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My 4 WFH style rules

6th January, 2022

Getting dressed for work makes me feel more productive

Whether you’re a fan or would rather be back in the office IRL, there’s no denying that working from home is here to stay. For some it might mean a hybrid arrangement between face time in the office and working at home, but for others it might be the way they work for the foreseeable future. As a result (over the last two years in particular) many of us have found ourselves trying to develop our own work from home style.

With so much time spent in the home office, how can you strike the right balance between taking advantage of comfy dressing while still staying true to your style? As someone who has worked from home in some capacity for several years, I know it takes a little getting used to. While staying in my pyjamas all day was tempting, I soon discovered that there were a few style non-negotiables when it came to WFH style. Here are a few of the rules I live by.

Get dressed

I can wholeheartedly attest to this. Don’t get me wrong, I have occasionally been unable to resist the pull of staying in my comfy PJs while I answer emails, but for the majority of the time I’ve become quite disciplined about getting dressed. I’ve found it pays to really get to know your work from home style. For me, this means a nice outfit and some of my favourite accessories, whether it’s a necklace or my go-to watch and bangle. I find it makes me more productive when I’ve got proper clothes on that help my brain feel like it’s in work mode. If I don’t, I do find that I don’t feel as energised to power through my to-do list.

Dress comfy—but not too comfy

Working from home brings with it the advantage to be able to dress comfortably. I love that! However I think there’s a fine line between being comfortable and feeling like you could roll back into bed any second now. Whenever I’m working from home I tend to favour casual separates, denim, dresses and silhouettes that are relaxed and not too restrictive. I feel comfortable but I also feel polished, and I think that’s the magic balance for me. I can still be wearing a soft linen trouser and a comfy white tee, and tick the comfort and polish box, but I don’t feel overdressed.

Establish a capsule WFH wardrobe

A great trick to ensuring that I get dressed for work every day is having a capsule wardrobe of pieces that I know work for days I’m “in” the office. These are tried and tested staples that I know I like wearing while I’m at home and are ideal for sitting at my laptop but are dressy enough that if someone were to suggest a quick Zoom call I would feel comfortable enough to jump on as is. Good presentation is so important and I think having a designated wardrobe to pull from makes it so much easier.

Don’t forget your beauty routine

A beauty routine is so important when you’re working from home. I’m not really going to put a face full of makeup on when I’m sitting at home, so I like to adopt a more pared back approach that looks polished but isn’t overly fussy. No smoky eye for me, but a definite yes to dewy skin. I think if you start with great skin, you can keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. I may pop on some mascara and a dab of blush and lip gloss to finish off the look. When it comes to my hair, I either pull it back into a sleek low bun, or I’ll do my quick hair routine when I’m wearing it down. Either way, if I have made an effort in the beauty department I feel my work look is complete.

What are some of your WFH style rules?