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The Curated: Self-care practices

24th June, 2020
Exercising each week, which includes going on long walks with my family is one of my favourite ways to practice self-care

We all have our favourite ways to practice self-care and never was that more prevalent than during lockdown. When times are a little uncertain it’s always nice to be able to revert to the things that make us feel great, help recharge our batteries and lift our spirits. I know I have my favourite go-to methods of self-care but I was curious to see what others do so turned to The Curated panel to share their favourite ways to nurture themselves, particularly during iso.

The Curated panel: presenter, journalist and producer Ksenija Lukich; artist and style curator and founder of Where did your style go? Tash Sefton; influencer Nadia Fairfax, stylist Elliot Garnaut, influencer Rey Vakili; Ostelin and Johnson’s baby ambassador, Phoebe Burgess


“I love to exercise which I mostly do through training in group twice a week and going on family walks. 

I also love having facials with Jocelyn Petroni (I shared her top tips for an at-home facial recently—definitely give it a go) as it’s so relaxing.

And I always go to Valonz in Sydney’s Paddington to get my hair done, particularly to get my roots coloured every 4-6 weeks.”

Anna Heinrich

“For me [self-care] comes down to exercise and good food. I like doing any form of exercise – that mainly includes long walks, Zumba and Pilates. And because I’m pregnant I’m really trying to be aware of what I’m eating.”

Elle Ferguson

“Elle Effect Self Tanning Mousse is something I HAVE to do weekly (in iso I’ve been applying it to my face very second day). The tan just makes me feel better and as I’m not wearing much make up, it makes me look healthy when I have a glow. Also we had a treadmill delivered to the house when we went into lockdown and I am LOVING it!”

Nadia Fairfax

“[I practice self-care with] by eating a punnet of berries every morning and by actually relaxing— I don’t put too much pressure on myself to tackle a million tasks. Lastly I take bubble baths.”

Tash Sefton

“I run everyday and meditate [to practice self-care].” 

Ksenija Lukich

“[I practice self-care by] indulging in my favourite foods, long walks and at-home Pilates with Anna at One Hot Yoga [in Sydney’s Potts Point].”

Rey Vakili

“I find cooking incredibly therapeutic. I also find that I’ve been facetiming with my friends a lot more since we’ve gone into lockdown.”

Elliot Garnaut

“I keep it simple with the self care. I love a long, hot shower. Give my face, body and hair a really good wash and chuck on a fresh set of clean loungewear. That is self care to me.”

Phoebe Burgess

“It would have to be my new found love of masking and facial massage. I’ve rediscovered it and now do it daily.”