How to navigate trans-seasonal dressing

20th March, 2017

I did a What I Wore post last week that touched on this very topic and with the past couple of days in Sydney going from sunny and warm one minute to torrential downpour the next never has it been more obvious that the time for trans-seasonal dressing is now well and truly upon us. As far as fashion goes it’s sometimes hard to decide what to wear when the weather is temperamental but there are a few things I do to help get around it…

Layer, layer, layer

If I have a few layers to my look it’s easy to add or subtract pieces according to the weather. I find that bringing a jacket with me now is a good idea but it’s not quite the time for a winter coat yet so I will use a denim jacket instead as it’s not too heavy, not too light and as a bonus it’s right on trend. I will usually pop one on over a slip dress with a tee underneath and I am set and if it warms up a bit it’s easy to push up the sleeves and leave my arms partially exposed.

Swap footwear

It’s still possible to get away with wearing open toed shoes right now but the further we get away from summer the more likely it is temperatures will drop during the day so I will be starting to swap my sandals for loafers or sneakers as they don’t leave my feet exposed. I find if I’m in sandals my feet are the first place where I feel the chill so it’s easy to stay warm by covering up when it comes to footwear.

Tie it up

A big trend at the moment is to tie a denim jacket or knit around the waist which makes for the perfect set up for a trans-seasonal outfit. I love having the option to leave the jacket tied around my waist or popping it on if I’m feeling chilly. It also means I don’t have to lug around a jacket which is perfect if I’m out with the girls and definitely need to keep both hands free!

Introduce textures

I will start to add heavier fabrics slowly as the weeks go by such as leather jackets or a thick wool coat however in the meantime lightweight fabrics such cashmere are perfect for updating my look from a summery feel to one appropriate for the cooler weather.

Add sleeves

I think dresses are still weather appropriate this time of year but it might start to get a bit too cool to leave arms and shoulders uncovered. In this instance I find things like long sleeved dresses or layering a tee underneath a dress as I mentioned above would be ideal as it keeps me warm without being overly rugged up.

What are some of your trans-seasonal must-haves?

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