Style lessons we can all steal from dads

6th September, 2020
David Beckham is a lesson in how to be a stylish dad

Whether you’ve got a dad who has his fashion look nailed a la David Beckham or your dad has lived in the same rotation of outfits all your life, there’s something to be said for how dads approach style. And while admittedly there might be a few questionable things in the mix at times, the fact remains that if you drill down into their core approach to styling a look, they really do have it sussed. So in honour of Father’s Day today, here are a few really important style lessons that dads everywhere can teach us.

Don’t be afraid of the comfy shoe

There’s a good reason by Chanel’s ‘Dad’ sandals are the ‘it’ shoe this summer—they’re comfortable but they’re also cool in an understated way. So whether it’s a great pair of sneakers or a sturdy sandal, you can always rely on dads to come through in the comfy shoe department. Don’t be afraid to embrace practical shoes this season and beyond, because they’re definitely trending hard and let’s face it, far more friendly on our feet than most of the style of shoes in our wardrobe!

Functionality is key

Generally you’ll find that the clothing options in most dads’ wardrobes are practical and functional. There’s nothing too fussy, it’s all very utilitarian and they all have a time and place to be worn. It’s a great idea to adopt this philosophy into your own closet. Consider each piece in your wardrobe a little more carefully—What is it there for? How often do you really wear it? Can you get through the day in it without having to fix yourself every few minutes? Essentially the more functional your wardrobe the easier it is to get dressed and be confident in what you’re wearing.

Have a core outfit rotation nailed

Most dads seem to have their go-to clothing rotation locked in. They have their fave pieces sorted and they tend to stick to those religiously. And you know what? It’s the kind of genius style habit that makes getting dressed so much easier. Essentially they had the capsule wardrobe thing nailed before it was ever even a thing. Why not look to your own wardrobe and start identifying the key styles and silhouettes that you know work time and time again.

Own your style

The great thing we can all steal from most dads is that they have their look and they totally own it. Whether it’s a penchant for super colourful shirts or the fact they only wear chinos and button-down shirts year round, there’s something to being supremely confident in your style that can help sidestep all manner of wardrobe dilemmas. Plus it’s the kind of nonchalant approach to fashion that just makes what you wear looking achingly cool.

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