Best new gifts for kids

21st July, 2016

When it comes to gifts for kids there are so many adorable options out there that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face. If you’re looking to spoil your kids, nieces, nephews or any other special little person in your life I’ve rounded up some new and unique gift ideas that are guaranteed to make you very popular indeed…

I love anything interactive so rate this musical barn which has plenty of farm animals and different song to sing for each to provide hours of entertainment. The opening and closing doors reveal hidden friends and a spinning windmill.

Looking for the shoe of the season for a special little girl? The adorable kitty face design on these shoes are on another level of cuteness. If you can make an investment, buy quality shoes made from leather as they will accommodate the foot and allow for better movement. Leather lasts longer and is also a natural fibre which allows the foot to breathe.

As most parents can attest you can never have too many cute pyjamas. I recently bought Sophia a pair of pyjamas from Cotton On which has a great range and isn’t all that expensive. She is growing so quickly that it is great to be able to buy a few budget-friendly options and have them on rotation.

As you can imagine Sophia’s well versed in all things horses and this particular toy is one I think she will absolutely adore. This horse is ready to race with reins, saddle and even winter leg warmers and a brushable mane.

Do you remember Sylvanian Familes? They were around when I was growing up and I absolutely loved collecting them. If you want to buy a special gift for a child, go for a collectable so they can continue to add to it over the years to build a full set.


There is something timeless and special about wooden toys. This pull along pig features bright colours and sweet woven rope so a child can follow it on lots of adventures!

To mark the special occasion of the arrival of a new baby arrival this divine set including a woollen cot blanket and a cuddly fat lamb soft toy are sure to put a smile on any new mum’s face.

When the weather is cool but you don’t want to layer up your child too much a puffer vest is a great option. Sophia loves hers as it’s the ideal accessory for early morning walks and plays in the park. To finish off the look? You can find a puffer vest for yourself, too!

There’s something quite charming and old-school about a rocking horse. I think it makes a great addition to any nursery. The soft fabric body makes this a very child-friendly gift and it guarantees hours of fun. The mini horse also doubles as a great soft toy to play with.


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