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18th November, 2019

When it comes to pregnancy dressing I know it can be really tricky to accomodate a bump, particularly when it’s your first time and your body shape is constantly changing. However it’s not impossible! You’ll find that you’ll soon discover what’s comfortable and end up in your own groove with what works and what doesn’t. I know I favoured a combination of shift dresses, borrowing Luke’s shirts and cheap and cheerful staples to get me through both of my pregnancies. So if you’re currently struggling with doing maternity dressing, here are a few ladies who will give you plenty of inspo.

Add interest by doing prints and patterns

Often pregnant women shy away from doing anything bold and bright but as Mode Sportif founder Deborah Symond O’Neil shows it can look absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful maxi can become a staple throughout your entire pregnancy.

Embrace a little volume

The most important thing about dressing a bump is that you’re comfortable at all times and this is when voluminous silhouettes can come in handy. However do as Eleanor Pendleton does and try and incorporate a few cinched in elements to avoid looking like your dress is swamping you.

Layer pieces

You’ll find that you’ll often wear the same pieces over and over again when you’re pregnant and this is when layering works beautifully to help change things up. Add a great outerwear piece such as a leather jacket or a denim jacket over a dress and you can instantly change it’s vibe.

Accessories are key

You know the one thing that’s (generally) unaffected by a growing bump? Accessories. So whether it’s colourful sunglasses or fun sneakers, they’re the elements that help make pregnancy dressing a whole lot more fun.

Invest in button down shirts

I loved a great button down shirt throughout both my pregnancies. I’d often steal Luke’s as I found men’s shirts to have just the right amount of roominess to them. If you’ve got a partner/friend/brother/dad whose stash you can raid, go for it, otherwise snap up a few shirts but go up a size or two to give yourself some room to grow.

Move your waistline up

A skirt is always a versatile staple to have, so take advantage of an elasticated waist and wear it over your bump. Pair it with a cami for something dressy or a tee for casual wear. Even better, knot a t-shirt or shirt, and pair it with your fave maternity skirt for a look that’s stylish yet practical and comfortable.

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