The key to great flowers according to one of Sydney’s top florists

5th October, 2017

George Low’s handiwork at the David Jones Flower Show

As the owner and founder of one of Sydney’s top florists, Seed Flora and the creative mind behind the David Jones Flower Show for the last 29 years George Low knows a thing or two about the key to a winning floral arrangement. Here he shares his favourite floral trend, the key to keeping blooms in top condition for longer and the biggest mistake people make when it comes to flowers…

This was your 29th year creating floral arrangements for the David Jones Flower Show. What was your inspiration behind the show this year?
This year we were strongly motivated by the theme of romance, focusing on a typically classic style with a modern twist. We used unusual colour combinations such as dark reds against soft pinks and lots of roses juxtaposed against more unusual flowers and foliage.

What is your favourite part of the installation?
Personally, my favourite part is seeing all of the flowers arrive and seeing it all come together. We have flowers delivered from all over the world as well as locally, I’ve been working with some of the growers for decades and some flowers and plants are grown especially for the David Jones Flower Show.

A retail experience with a difference courtesy of George – blooms in all their glory at David Jones’ city store in Sydney

What is your favourite floral combination at the moment?
One style of flower en masse in a beautiful vase, I prefer flowers that aren’t too mixed or too arranged to allow the flowers to do all of the talking.

What is your best piece of advice for creating DIY floral arrangements at home?
Keep it simple and invest in quality blooms, it makes all the difference!

Which flowers are best to buy during spring?
Tulips, blossoms, sweet pea, hyacinths and anemones are a few of my favourites in spring.

What is the trick to keeping flowers looking fresh and healthy?
The most important trick is to keep the water clean. The water in a vase should be changed daily and if the flowers are given a little trim it will elongate their life. 

What mistakes do a lot of people make when looking after their flowers?
Underestimating how much the flowers actually drink! Ensure the water level is kept up and clean and you’ll be sure to have your flowers around for a little while longer.

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