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Inside the 2017 LG TV and Audio Home Cinema Launch

30th March, 2017

I recently collaborated with LG on the release of their 2017 TV and audio home cinema range and hosted the launch event at a beautiful residence in Sydney’s Balmoral Beach. At the event the extremely impressive LG Signature Wallpaper TV was unveiled and as a lover of understated, elegant and stylish interiors it definitely ticked all the boxes. Gone are the days of television sets taking up lots of valuable living space – the Wallpaper TV is 2.57mm (width of a $2 coin) and is super sleek so it complements any room rather than dominating it. Watching something on this particular TV is also like going to the movies in your living room. I love going to the cinema and since I don’t have much time to go these days what with work and family commitments it’s amazing to be able to turn on the TV and feel like I’ve actually paid to watch a film – all from the comfort of my own home.

Guests at the event were treated to a dinner that was inspired by the cinematic experience viewers can get from each of the products in the LG 2017 TV and AV range. The immersive experience allowed everyone to see, hear, feel and taste the magic of LG’s home cinema range with each course that was brought out. Each dish of the three-course meal was inspired by a visual that was flashed on the screen earlier in the evening or a product in the range. It was also pretty delicious too!

I love hosting events which are quite intimate and this one was great as I was able to bring my husband Luke along and invite friends such as fellow fashion bloggers Sara Donaldson and Brooke Testoni and their respective partners. I was also great to be able to catch up with some of my favourite media people including Vogue Living’s Neale Whittaker. It was such a great evening and one that I was so thrilled to host.

Sneak a peek at some behind the scenes snaps of the event below…

The cinematic dining experience all set up for the event

The beautiful interiors of the house where the launch was held

Luke and I at the event

The beautiful table setting

The starter was mushroom forest with pureed mixed mushrooms, puffed grains & micro cress

The dinner in full swing

The delicious main was pan fried salmon smoked to order with spring peas, broccolini, edamame, confit fennel puree & preserved lemon

Dessert is served! This was a white chocolate ganache, seasonal berries, sumac & raspberry dust on a meringue shard.

Catching up with my friend Sara Donaldson

What’s an event without a group selfie?

With Vogue Living’s Neale Whittaker

Luke, Richard Crampton and Brooke Testoni with her husband Leith

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