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What does your wallet say about you?

1st June, 2016

We know handbags take centre stage so we’ll happily splurge on one from time to time. However don’t forget about the workhorse that is your wallet. It’s one accessory that gets a daily workout carrying around all your essentials and since you see it multiple times in a day it should be one that perfectly aligns with your style. There are plenty of great designer options out there but if you want to save your dollars you’ll find some great budget-friendly wallets available too. Now, which style suits you best?

Feminine and fun


For those who love anything feminine and adore all shades of pink, BottegaFendi and Gucci have some great options that are both girly and fun. Just be sure to keep it away from any stray pens or rogue lipstick tubes in your handbag to keep it pristine!

Bold and Bright


If you love everything you own to make a statement then you’ll love anything bright and punchy that will catch the eye. For a utilitarian option opt for a Dolce & Gabbana phone case which will not only carry your mobile but is also perfect for holding cards and money. All things animal print will always be guaranteed to make an impact, You could invest in this gorgeous Givenchy wallet or alternatively this one from Status Anxiety will  allow you to take a walk on the wild side for a fraction of the cost.

Classic and Refined


If your look is refined through and through and everything you own is timeless then look no further than a classic leather wallet in a neutral hue. No prints or crazy colours for you! You’ll fall in love with this classic black continental wallet by Balenciaga or this classic piece by Gucci complete with iconic interlocking Gs. If you’re after an inexpensive wallet fix try this one by Louenhide.

Photography: Net-a-Porter