How to store hats and fascinators

16th September, 2019

I recently received a question on Instagram regarding ways to store hats and fascinators and thought it was such a great topic to do a post on. Given their shape and delicate nature, it is important to store both properly so they don’t get misshapen or damaged. When it comes to attending races, both are key so I think it pays to go to the extra effort of storing them to ensure their longevity.

I’ve got a number of difference pieces that I really love, having collected them over the years and I think the first thing is to be prepared to have some allocated space to store your pieces. Storage options for both can be a little bulky so designate an area in your wardrobe to house them all.

Storing hats

When it comes to hats I think drum boxes are perfect. They’re the right shape and will ensure that your hat is protected from the elements and can sit flat. Ensure that you get the right size so you’re not having to squash it in, as that can lead to it losing its shape. An alternative is to collect sturdy large boxes that may have stored other purchases (I’ve kept some beautiful Hermes boxes for this purpose) and pop your hats in there.

Storing fascinators

Depending on how embellished the design is, I recommend storing fascinators in two ways. You can either take the same route as your hats and store them in boxes, wrapping them in tissue paper to offer a little extra protection. Otherwise you can layer them in a drawer or cupboard, with tissue paper between each layer. Just be sure that you’re only stacking a couple on top of one another as having a heavy stack will surely lead to one of them losing their shape. Ideally it’s probably better to keep to a single layer if you can, but if space doesn’t permit, the above option is a viable alternative.

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