.

Toughen up feminine pieces

Take an ultra femme dress and work it back with a biker jacket and boots for a look that’s still sweet without being too saccharine. You can apply this principle to almost any dress in your wardrobe—just pair edgy pieces with girlier styles and you’ve got yourself a look that tempers both and makes it work perfectly.

Try a luxe skirt

A statement skirt is one piece I can always get behind and in this instance the combination of a gorgeous shade and silky texture make for a truly luxurious piece that can easily be the centrepiece of any look.

Have fun with a statement jacket

I’m all about classic jackets but sometimes it pays to have a little fun. Choose a striking print and work back with simpler pieces to allow it to take centre stage.

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Embrace different sleeve silhouettes

This is one to keep in mind as we head into autumn at the end of the month. Simple pieces such as sweaters and shirts can feel fashion forward with an interesting sleeve silhouette. Bell, balloon, kimono… they all serve to make something feel a little bit extra.

A post shared by Caroline Daur (@carodaur) on

Add an edgy touch to polished pairings

Be bold and wear traditionally polished pieces in an edgier way. A beautiful laser cut skirt and pointed kitten heels feel classic and conservative but when paired with a slouchy, slogan tee it feels modern and new.

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Try a monotone look

Choose one shade and work it from head to toe for a powerful look that commands attention. An all white ensemble looks fresh and new, whilst the addition of high waisted pants makes it feel very now.

Add a playful touch

Who says fashion has to be serious all the time? Sometimes it pays to add a playful feature to a look whether it be a fun print, a cute image a la the above tee or a finishing touch, that as the Japanese would say, looks very kawaii.

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Bookmark this: Polyvore

27th June, 2016

A selection of outfit collages on Polyvore

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and been stuck for outfit inspiration you’re not alone. There’s nothing like a little visual inspiration to get the styling juices flowing and if you’re after an additional source of inspiration than the usual suspects of Instagram, blogs and Pinterest you have to bookmark Polyvore.

If you’re not familiar with the site, never fear, awhile ago I spoke with the CEO of Polyvore, Jess Lee who explained it: “Polyvore is about styling inspiration that you can buy but powered by a community of people all over the world. So it’s sort of a one stop shop with all the different products from all different stores in one convenient place and then people all around the world use our tools to mix and match and create these products into outfits or moodboards and collages and people come and browse to shop those looks.”

You can browse the site according to outfits, products and what’s trending which not only makes pulling together a look super easy, it also makes shopping really efficient.

If you love styling outfits Polyvore also allows you to create your own collages and moodboards of different looks which you can share with the rest of the Polyvore community. Lee says, “Polyvore encourages people to develop their own sense of style and be authentic and get this amazing support from this lovely community who are really, really nice and are there to affirm you and make you feel good about your current style. I think that’s really inspiring.”

Social media, shopping and styling inspo on one site? Time to bookmark!