Easy ways to relax when you’re time-poor

30th September, 2018

There are often not enough hours in the day to relax. If time was no object, I’d love nothing more than to disappear for a few hours, enjoy a luxe spa treatment and emerge at the other end feeling refreshed and looking glowy. Pre-kids that was possible but these days it’s mostly a treat for when I’m on holiday. But if you’re like me and have a crazy busy work schedule to juggle along with family and friend commitments then you’ll know that sometimes, you just crave some time out but don’t have the actual time to do it. It’s so crucial to our wellbeing to be able to recharge and unplug from everything around us and just escape the relentless commitments and breathe for a second. If you’re time-poor it doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself with a little down time. Here are some quick ways to relax in under 60 minutes—try them out this week to give yourself a break. You deserve it after all.

Have a cup of tea

Pour yourself a nice big mug of your favourite tea and sit. Yes, just sit. Don’t scroll through Instagram, don’t check your emails just let yourself be still and enjoy every sip.

Read a book

It’s an oldie but a goodie for a reason—getting lost in a book is great for taking you away, albeit for just a short space of time. So dust off that book you’ve been meaning to read and actually start.

Run a bath

Yes, you’d probably like more than an hour but honestly who doesn’t love soaking in a tub no matter how short or long the time? Just light a candle, pop on some relaxing music and chill out.

Get a mani or pedi

This is a win-win—relaxation and grooming. Whether you take yourself down to your favourite nail salon or DIY at home, there’s something quite therapeutic about painting your nails and seeing the end result.

Go for a walk with a friend

How often do we get the time to chat with a friend away from a screen? Instead of texting, this week try and make a time to catch up with a friend. Even if you just commit to a quick walk around your neighbourhood, enjoying a leisurely stroll  whilst chatting will do wonders to reinvigorate you.

Window shop

The idea of a enjoying a glass of wine whilst shopping my favourite online stores is heaven. Even if you don’t end up buying anything there’s something about the process of just switching off and browsing that can be instantly calming.

Pamper yourself

Book yourself in for a quick beauty treatment at your favourite spa. Whilst a loooong session is wonderful a quick half hour massage or facial is still a great way to unwind.


Whether it’s a cake, a slice or other decadent treat, there’s something relaxing about getting lost in a recipe and just zoning out. The best bit is you’ll end up with something delicious to enjoy at the end.


They were all the rage a few years ago but I think there’s definitely something to be said for the relaxing properties of colouring. Just watch kids zone out when they do it and you’ll see how effective it can be. Grab yourself an adult colouring book and get in touch with your artsy side.

Enjoy your favourite food

Think of the one dish that instantly makes you smile and go ahead and treat yourself to it. Don’t just mindlessly eat it in front of the TV though—take the time to stop and savour it, no distractions allowed.

Pamper yourself at home

Whether you treat yourself to a leisurely body scrub or do an at-home facial, there are so many DIY masks, scrubs and peels available right now that you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice as to which one you roadtest.

Get a haircut

Sitting down and reading a magazine for an hour whilst my tresses are tended to is one of my all time fave ways to relax. If you’re in need of a hair refresh, book yourself in for a cut this week and savour the time to sit and be still.

Photography: Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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