‘How To’ Beauty Video Tutorial

28th February, 2014

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I recently invited into my home to give an insight into few of my beautify tips and tricks that never let me down. is a new beauty website devoted to the “who’s” and the “how to’s” of beauty, founded by Sigourney Cantelo. Sigourney has worked as a Beauty journalist for 14 years and is presently Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia. Over the years, she has been awarded six Star Beauty Awards and four Jasmine Awards including the coveted Jasmine Award for Journalistic Excellence. I recently caught up with Sigourney to show her how I like to do a ‘quick smokey eye’ for a night out and how I ‘prep my skin for an event’. Watch the ‘how to video’s’ here…


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HOW TO: prep my skin for an event:

HOW TO: A quick smokey eye:

Photography by Jake Terrey; Hair by Amanda Kowalevsky; Makeup by Regina Gao, courtesy of

See full story here…

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