10 perfect baby shower gifts for a mum-to-be

17th December, 2019

I’ve attended my fair share of baby showers as my friends have gradually started having their families and it’s always really important for me to find them just the right gift. When I first became a mum I was so incredibly thankful for all the beautiful gifts I received, but in particular I loved all the practical things that those who were already mums gifted me. Embarking on motherhood can be a daunting task, and often you won’t be entirely sure what’s a must and what’s a nice to have so it’s great to have those given to you from the onset.

If you’re looking for baby shower gifts then keep reading. I’ve enlisted the help of Kate Casey, co-founder of the memo to round up some great baby shower present suggestions. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of checking out this site, then add it to your list, particularly if you’re a mama-to-be. This online store has a great edit of gorgeous baby (and mama) products that are functional, stylish and not so mainstream which makes it the ideal place to shop for a special gift. Here, Kate outlines her top 10 baby shower gifts ranging from small to large presents—and they will all seriously impress.

1.  Haakaa Breast pack 

A breast pump might sound like a personal gift to give, but take it from us, the Haakaa is a cult product that every new mum needs to know about. A super economical and no fuss choice, we love the Haakaa because it’s portable (there are no cords or loud pumping noises), making it a great solution for the working mum. Even Chrissy Teigen is a fan. The fact it’s a low price point is just a bonus.  

2. TNS Pram Caddy

It’s one of those things you don’t think you need until you do. When it’s time to hit the pavement, a pram caddy can be relied on to keep essential items close at hand (think mobile phone, snacks and wallet) when on the move, rather than bending down to the basket below. When it comes to navigating newborn life it’s all about the easy access!

3. Nappy Clutch

An on-the-move essential, a compact clutch will hold all the changing go-to’s like nappies, wipes, bags, creams, then can expand out into a change mat if the need calls for a changing pit stop at a public bathroom or a friends house.

4. Sleeping Bag  Babies love to be swaddled, but swaddling with a muslin cloth can be tricky.  Having a sleeping swaddle bag keeps the baby secure like a traditional swaddle, but all you have to do is zip it up.  

5.  Nail Trimmer  

Babies nails grow so fast!  Cutting nails can be difficult, and a common response is to peel them off yourself. Give a new mum this easy to use trimmer that will make the smallest of jobs comfortable and safe.

6.  Pyjamas

A really thoughtful gift just for her. We love the relaxed fit of Masini that comes with an open shirt collar and elastic waistband drawstring straight leg pants, ideal for working with a fluctuating belly. So luxurious they can be warn all day and night for maximum comfort.

Items to go in with a group of friends.  Helping your friend tick off those big ticket items can be such a help financially and allows her to really enjoy the best of the best  

7. Baby Bouncer

Babies are curious and once they’re ready to get moving, a bouncer can make a great play mate, and acts as cosy place where they can engage, kicking their legs and waving their arms, which will gently rock the bouncer. This means no need for batteries and frees up a new mums hands. We love this beautifully designed natural rocker from Charlie Crane.

8. Baby Carrier  

When a new mum needs her hands (and sanity) and her baby doesn’t want to be put down, a baby carrier is the answer. It frees new mums up to get on with things while keeping the baby snug and comforted.

9.  Mina Baie Kinney Backpack Even thought new mums need to be functional, they also want to stay on-trend. This stylish backpack holds all the things, won’t slide off shoulders, has tons of compartment and is made with vegan leather.

10. Cocoonababy  New parents fear lack of sleep the most, but having this incredible item might just allow a few extra hours. The shape mimics the position a newborn had in the womb, making them feel safe and secure. 

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