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Headbands are the hair accessory you definitely need right now

6th September, 2019

Ahead of spring racing season I’ve been checking out the range of headbands on offer right now and I have to say, the selection is amazing. Given it’s a major trend and everyone from Prada to Gucci are doing headbands, it’s the ultimate headwear of choice this season.

I’ve always loved headbands as a great option for the races in lieu of a traditional hat. They’re very feminine and is the perfect way to finish off a hairstyle, plus they’re unfussy to wear and instantly glam up a look. However they’re ideal for wearing beyond any race day events. Everywhere from a wedding to work to a casual Sunday brunch is the perfect excuse to pair a headband with your outfit. And with the range of colours and prints around, not to mention the next-level embellishment, it’s the ideal time to add one into your beauty arsenal.

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