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Mini Bags show that good things come in small packages

13th September, 2019

If you can’t fathom life without a roomy tote by your side then look away because the mini bag trend is well and truly here. These bags are diminutive in size and will require a serious edit of your essentials if you want to rock one. In fact, the popular Jacquemus Mini Le Chiquito bag would struggle to fit a packet of gum! Whilst they may not be the most utilitarian of bag options, you have to admit they’re pretty darn cute. Whilst Jacquemus’ mini range takes dainty accessories to a whole new level, there are other options such as The Daily Edited’s Micro Bag which you could actually squeeze a credit card, some coins and a key (yes, singular) into. So if you feel like travelling really, really light, a micro bag could be just the thing you need…

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