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How to shop for a winter coat that’s stylish and versatile

12th July, 2021


Winter coats are a necessity but often one purchase that’s often left to the last minute (ie waiting till you’re absolutely freezing and realise you may finally need one!) or just relegating to the utilitarian fashion buy pile so it doesn’t require much consideration. I’m of the frame of mind that a coat is one of the key elements of any look throughout the winter months, and can in fact can be the final piece that ties it all together. I’m quite partial to a rotation of coats throughout winter so I’ve got everything from a trench to a statement print in my arsenal as different looks call for a different style of topper, however I also see the value in investing in one beautiful coat that can work with your entire wardrobe. Either way, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s how to shop for a coat that’s not only stylish but also super versatile. Here’s how to do it:

Consider length

I prefer a longer coat, either to the knee, mid-calf or at the ankle as I find the length to be much more wearable with various outfits. I think a longline coat also works beautifully worn over something casual such as a sweater and jeans, but can also look ultra chic when paired with a dress that’s the same length. It’s also something that’s flattering to various heights so it works for most.

Maintain balance

While a longer hem is my preference, I think a shorter coat that ends at mid-thigh is also great—but it does require some balance. Consider a silhouette that’s slightly more oversized such as a cocoon coat which can look stylish with almost any kind of outfit.

Fabrication is key

One of the beautiful things about 0 is being able to play around with textures—which is where coats can really shine. There are so many different kinds of coats available these days, whether it’s a fun teddy coat, a shearling lined jacket or a faux fur number. Either way your choice of fabrication can really elevate a look and give it some depth.

Find the perfect fit

A coat which fits perfectly really is one of the best things you can have up your fashion bag of tricks. It ties a look together and gives it an element of polish. I think it’s always good to go for a coat that can comfortably fit a jumper undearneath; anything less might be too tight and anything more might be too loose. Keep searching until you find it!

Don’t forget about colours and patterns

A coat in a classic, practical colour does have its place as you know you can always rely on it. However I think the beauty about  winter coats is often in embracing those in bold hues or feature an interesting pattern. A herringbone coat or a vibrant fire engine red has the power to transform a look with its statement-making vibe.

Go for quality

If we’re talking longevity then you absolutely must invest in the best quality coat you can afford. A coat that’s slightly pricier will often have better construction, fine finishes (you’d be surprised how a cheap-ish looking button can let down the whole vibe of a coat) and fabric composition that’s top notch (such as a 100% wool).

What kind of coat have you invested in this season?