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Date with Kate: Jesinta Franklin

29th January, 2017

Jesinta and I enjoying delicious healthy treats from her book ‘Live a Beautiful Life’.


Jesinta Franklin (nee Campbell) is a model, TV host and author who won Miss Universe Australia in 2010. Her book, Live a Beautiful Life, was launched late last year and quickly hit No. 1 on the bestseller lists across Amazon, iTunes and Booktopia. The 25-year-old recently married Lance “Buddy” Franklin of the Sydney Swans. Jesinta spoke to me about why she kept her wedding plans private, problems with the paparazzi and her preparations for the upcoming David Jones autumn/winter show.

What are you looking forward to most about the David Jones autumn/winter show?

I always get so excited about the show. It’s such a thrill being on the runway and each year they get bigger and better. This season the launch is being held at the St Mary’s Cathedral forecourt, a beautiful historic Sydney location which dates back to 1821, just years before David Jones’ flagship store was built … so it will be very special. I also look forward to seeing all of the trends and what the fashion is like for the season ahead.

How do you prepare for the show?

I try to stay fit and healthy all year round, however, about a month out, I amp up my training and really focus on eating as healthily as possible: lots of greens and clean, nourishing meals. I do like to indulge, though, so a little bit of chocolate every now and again keeps me sane.

What trends can we expect for autumn/winter?

Leather is a big trend this season in the form of biker jackets – which are a great investment piece – leggings, skirts and boots. Denim is always on-trend but this season it’s all about embellishment and luxe finishes. Florals are back again, but this season they have a ’70s vintage–inspired revival and are loud and playful. The colour of the season is fire engine red, which is sure to brighten up everyone’s winter wardrobe.

Are you excited to walk alongside Karlie Kloss?

I am really excited. Karlie is a renowned international model who has worked with the biggest fashion houses and photographers in the industry. It’s amazing to have her here for the show and I’m looking forward to welcoming her to Sydney.

What inspired you to write your first book Live a Beautiful Life?

I was approached to do a book a few years ago and it didn’t feel like the right time. I started it over 12 months ago and it just felt like the right thing to do, I felt like a challenge and loved the idea of working on something new. I loved every step of the process, I really wanted the book to be an authentic reflection of me and the things I do daily to live a healthy life.

Did you expect it to become a bestseller?

Absolutely not. I got so nervous two weeks before it came out. I was questioning every single page and whether or not people were going to like it. Even the day it launched I was still going over every single part of the book in my mind, hoping it was OK. When it hit No. 1 in my category online it was such a special moment, the 12 months of work had paid off and I was just so glad people liked it. I felt so supported and lucky to have such amazing followers.

Congratulations on your recent wedding. How was your magical day?

Thank you. It was such a special day, one that we will treasure forever. It was exactly what we wanted and to be able to do it in our own way was truly magic.

Was it hard to keep everything a secret?

Extremely hard. Especially because I worked nearly every day in the month leading up to the wedding. I was so excited and had to contain it all.

It was refreshing to see that you chose to keep your wedding story/ photos private. Why did you make that choice?

Thank you. So much of our lives are so public so it was important to us to have that one day just to ourselves without the stress of the media being involved.

What did you do for your honeymoon?

We just enjoyed each other’s company. We didn’t need or do anything fancy; just being with each other was enough.

What do you love most about Buddy?

He is extremely generous and not a day goes by that he does not make me laugh.

What do you find challenging about all the constant media attention?

We both understand that it is a part of our lives and everyone has a job to do. The hardest thing is the paparazzi that stalk us and sit in their cars out the front of our home. It’s quite stressful and invasive at times. Other than that I feel like the media is really quite supportive of us.

What would be the biggest misconception about you?

I don’t know really. I feel like I am always true to who I am with everything that I do and my book was a great way for me to expand on that. If anything I want people to know that I am regular person who goes through all of the triumphs and challenges that present themselves to most people throughout life.

What’s off limits for you on social media?

I don’t really post a lot of personal things, what I am comfortable with I will put up but the rest I like to keep to myself. I post work, my workouts, my beauty regimes and what I do to keep fit and healthy.

Being in the spotlight, how do you cope with any negativity?

I don’t read much about myself because it can have an effect on my wellbeing. I’ve got an amazing group of people around me who keep me grounded; it’s these same people whose opinion truly matters to me, they are the ones I pay attention to and listen to.

What is your ultimate way to spend a day off?

If the weather is good I love to get out in the sunshine and in the water.

Tell me about your role with Moet?

I’m really excited to be on board with Moet and Chandon as their ambassador for 2017. I believe in celebrating the magical moments in life, no matter how big or small, and that is what the brand is all about. It’s an exciting partnership and one I’m proud of.

You are also the Face of Olay. Do you have any beauty secrets or must-haves?

I am really stringent when it comes to my skin-care regime. I always say to women that it is so important to have a different moisturiser for morning and night. It sounds so simple but you will notice a huge difference in your skin.

What were your resolutions for the New Year?

Each year my resolution is the same: to improve upon the last. Get fitter, stronger, healthier, work harder.



WE WENT TO David Jones Personal Styling Suite where I caught up with Jesinta in between her fittings.

WE ATE Ginger & Date Powerballs – a recipe from her book ‘Live a Beautiful Life’.

WE DRANK The Green Goddess smoothie.

JESINTA WORE a Christopher Esber dress.

I WORE a Bec & Bridge dress.

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