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Beauty resolutions to make in 2022

3rd January, 2022

You may have your wardrobe sorted for 2022 but what about your beauty routine? What are the beauty resolutions to make this year? Given that it’s something that you do day in and day out, it’s worth spending a bit of time revisiting it to see what’s working and what’s not.

Now is the time to assess whether your old favourites are delivering or whether you need to find something else to cater to your current beauty needs. I know beauty can get expensive so it pays to hone it down to the essentials that will really deliver bang for their buck. Here are the key areas that I think are worth prioritising.

Do a regular beauty product detox

This is a definite non-negotiable. I know it’s difficult to part with anything in your beauty stash (particularly when it’s packaged up beautifully) but there’s a reason why cosmetics and skincare products have an expiry date. Often the efficacy of the ingredients or the quality of the product is compromised after a certain period of time. If you want to ensure it’s doing its job, it’s better to use products to death early on rather than save them and then risk it going bad.

Get a professional consultation

I always pick up some great tips and also learn new things about my skin, makeup and skincare regime every time I work with a beauty professional so I think it’s worth having a consultation just to see if your current routine is suiting your skin and beauty needs. Whether it’s a makeup consult or a skincare assessment, often there might be a new product or technique that may suit your requirements and this is a great way to find out about them.

Prioritise your skin

I’m a firm believer that all things beauty start with a great blank canvas: your skin. A great complexion ensures that your makeup has a great finish and will sit beautifully. So if you’re going to invest in anything this year, make sure it’s beauty products and treatments that will go towards the health of your skin.

Push your beauty boundaries

It’s easy to fall into a beauty rut doing the same thing day in and day out but it’s a good idea to change it up once in awhile and a brand new year is a great time to do it. Whether it’s changing your hair, wearing bolder colours or simply trying new beauty treatments, I think it’s always nice to refresh your beauty regime.

What are your beauty resolutions for the new year?

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The summer beauty products I can’t live without

27th December, 2021

Photography: Ashleigh Larden


I often change up my beauty routine according to the seasons, and summer is no different. Dealing with soaring temperatures means I have to rethink the products I use to ensure they are able to deal with humidity and super hot days. I love being out and about during summer, and spend a lot of time at the beach so I like products that have longevity and are able to withstand the warm days we have in Sydney. I also want things that are easy to use as I like to a keep my makeup repertoire to a minimum. These are the summer beauty products I can’t live without.


Bondi Sands Tanning Foam

Fake tan is a must for me throughout summer and I swear by this Bondi Sands tanning foam. I’ve used a few different brands and I keep coming back to this one as it’s easy to use (no one likes a patchy tan!) and achieves a great golden hue.




M.A.C Cosmetics Brow Set

Brows are key part of my makeup routine, particularly in summer when I opt for a more pared back approach. When I have to contend with heat and humidity, I’d rather just keep my makeup to a minimum where possible, so having polished brows is important. I’ve used this clear gel by M.A.C for years and it keeps any unruly hairs in place and is not too expensive too.



Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera

A lot of makeup artists say it’s a good idea to switch to cream based cosmetics during summer as they’re less likely to “melt”. So, I use this creamy cheek and lip colour rather than a powder blush. It achieves a subtle flush which is perfect during the warmer months. It’s also good texture to work with so I’m able to blend and build up colour easily.


Maybelline Nudes of New York 

This palette is one of my faves! It’s inexpensive and the selection of colours is perfect for achieving a smoky eye effect. I often use this palette to create a deeper, more dramatic effect when I’m going out, but there are also some shades which are great for day.


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

I’m a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s range and this bronzer is a must during summer. I use it to add some subtle colour to my cheeks or use a dusting of it on my face. It has a pore blurring effect and it leaves my skin looking like it’s been airbrushed. Winning!

What are your favourite summer beauty products?



How to do makeup that will stand up to a long beach day

11th December, 2021

Summer goes hand-in-hand with long days at the beach but it can often pose a bit of a challenge in the makeup department—how do you apply makeup in such a way that it stands up to sun, sand and swims? You could skip it altogether of course, but sometimes you may just want a little extra coverage or you may just want to go directly from your towel to drinks and you don’t want to be fussing around with having to apply a full face.

So, is it possible? Yes—if you approach application strategically. Enter makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus. Nigel has painted faces for editorials in prestige titles such as Harpers Bazaar and Elle; worked with uber models such as Coco Rocha and Erin Wasson and has directed countless fashion shows and was even a judge on Asia’s Next Top Model. In other words: he knows his way around how to do a makeup look for the beach. Read on for his tips.

What products are a must for long-lasting makeup at the beach?

“I wouldn’t promise any makeup to last at the beach, it’s probably more of a mindset of what is more manageable. We want makeup to look good as it ‘melts’ into your skin. Start with a good sunscreen, then a matte gel primer. Instead of foundation, use a concealer with less slippage. When your skin is warmed under the sun, makeup will start to move, the magic is, you want to be able to press blend your concealer by tapping it back into place.”

What are your tips to ensure makeup stands up agains heat and also the water?

“A long-wearing primer is great, as well as a fixing spray at the end of the makeup. Remember, keep it all sheer and for the love of god, skip all the harsh contouring.

If it’s water you want to fight, op for water resistant foundation, like M.A.C face and body. It’s light and water resistant.”

How do you achieve the polished look of having makeup on but without looking too done?

“Always keep it sheer. If you really need to dramatise, the only thing I would dramatise is probably a matte red lippy, but keep everything minimal.

Certain products work better at the beach than others
Can you talk me through step-by-step, what order makeup should be applied for going to the beach?

“[Apply your makeup in the following order]:

  1. Sunscreen 

2. Primer

3. Concealer / foundation or BB cream 

4. Waterproof gel liner + mascara. 

5. Powder bronzer 

6. Lip balm/ gloss

Are there any things people should avoid when wearing makeup at the beach?

Skip the metallic highlights and contouring, they only work under studio lights. With daylight, you can easily see all the tell tale signs of makeup. You don’t want that. Always aim for the sun-kissed, natural look.”


How to fake looking rested when you’ve been out all night

28th November, 2021
Photo by Anastasiia Rozumna on Unsplash

Whenever I need to look camera-ready I turn to Michael Brown. As my go-to makeup artist he’s been known to get me looking fresh and ready for an event in a flash, even if I was looking absolutely exhausted right before. He’s that good. So, given there are events aplenty right now, and Christmas parties galore, I know there are going to be those who may need to look bright eyed and bushy tailed even if they’re feeling anything but. But what’s the best way to fake eight hours sleep with what’s sitting in your makeup kit? What are the best makeup tricks to hide looking tired?

I asked Michael to talk me through the whole process—from what products to use to how to tackle problem areas such as dark circles and a dull complexion—so I could share it with you to use as your go-to guide over the next few weeks. Here are Michael’s top makeup tricks to hide looking tired—so you can fool everyone into thinking you were in bed nice and early last night. It’s our little secret…

If you’re going to try and fake looking like you’ve had eight hours sleep, what should be in your tool kit and why?

“To fake eight hours sleep, it’s all about a good hydration product for instant plump and glow; a great concealer for any redness on the skin and of course dark circles; eye drops to re-fresh tired eyes and for me it’s a great lip/blush combo, something fresh and on the brighter side to add colour and brighten your overall look.”

What’s the key to brightening up a tired, dull complexion?

“A non-sparkly highlighter, concealer and a great fresh/bright lipstick would be my first choices to brighten a tired complexion!

The highlighter (try a creamy/liquid, non-metallic version) can be used under and/or over foundation on highlight points, especially cheekbones, to capture and reflect light to give the illusion of super fresh, glow skin.

Concealer is a must, and is more for redness around the nose and then lightly applied under the eye area for an instant refresh!

Lastly, a bright, fresh lipstick, like peach, dusty rose or a brick-based pink/red can also be dabbed and applied to the cheeks and eyelids to really awaken the skin, giving colour and freshness back to a tired complexion.”

How can you effectively disguise tired eyes?

“Sometimes overcompensating and applying too much makeup around the eyes when tired is actually worse! Avoid dark and heavy, think fresh and light, while steering clear of pinky/reddish shades, as these can make the eyes look more tired.

Use eye drops to clear redness and re-fresh, concealer under the eye to brighten dark circles and then neutral tones across the eyelid and socket bone with mascara. No eyeliner will do the trick to open and define, but not overdo the area with makeup.”

How can you best cover dark circles?

“Dark circles really need two shades of concealer to really get that celebrity, red carpet style, super fresh under eye snd it works a treat!

Depending on the depth of the dark circle, apply first a peachy/yellow (orange for extreme dark circles) to the actual dark circle area and dab to blend for colour correction.

Then, over the top, use more of your skin tone shade and even slightly lighter, and this will brighten the area.

Once you colour correct the dark circle away, only then will your skin tone shade or lighter tone work over the area, otherwise it may go greyish if you don’t colour correct first.”

What are the key things to do if you want to look fresher?

“It really is also about focusing more on your skin prep!

We are so quick to slap on a bit of makeup when tired, but skin prep does all that for you…. With hydration comes glow and plump skin, it’s important to massage skincare into skin well to reduce puffiness and to look fresher.

Are there any looks to steer clear of if you are trying to look more rested than you actually are?

“For me, it is just heavy eye makeup. It can definitely make you appear more tired than you are as it’s quite heavy for the eyes —especially big lashes and thick eyeliner!”

If you’re dealing with a hangover, what’s the quickest makeup routine to do to help freshen up your look?

“As above. Eye drops, skin prep, concealer, non metallic highlighter, brighter lipstick and blush.”


Style masterclass: Party season dressing

27th November, 2021

Party season is well and truly upon us which means Christmas parties, catch-ups with friends and lots of festive gatherings. If you have plenty of parties up ahead, it can become difficult trying to figure out what to wear to each occasion, not to mention the fact it can get expensive trying to have a new outfit for every event. This is why it’s important to make your wardrobe work harder and smarter to ensure that not only do you look amazing, but that you can keep using pieces over and over again. Here are some of my key tips for successful party season dressing.

Follow the dress code

It’s only appropriate and respectful to follow a party’s dress code so ensure that whatever you decide to wear is in keeping with what the host has requested. So whether it’s cocktail, casual or wearing canary yellow from head to toe, make sure you stick to what’s required. Plus this gives you the ideal starting point for your outfit—there’s no point shopping for a party dress if you’re off to a casual BBQ.

Think beyond the dress

A great cocktail dress is always perfect for party season, however think outside the box. A jumpsuit teamed with heels and some statement accessories can look equally as glamorous as a dress. A skirt teamed with a silk cami can also be a great option.

An LBD is your fail-safe option

I’ve never ever gone wrong with a black dress for an event. It just works. If you want to avoid spending a fortune, find one really simple black dress, in a great quality fabric such as silk and use it as the foundation for a party outfit. If you want to wear the same dress to multiple occasions, keep it as simple and plain as possible to get the most mileage out of it; an embellished dress with a really unique neckline for example won’t be as versatile as a something that has cleaner lines because it’s so identifiable. Once you have the perfect LBD, mix up your accessories, add a statement heel or pop on a jacket over the top to change up the look. Buy once, wear multiple times!

Accessories are key

Every girl should have a few key accessories she can call on for slightly dressier occasions. A great statement necklace or earrings and a beautiful cocktail ring can really elevate an outfit to something more glamorous.

An LBD and great accessories are your party season best friend

Have fun with your clutch

A clutch is a must for party season. It’s always an aspect of my outfit that I like to have fun with and favour pieces that pop. Often I’ll incorporate colour or interesting shapes or fun embellishments as I find it’s a part of my outfit that I can afford to be adventurous with. If however you favour classic pieces, I also think a great black clutch (I’ve had the one above for awhile and it’s always in rotation) is always a great option to have in your wardrobe. Black is a colour that works with virtually any outfit and for any occasion and the fact that it’s a streamlined design without too much embellishment means it’s a wardrobe chameleon that can be used multiple times.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

The right pair of shoes can really make or break an outfit. I always buy a statement shoe per season that I can wear with multiple outfits, usually in a black or nude colour to really get the most wear out of it. Also be sure to break them in beforehand. There’s nothing worse than heading out for an evening and discovering that your shoes are the most painful things you’ve ever had the displeasure of walking in.

Experiment with your hair and makeup

Sometimes an outfit can be steered into party territory simply with the right hair and makeup. For something slightly more glam, amp up the intensity of your eye makeup and opt for a smoky eye or wear a bright, bold lipstick. When it comes to hair, master the art of a great at-home blow dry as this is a great failsafe option for most events. If you’re feeling adventurous there are myriad hair tutorials out there for up-dos such as a polished ponytail or a sleek bun. Natural beachy waves are also big this season, just be sure to add a bit of sea salt spray for grip and texture and always brush out any curls to avoid them looking too ‘done’.


The dos and dont’s of a great fake tan according to Elle Ferguson

4th October, 2021
Elle Effect founder, Elle Ferguson

When you create your very own cult fake tan brand then it’s safe to assume you know the key to achieving a perfectly bronzed finish. Enter Elle Effect founder Elle Ferguson, who arguably always has the best tan around. Having worked tirelessly to create a product that not only achieves a flawless finish but also smells gorgeous, I turned to Elle to share her golden rules for achieving a great faux glow.

With spring/summer upon us, it’s almost time to shed our winter layers and start embracing easy, breezy pieces and it’s time to get our fake tan on. So, before you book yourself in for an at-home tanning session, read the following first and commit them to memory. You may just achieve a tan a la Elle herself.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Before applying tan make sure to cleanse the skin (try The Wash by Elle Effect). Use an exfoliating glove combined with cleanser to remove exisiting tan and banish dead skin (be sure to pay special attention to between fingers, toes, knees and heels). “This buff and polish will ensure even application and result in a longer lasting tan. If you need to wax any areas make sure you do so 24 hours prior to applying tan.”

Start with clean skin

You want to start with a blank slate so that means your skin should be free of any moisturiser, deodorant and perfume. Also make your your skin is clean.

Apply gradually

Slow and steady is the best approach to achieve a great finish according to Elle. Be sure to use use an application mitt (try Elle Effect glove) to achieve a polished effect. “Start with a small amount of product on the mitt and always make sure you blend the product into your skin so it looks natural.”

Go sparingly on hands and feet

The hands and feet should be the last areas to apply product to. “Use the excess tan on your mitt for this and remember to blend between fingers and toes. These areas soak up the tan so don’t go overboard and you will have a bronzed, natural looking body.”

Preparation is key if you want to achieve a glow like Elle’s

Go for thin layers

Elle says you’ll achieve a more flawless finish by applying a few thin layers gradually and building to the depth you want. “Thin layers dry quickly and allow you to control your desired colour.”

Blend out

When it comes to applying to your face, Elle says to “start in the middle of your face and then blend out to your jaw line. Don’t forget to apply to your neck also.” You can reapply to your face every three days as your tan will fade naturally.

Maintenance is important for extending the life of your tan

Sleep on it

To achieve the best finish Elle suggests sleeping in your tan to give it plenty of time to develop (but it can be washed off in four hours if required). Also Elle assures that Elle Effect dries quickly which means you won’t ruin your linen. “When showering off, do not use any soap or shower gels, rinse the tan with water and pat your tan dry with a towel. Your tan will remain perfect for longer if you don’t have long hot showers or baths.”

Keep skin hydrated

Elle says moisture is key to extending the life of a great tan so be sure to moisturise with a thick cream day and night. If using Elle Effect, avoid body oils as they will remove the tan. And voila! You’re done.



The treatment that changed my skin

22nd September, 2021

Looking after my skin is high on my priority list when it comes to beauty. I think it’s so important as good skin is the foundation of everything. I like going without makeup when I can to let my skin breathe, but when I do have to wear makeup, I’ve found that when my skin is in great shape my makeup just looks better.

So when I was given the opportunity to try the skin treatment Thermage, at my fave skincare destination, The Clinic I jumped at the chance. Thermage uses radiofrequency and works below the surface to heat the deep layers of the skin to tighten and contour the complexion. It helps to restore existing collagen and produces new collagen and the result is fresher, younger looking skin. I’m 37 now and I’m noticing that my skin is less firm and fine lines are appearing so this seemed a great way to address the issue. I had heard amazing things about Thermage, and I’m always up for trying something new that is non-invasive and non-surgical (not having to deal with needles or surgery is a tick in my book) and has no down time. I was told I would be able to walk out of the clinic post-treatment and resume normal activities which is a big plus for me. Thermage also only requires a single treatment to get the full effect so I liked the fact I could get it done in one session.

On the day of the treatment I had to have temporary grid stencil applied to my face to act as a ‘map’ on my face. The nurse systematically used the Thermage device on my skin, section by section. It felt cool, then warm, then cool and ended with a vibration. We had to do that for every single grid square. I have to be honest and say it wasn’t completely painless, for me, it really hurt! Around my mouth was particularly painful but the rest of my face was a bit more bearable. That said, someone else with a different pain threshold may think differently! All in all I was there for around two hours from beginning to end.


Image: The Clinic


So what happened afterwards? I went about the rest of my day! I liked the fact that I didn’t have to do anything differently in terms of my regular routine, I could apply makeup and I didn’t have to take time off for recovery. It was recommended that I use sunscreen but I do that daily anyway so it was business as usual.

In terms of how my skin looked, at first I didn’t really notice the difference but gradually I started receiving compliments on my skin. My makeup artist Michael Brown who I work with for virtually every shoot and work event I do, commented that he could definitely feel that my skin was bouncier and fuller. It’s now a little over three months on and I’m definitely thrilled with the results and I am liking how my skin has continued to improve over time as the collagen in my skin rebuilds. While Thermage is done in a single treatment, it’s recommended to have follow ups, which I will strongly consider as I am so happy with how my skin looks.


FAQs about Thermage

The Clinic were kind enough to answer some common questions they are asked about Thermage.

  • How much does it cost? $3000
  • How often should you get it done? It’s recommended over 40s have it done two times per year under 40 once per year
  • Is it just for face? No, you can also do the body (mums love to use the treatment post-baby for loose skin)
  • When should I do it before an event? Three months before
  • How long does the treatment take? Two hours
  • Can I do it pregnant/if I’m breastfeeding? Not while pregnant, but you can do it when breastfeeding.
  • For more info visit The Clinic

This post was produced in collaboration with The Clinic


How to do a luxe facial at home according to top facialist Jocelyn Petroni

12th September, 2021
Jocelyn Petroni is one of the country’s top facialists

As one of the most sought after facialists in Australia, Jocelyn Petroni is an expert at how to achieve a beautiful, glowing complexion, particularly through a luxurious, relaxing facial. I’ve been lucky enough to experience one of her facials and all I can say is, it is heavenly and my skin looks absolutely incredible afterwards. So, what’s the key to a great DIY facial at home? Here, Jocelyn shares her expert tips.

What’s the key to a great at home facial?

Facial massage is the key component to a successful at home facial. Often we already have all the products and tools we need however the method we use them and the way in which we apply these to the skin could be improved. 

When performing an at home facial treatment each step of the facial should include a facial massage to get more out of the products you are currently using; your cleanse becomes a deep clean, your mask feeds the deepest cell layers and your moisturiser will have optimal product penetration.

Facial massage stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which can slow down with our lifestyle. As we are staying at home more and moving around less frequently, our skin becomes asphyxiated. This means less oxygen and micronutrients are fed to the skin from the inside, cellular communication and turnover slows down so our skin can become dull and lack-lustre. 

Massaging the skin increases internal lymphatic drainage to treat congestion, feeds the skin from the inside and increases desquamation of skin cell from the surface of the skin.

What are the essentials everyone should have on hand before giving themselves a facial?

The essentials are cleanser, face cloth/washer, exfoliator, mask and moisturiser.

The right mood is crucial to a great facial

What are your tips for creating the right mood?

Personal space in your bathroom is all you need to create the right mood. I personally like to give myself a facial when my baby Georgia is asleep and I know I have time to myself. My bathroom is always super clean and there is usually a candle burning so the mood is always set for my daily skin routine. I have music playing in my bathroom and my facial routine is reflected in my playlist choice- if I’m deep cleaning and extracting I’ll listen to Dua Lipa, if I’m hydrating and healing I’ll play Vivaldi.

Can you share step-by-step how readers can give themselves an at home facial?

At home facials must include the essential three

  1. A thorough cleanse. You must double cleanse—the first to remove make up, dirt and debris the second to deep clean the pores and tissue. The first cleanse can be a micellar water, oil or cream cleanser. The second cleanser needs to be more deep cleaning, so use a foam, fruit acid or deep cleansing gel.
  2. Exfoliation. To slough away surface dry dead skin cells and decongest the skin. This will clear the pathway for optimal product absorption. Exfoliate for a good 30 seconds and don’t be afraid to use firm massage movements that will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well as toning and relaxing facial muscles.
  3. Treatment masking. Can be to deep clean the skin with a clay mask, hydrate the skin with a nourishing mask, firm with a vitamin C mask or treat breakouts with a fruit acid mask. Personalise your mask by applying two masks to the skin and treating different areas with what they specifically require for example apply a clay mask to your nose to treat blackheads and a hydrating mask elsewhere to hydrate and nourish.

How much time should be set aside to complete the facial from start to finish? 

20 minutes

How often do you think we should be having facials?

At home facials can be most frequently every week, and at least once a month.

All it takes for a great at home facial is a few key products

Jocelyn’s tips on facial massage:

Schedule a facial while cleansing

The most convenient time to incorporate facial massage into your routine is whilst cleansing. This daily or twice daily cleanse can be transformed into an internal deep clean for the skin by simply following the direction of lymphatic flow. Stimulating lymphatic drainage clears congestion, treats puffiness around the eye area and improves the overall appearance of dull lacklustre skin. 

Don’t forget the eye massage!

Whilst applying eye cream take a moment to feel the ‘grooves’ under the bone that sits below the eyebrows. These acupressure points relieve stress from the area, to relax and rejuvenate the appearance of the eye area. 

Massage product into the skin before bed

If you like to wear a sleep mask to bed, massaging this product into the skin before bed will aid product penetration and enhance the benefits of the nourishing active ingredients. Be inquisitive when it comes to massaging your face and really start to feel the facial muscles and what feels good, explore firm pressure, use your palms and don’t be afraid to get into all the grooves.

A bath is a great time for a facial

I love taking a bath and this is the perfect time to apply my favourite mask and massage it into my skin, using the steam and massage movements to push the product into my skin.


How I’m caring for my skin during lockdown

6th September, 2021

My skin is probably one of my biggest beauty investments due to the nature of my work—whether I’m on hosting duties for 7Racing or in front of the camera for a brand or my blog, I’ve always prioritised my skin as it’s important for it to be in the best shape possible. Ordinarily I’d make time for a facial or other treatment every few weeks but that’s on pause at the moment because of stay at home orders in Sydney. Which means I’ve largely been left to my own beauty devices! As a result I’ve been been exploring ways to look after my skin as best as I can sans expert input. It’s also something relaxing I can do so it’s been a little treat for me to give my skin some TLC once the craziness of the day is over. My skincare routine has all of a sudden become a big highlight to the week.

I have my skincare favourites which are still in rotation but I’ve also been trying to do some at-home treatments in the interim. While it’s not quiiiiite the same as having a proper facial at the hands of a professional, I think I’m doing a good job in the meantime with what’s at my disposal (still can’t wait to go to a spa as soon as it’s possible). So, what have I been doing as far as my skin goes?

Giving my skin a break

One thing that I am doing differently is taking a break from makeup when I can (bar the odd work thing here and there). I’m finding that since my skin has had some time to go au naturale given events and other commitments are on hold, it’s been thriving.

Sticking to my usual routine

I’ve been quite religious about sticking to my normal skin routine (which I talk about here) as it’s something that was working pre-lockdown so why rock the boat? It’s a nice way to bookend the day and I’m taking the time to do everything more mindfully so I’m not rushing through it and giving products the time to their thing.

Weekly treatments

I’m making a point of exfoliating my skin weekly. I’ve been using Cosmedix’ at home mini blueberry peel to exfoliate my skin and I like the fact that it makes my skin feel really clean and fresh afterwards. I’ve also been enjoying doing face masks every week. It’s something I can do while I’m sitting down to watch a show so I appreciate the multitasking aspect of it! It’s easy to forget how nourishing a simple sheet mask can be (I’ve been trialling a few from L’Oreal and think they’re great and they’re also inexpensive) and now that it’s become a ritual I’m making them a more regular part of my skincare regimen.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

I’ve been using Bangn body moisturiser of late and really rate it. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple and I’ve always been quite religious with moisturising so I have enjoyed discovering a new product to love during all this time spent at home. Also now that we’re slowly emerging from the cocoon of winter woolies it’s time to get skin spring/summer wardrobe ready!

What are you doing to give your skin some TLC?
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My 10-minute make up look

28th August, 2021



When I want a quick makeup look but don’t have much time I always turn to this particular routine. I can do it in 10 minutes and it’s perfect for daytime as it looks done without being over the top. I’m sharing how to do it step-by-step in the video above and I promise it’s super easy to do and the results achieve a polished finish.

All the products I’ve used are below, but obviously change it up according to the colours that suit you. Love to hear your thoughts and let me know if there are any other beauty tutorials you’d like me to do!


Moisturiser: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser

Primer: Laura Mercier primer – radiance

Brushes: MAC foundation brush; MAC eyeshadow brush; MAC eye shader;

Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere (I also use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5.5 or Clarins Everlasting Fluid in vanilla


Palette: Colorscience Beauty on the Go Mineral palette 

White eye liner: Loreal Superliner Le Khol in Immaculate Snow 

Eye lash curler: MAC full lash curler 

Brow pencil: Loreal Paris Brow Artist Skinny Definer pencil in dark blonde 

Brow gel: MAC clear gel 

Mascara: Max Factor Lash Revival

Shimmer: Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes palette


Lip liner: MAC Oak lip pencil (or I also use Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pillow Talk)

Lip Gloss: Marc Jacobs 344 Skin Deep in Enamoured 


Contour palette and blush: Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Palette (for blush I also like Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera)


Setting powder: Marc Jacobs Beauty Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder

MAC powder blush brush