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Beauty resolutions to make in 2024

30th December, 2023

You may have your wardrobe sorted for 2024 but what about your beauty routine? What are the beauty resolutions to make in the new year? Given that it’s something that you do day in and day out, it’s worth spending a bit of time revisiting it to see what’s working and what’s not.

Now is the time to assess whether your old favourites are delivering or whether you need to find something else to cater to your current beauty needs. I know beauty can get expensive so it pays to hone it down to the essentials that will really deliver bang for their buck. Here are the key areas that I think are worth prioritising.

Do a regular beauty product detox

This is a definite non-negotiable. I know it’s difficult to part with anything in your beauty stash (particularly when it’s packaged up beautifully) but there’s a reason why cosmetics and skincare products have an expiry date. Often the efficacy of the ingredients or the quality of the product is compromised after a certain period of time. If you want to ensure it’s doing its job, it’s better to use products to death early on rather than save them and then risk it going bad.

Get a professional consultation

I always pick up some great tips and also learn new things about my skin, makeup and skincare regime every time I work with a beauty professional so I think it’s worth having a consultation just to see if your current routine is suiting your skin and beauty needs. Whether it’s a makeup consult or a skincare assessment, often there might be a new product or technique that may suit your requirements and this is a great way to find out about them.

Prioritise your skin

I’m a firm believer that all things beauty start with a great blank canvas: your skin. A great complexion ensures that your makeup has a great finish and will sit beautifully. So if you’re going to invest in anything this year, make sure it’s beauty products and treatments that will go towards the health of your skin.

Push your beauty boundaries

It’s easy to fall into a beauty rut doing the same thing day in and day out but it’s a good idea to change it up once in awhile and a brand new year is a great time to do it. Whether it’s changing your hair, wearing bolder colours or simply trying new beauty treatments, I think it’s always nice to refresh your beauty regime.

What are your beauty resolutions for the new year?


How to do makeup that will stand up to a long beach day

24th December, 2023

Summer goes hand-in-hand with long days at the beach but it can often pose a bit of a challenge in the makeup department—how do you apply makeup in such a way that it stands up to sun, sand and swims? You could skip it altogether of course, but sometimes you may just want a little extra coverage or you may just want to go directly from your towel to drinks and you don’t want to be fussing around with having to apply a full face.

So, is it possible? Yes—if you approach application strategically. Enter makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus. Nigel has painted faces for editorials in prestige titles such as Harpers Bazaar and Elle; worked with uber models such as Coco Rocha and Erin Wasson and has directed countless fashion shows and was even a judge on Asia’s Next Top Model. In other words: he knows his way around how to do a makeup look for the beach. Read on for his tips.

What products are a must for makeup at the beach?

“I wouldn’t promise any makeup to last at the beach, it’s probably more of a mindset of what is more manageable. We want makeup to look good as it ‘melts’ into your skin. Start with a good sunscreen, then a matte gel primer. Instead of foundation, use a concealer with less slippage. When your skin is warmed under the sun, makeup will start to move, the magic is, you want to be able to press blend your concealer by tapping it back into place.”

What are your tips to ensure makeup stands up agains heat and also the water?

“A long-wearing primer is great, as well as a fixing spray at the end of the makeup. Remember, keep it all sheer and for the love of god, skip all the harsh contouring.

If it’s water you want to fight, op for water resistant foundation, like M.A.C face and body. It’s light and water resistant.”

How do you achieve the polished look of having makeup on but without looking too done?

“Always keep it sheer. If you really need to dramatise, the only thing I would dramatise is probably a matte red lippy, but keep everything minimal.

Certain products work better at the beach than others
Can you talk me through step-by-step, what order makeup should be applied for going to the beach?

“[Apply your makeup in the following order]:

1. Sunscreen 

2. Primer

3. Concealer / foundation or BB cream 

4. Waterproof gel liner + mascara. 

5. Powder bronzer 

6. Lip balm/ gloss

Are there any things people should avoid when wearing makeup at the beach?

Skip the metallic highlights and contouring, they only work under studio lights. With daylight, you can easily see all the tell tale signs of makeup. You don’t want that. Always aim for the sun-kissed, natural look.”


How to fake looking rested when you’ve been out all night

26th November, 2023
Photo by Anastasiia Rozumna on Unsplash

Whenever I need to look camera-ready I turn to Michael Brown. As my go-to makeup artist he’s been known to get me looking fresh and ready for an event in a flash, even if I was looking absolutely exhausted right before. He’s that good. So, given there are events aplenty right now, and Christmas parties galore, I know there are going to be those who may need to look bright eyed and bushy tailed even if they’re feeling anything but. But what’s the best way to fake eight hours sleep with what’s sitting in your makeup kit? What are the best makeup tricks to hide looking tired?

I asked Michael to talk me through the whole process—from what products to use to how to tackle problem areas such as dark circles and a dull complexion—so I could share it with you to use as your go-to guide over the next few weeks. Here are Michael’s top makeup tricks to hide looking tired—so you can fool everyone into thinking you were in bed nice and early last night. It’s our little secret…

If you’re going to try and fake looking like you’ve had eight hours sleep, what should be in your tool kit and why?

“To fake eight hours sleep, it’s all about a good hydration product for instant plump and glow; a great concealer for any redness on the skin and of course dark circles; eye drops to re-fresh tired eyes and for me it’s a great lip/blush combo, something fresh and on the brighter side to add colour and brighten your overall look.”

What’s the key to brightening up a tired, dull complexion?

“A non-sparkly highlighter, concealer and a great fresh/bright lipstick would be my first choices to brighten a tired complexion!

The highlighter (try a creamy/liquid, non-metallic version) can be used under and/or over foundation on highlight points, especially cheekbones, to capture and reflect light to give the illusion of super fresh, glow skin.

Concealer is a must, and is more for redness around the nose and then lightly applied under the eye area for an instant refresh!

Lastly, a bright, fresh lipstick, like peach, dusty rose or a brick-based pink/red can also be dabbed and applied to the cheeks and eyelids to really awaken the skin, giving colour and freshness back to a tired complexion.”

How can you effectively disguise tired eyes?

“Sometimes overcompensating and applying too much makeup around the eyes when tired is actually worse! Avoid dark and heavy, think fresh and light, while steering clear of pinky/reddish shades, as these can make the eyes look more tired.

Use eye drops to clear redness and re-fresh, concealer under the eye to brighten dark circles and then neutral tones across the eyelid and socket bone with mascara. No eyeliner will do the trick to open and define, but not overdo the area with makeup.”

How can you best cover dark circles?

“Dark circles really need two shades of concealer to really get that celebrity, red carpet style, super fresh under eye snd it works a treat!

Depending on the depth of the dark circle, apply first a peachy/yellow (orange for extreme dark circles) to the actual dark circle area and dab to blend for colour correction.

Then, over the top, use more of your skin tone shade and even slightly lighter, and this will brighten the area.

Once you colour correct the dark circle away, only then will your skin tone shade or lighter tone work over the area, otherwise it may go greyish if you don’t colour correct first.”

What are the key things to do if you want to look fresher?

“It really is also about focusing more on your skin prep!

We are so quick to slap on a bit of makeup when tired, but skin prep does all that for you…. With hydration comes glow and plump skin, it’s important to massage skincare into skin well to reduce puffiness and to look fresher.

Are there any looks to steer clear of if you are trying to look more rested than you actually are?

“For me, it is just heavy eye makeup. It can definitely make you appear more tired than you are as it’s quite heavy for the eyes —especially big lashes and thick eyeliner!”

If you’re dealing with a hangover, what’s the quickest makeup routine to do to help freshen up your look?

“As above. Eye drops, skin prep, concealer, non metallic highlighter, brighter lipstick and blush.”


Style masterclass: Party season dressing

25th November, 2023

Party season is well and truly upon us which means Christmas parties, catch-ups with friends and lots of festive gatherings. If you have plenty of parties up ahead, it can become difficult trying to figure out what to wear to each occasion, not to mention the fact it can get expensive trying to have a new outfit for every event. This is why it’s important to make your wardrobe work harder and smarter to ensure that not only do you look amazing, but that you can keep using pieces over and over again. Here are some of my key tips for successful party season dressing.

Follow the dress code

It’s only appropriate and respectful to follow a party’s dress code so ensure that whatever you decide to wear is in keeping with what the host has requested. So whether it’s cocktail, casual or wearing canary yellow from head to toe, make sure you stick to what’s required. Plus this gives you the ideal starting point for your outfit—there’s no point shopping for a party dress if you’re off to a casual BBQ.

Think beyond the dress

A great cocktail dress is always perfect for party season, however think outside the box. A jumpsuit teamed with heels and some statement accessories can look equally as glamorous as a dress. A skirt teamed with a silk cami can also be a great option.

An LBD is your fail-safe option

I’ve never ever gone wrong with a black dress for an event. It just works. If you want to avoid spending a fortune, find one really simple black dress, in a great quality fabric such as silk and use it as the foundation for a party outfit. If you want to wear the same dress to multiple occasions, keep it as simple and plain as possible to get the most mileage out of it; an embellished dress with a really unique neckline for example won’t be as versatile as a something that has cleaner lines because it’s so identifiable. Once you have the perfect LBD, mix up your accessories, add a statement heel or pop on a jacket over the top to change up the look. Buy once, wear multiple times!

Accessories are key

Every girl should have a few key accessories she can call on for slightly dressier occasions. A great statement necklace or earrings and a beautiful cocktail ring can really elevate an outfit to something more glamorous.

An LBD and great accessories are your party season best friend

Have fun with your clutch

A clutch is a must for party season. It’s always an aspect of my outfit that I like to have fun with and favour pieces that pop. Often I’ll incorporate colour or interesting shapes or fun embellishments as I find it’s a part of my outfit that I can afford to be adventurous with. If however you favour classic pieces, I also think a great black clutch (I’ve had the one above for awhile and it’s always in rotation) is always a great option to have in your wardrobe. Black is a colour that works with virtually any outfit and for any occasion and the fact that it’s a streamlined design without too much embellishment means it’s a wardrobe chameleon that can be used multiple times.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

The right pair of shoes can really make or break an outfit. I always buy a statement shoe per season that I can wear with multiple outfits, usually in a black or nude colour to really get the most wear out of it. Also be sure to break them in beforehand. There’s nothing worse than heading out for an evening and discovering that your shoes are the most painful things you’ve ever had the displeasure of walking in.

Experiment with your hair and makeup

Sometimes an outfit can be steered into party territory simply with the right hair and makeup. For something slightly more glam, amp up the intensity of your eye makeup and opt for a smoky eye or wear a bright, bold lipstick. When it comes to hair, master the art of a great at-home blow dry as this is a great failsafe option for most events. If you’re feeling adventurous there are myriad hair tutorials out there for up-dos such as a polished ponytail or a sleek bun. Natural beachy waves are also big this season, just be sure to add a bit of sea salt spray for grip and texture and always brush out any curls to avoid them looking too ‘done’.


How to enjoy party season (and still get a good night’s sleep) according to Intu Wellness founders Anna Heinrich and Christie Whitehill

22nd November, 2023

(L-R) Intu Wellness founders, Anna Heinrich and Christie Whitehill

With party season in full swing, and the festive season just around the corner, I’ve been trying to do what I can to try and optimise my energy levels and still get a good night’s rest. Two women who are all about optimising sleep are Anna Heinrich and Christie Whitehill who are the founders of Intu Wellness. The wellness brand has gained quite a loyal following for its Sleep and Skin Renewal powder, with two new products joining the range, one focusing on boosting energy and skin radiance and the other to improve gut health and skin rejuvenation. So, if you’re wanting to stay energised and also well rested in the weeks to come, here are Anna and Christie’s biggest tips for surviving the silly season.

What are some things you both do to get through party season?

Christie: We are both mums these days, so while we do love to go out and socialise, we usually prefer a daytime activity so that we can be home at a reasonable hour to get a good night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than waking up to excited kids and not feeling your best.

Anna: Yes, I 100 per cent agree. However, this year it will be easier for me to behave, as I am also pregnant with my second daughter. So my party season survival this year is more about having the energy to get to the event in the first place! Having said that, the November-January period is always very busy, and we need to do all we can to make sure we sleep and feel energised to be able to be at our best for work, our families, and the functions we have committed to.

What are your tips for optimising the sleep you do get when you’re faced with a few more late nights than usual?

Christie: Almost two years ago, Anna and I had this exact conversation. My youngest, Ava, and Anna’s daughter Elle were both still at the age where they were waking up all night. We were both exhausted, not sleeping soundly in the hours we had the chance to sleep in. Our skin was looking dull, and when you look tired, I feel that you tend to feel even more tired. Anna and I discussed it, and that’s how we came up with our initial product, INTU WELLNESS Sleep & Skin Renewal. The idea was that you take the “super powder” before bed, so that the magnesium, combined with Lemon Balm and Passionflower in it, will help you sleep more soundly.

Taking a warm shower and taking some time to reduce your cortisol levels through breath work or doing something calming like a magnesium bath also helps you sleep after a late night. If you just jump straight into bed, it may take longer to wind down, which is why I like to take a few minutes to myself to de-stress.

I also try to switch from wine/champagne to something lighter early, and I make sure I stay hydrated if I am drinking alcohol. Having alcohol too close to bed always disrupts my sleep.

Toasting a more energy-filled festive season!

How do you ensure your skin still maintains its glow when there’s more eating/drinking and late nights on the cards?

Anna: Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best, especially at this time of year. Adequate hydration helps flush out toxins and replenishes moisture, leading to a plump and radiant complexion.

And no matter how late you return home, never skip your skincare routine. A gentle cleanser can remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil from your skin, allowing it to breathe and regenerate overnight.

[Ensure you] get sufficient sleep Adequate sleep is vital for skin health and overall well-being. During sleep, your body repairs and rejuvenates itself, including your skin. Lack of sleep can lead to dullness, dark circles, and an overall tired appearance.

I religiously take my supplements, as when you are burning the candle [at both ends] with outings, work, and minding the kids, you need all the help you can get. We have a couple of new products launching, which will help maintain that glow. Energy & Skin Radiance is a supplement designed to be taken in the morning. It helps to relieve symptoms of stress, supports cognitive function, energy production, and skin hydration.

We will also have Gut & Skin Rejuvenation, as there is nothing like overindulging and late nights to upset your gut microbiome. This product includes turmeric, milk thistle, ginger, molybdenum, and vitamin C. This supplement works to boost digestion, beat bloat, support liver detoxification, and give your hair and skin a healthy glow.

What are your tips for boosting energy after a big night?

Christie: I always need to get up kind of early because of the kids, so a big thing for me is getting my body moving and getting some nourishment into it.

As I recovered from a severe burnout that stopped me in my tracks a few years ago, I try not to put too much stress on my body if there is already stress there. For example, after a party, I may feel a bit inflamed, so I will opt for stretching, yoga, or a coastal walk over a HIIT workout as I don’t want to inflame my body further. I am also big on breath work and meditation for helping to destress and boost energy.

I drink lots of water, at least 2 litres, and of course, adding our Energy & Skin Radiance to your daily water bottle adds all those extra benefits to it. I will also try to eat healthy food the next day with lots of green veggies and berries for antioxidants to help my body de-stress.

Is there anything you suggest people do in the lead-up to party season to ensure their energy levels are optimised?

Christie: Prioritise sleep, have a game plan to help you get home at a reasonable hour, drink a lot of water between anything sugary or with alcohol in it to help your body realign. I also like to eat something nutritious before I go out so that I don’t overindulge on canapés. Finally, if you are lacking in energy, look into supplements or “super powders” to help you sleep and re-energise.

Any tips for keeping your skin looking great in the lead-up to party season?

Anna: My tips would be to eat a nutritious diet as much as you can. Eat even healthier meals when you are at home to counteract the parties, stay hydrated, get a good night’s sleep, facials, and face masks are brilliant too!



My current beauty obsessions

25th October, 2023

My beauty obsessions tend to change according to the season or what beauty concerns I might have at any given time. However lately there are a few things that I’ve been really loving and have been using consistently. Usually it’s for one of three reasons: it’s a time saver, it delivers results or I just like how easy it is to use. So, here’s what’s currently on high rotation or simply high at the top of my ‘loves’ list when it comes to my beauty routine.

Pico laser treatment

I tried the Pico Laser treatment for a few sun spots on my face and was really happy with results. I did this instead of IPL which I’ve had a few times before and I think it had better results. It’s not painful and it’s super quick. The downside however is that the down time is worse. The pigment was really dark for nearly a week.

Winged Cat Eye

I shared this tutorial a few weeks back and I have to say, the love affair is still going strong. I love a winged cat eye as a go-to look for an event as it’s so easy to do and it really makes a big impact. I use this brown eyeliner to create a wing effect as I find it achieves a precise finish and is foolproof to use.

Mermade Blow Dry Brush

Having used a round brush to blow dry my hair before, I didn’t realise just how much simpler life would be if I just used a 2-in-1 product. Consider me a convert because the Mermade Hair Blow Dry Brush is a mainstay in my hair routine. It’s so easy to get a silky finish and I can blow dry and style my hair in minutes. It’s also lightweight so it’s easy to manoeuvre and you don’t get that dead arm effect that you get with blow drying your hair with a brush.

O.P.I Nail Polish in Bubble Bath

Winter is all about dark, moody colours as far as my nail polish choices go but I tend to do a seasonal shift once the warmer weather arrives. I’ve started to get back into nude nails for summer and this classic shade has always been a favourite of mine (I’m wearing it above). It’s a great natural hue with a slight pink tinge to it and it works well against a fake tan. I’ll be wearing it non-stop over the coming months.

Ardell Naked Extensions

Putting on fake lashes can be a bit tricky, particularly when you’re dealing with a full set but these individual lashes by Ardell are so good. They’re easy to put on and adding just a few on the edge of the eye can make a big impact.

Bronzalicious tan

With temperatures rising, it’s spray tan time again. I love a good spray tan once the warm weather hits and I get mine done locally at a salon called Bronzalicious in Sydney’s Neutral Bay. I always get a really nice natural effect and it lasts for awhile. I do DIY too and when I do, I use St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Tan Tonic Drops for my face and the St Tropez Self Tan Express Tanning Bronzing Mousse on my body.

What are your current beauty obsessions?


My quick beauty routine to get out the door fast

14th August, 2023

Most days I have to be out the door fast so unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend on getting ready, especially on the beauty front. This is why I’ve managed to hone down my makeup routine to one that’s just a few minutes long to earn myself some precious extra time to round up the kids/gather my things for the day/have a coffee. This is a stripped back version of my regular regimen but it helps me feel pulled together and ready to tackle the day ahead.

A quick base

I always moisturise my face first before applying a 50+ sunscreen. I never skip the sunscreen as I know my skin will thank me for it in the years to come. Afterwards I always apply a foundation to even out my skin. Usually I go between Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk or Chanel Vitalumiere as they both provide a dewy skin finish.

Fill my brows

The next step is to fill my eyebrows with a brow powder from Amy Jean Eye Couture. I usually brush my brows in place first before I set it with a powder. I use a blonde colour palette when it comes to brow powder as I don’t want my brows to be too dark and I find it’s usually a bit more subtle when I use a blonde shade.

Apply my eye makeup

I’ll apply a bit of Tom Ford eyeshadow in terracotta tones in the crease of my eyes and around my lashes just to give my eyes a little lift and then put on a coat of mascara using ModelCo Fat Lash mascara as a finishing touch. And that’s it! It takes minutes but helps me feel pulled together and presentable and ready to face the day.


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What’s your quick beauty routine?

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Little known makeup tricks you might not know

12th August, 2023

Over the years I would have spent numerous hours getting glammed up for shoots, getting ready for the races and prepping for events so I’ve managed to pick up some great tips from the professionals along the way. There’s nothing quite like watching a makeup artist at work, simply because they’ve got some amazing shortcuts and tricks that are definitely worth copying and pasting into my own beauty routine. Also they have an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of cosmetics so I inevitably end up with some great recommendations for everything from the best lipstick to foundation that achieves a flawless finish. Plus all the makeup tricks they’ve shared, I’ve tested in my day-to-day routine and they 100 per cent work.

Here are a few things that have definitely changed my makeup routine…

Freeze your eyeliner

This is one of the best eyeliner secrets that I have been told! If your eyeliner is getting crumbly pop it in the freezer. After just 15 minutes the eyeliner tip becomes firm which allows you to apply the liner smoothly.

Use concealer on and around your lips

Prepping lips is super important (especially during winter). Applying concealer to your lips will create a neutral and even template for your lipstick. Apply concealer around the border of your lips to prevent your bold lipstick from bleeding.

You can use illuminator on more than just your cheekbones

A touch of illuminator on your cheekbones will give you a healthy glow and is a quick pick-me-up for tired skin. However did you know it can also double as a shimmering eyeshadow when applied to the eyes? Try it the next time you want show-stopping eyes on a night out.

Dust out towards your hairline with blush

To perk up your skin brush blush out toward your hairline and create big strokes in an upward motion by following the natural lines of your face. The colour will give your skin a healthy glow. To spread the colour evenly be sure to use a soft blush brush.

Use white eyeliner pencil as an eye shadow primer

If your eyeshadow tends to vanish prime your lids with an eyeliner pencil first. The white eyeliner will create a contour for the eye shadow to stick to which will extend the wear of your eyeshadow. The eyeliner will also give you guidance as to where the eye shadow should go.


All you need to know about winter skin

4th June, 2023

I’m all about looking after my skin. In fact, it’s probably one aspect of my beauty routine that I choose to invest in because I know starting with a healthy complexion provides the perfect base for everything.I like having the option to choose whether I want forego makeup on a particular day or simply start with a good foundation from which to build a makeup look. A key aspect of that routine is having regular treatments with facialist Jacqueline Brennan. Her eponymous Mosman-based clinic is a haven and I often go there when my skin needs some serious TLC. I can attest that Jacqueline is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to skin, so I asked her to share her tips for dealing with winter skin. Read on to find out Jacqueline’s advice for looking after your skin now that temperatures have dropped.

What changes occur to our skin during winter?

Winter is harsh and can be unforgiving. As the temperature drops so does our skin’s ability to protect itself. The low humidity is dehydrating and can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and broken capillaries. However, with a few key changes and additions to your daily routine, your skin will stay balanced and healthy.

What are the biggest concerns regarding skin during winter?


Cold, dry winter weather takes a toll on our outer skin layer. Unfortunately, the skin may not be able to naturally compensate for extreme cold, and microscopic cracks in the skin barrier may develop, which can lead to the loss of hydration and inflammation. Additionally, things we do to compensate (like long, hot showers) can exacerbate the problem by stripping the skin of the essential oils that normally maintain our healthy skin barrier.


Because of dryness, many people suffer from periods of skin redness during the winter. Because dry skin often looks more wrinkled and dull, many overcompensate by using products that contain alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids to help brighten the skin, but usually they just end up making redness and irritation worse.

Brown spots 

Brown spots that become more noticeable is another common winter skin symptom that can be both confusing and frustrating. Most people have slightly darker skin during warmer months because of increased sun exposure. Then as we move back into colder weather, this baseline colour fades, which can expose brown spots making them more obvious.

What changes do we need to make to our skincare routine during winter?

Here are my tips on how to heal dry skin in winter and keep your complexion glowing all season long.

  1. Cleanse gently
  2. Use an exfoliating toner 
  3. Keep your skin hydrated by apply hyaluronic acid twice daily 
  4. Use an oil-based moisturiser (not water-based) 
  5. Take advantage of targeted mask treatments
  6. Don’t forget your SPF every day!
Hot showers, heaters and cold air can be very drying and are all part of the cool weather during winter. What are the best ways to deal with dry skin

I always recommend my clients to treat their skin more gently in winter focusing on hydration and protecting the skin barrier.

I also recommend gentle exfoliation. The skin exfoliates itself with usage of proper products containing vitamin A. Specifically, Medik8’s Crystal Retinal. It does not create skin sensitivities as many prescription retinoids and retinols do, so it’s a very safe and super active product to work with. Applying ceramides and hyaluronic acid daily helps to protect and hydrate. 

I also recommend layering clothes at home to avoid drying central heating and lukewarm water instead of hot showers. 


Facialist Jacqueline Brennan

What should we be looking for in a moisturiser during winter?

I would always recommend using a day cream with an added SPF in winter  – don’t forget that UVA rays are around us all the time, they can penetrate clouds, glass and are emitted from computer screens.

A great deal of your skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair process takes place at night.

I am a huge fan of ceramides in a winter moisturiser and ceramides make up at least half of the lipids in the skin barrier, which is the body’s first line of defence against the elements. Not only does the skin barrier keep invaders out, but it’s also responsible for keeping moisture in. 

I also look for hyaluronic acid a well-known skincare ingredient for dry skin since it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Lastly vitamin C – this antioxidant helps protect the skin from free radical damage which is said to be worse in winter. 

What treatments should we consider having during winter?

We tend to hibernate in the winter, as opposed to the summer months where we spend more time outdoors. Therefore, winter is a great time to get treatments that might have a little longer downtime or recovery time. It’s also a great opportunity to repair the damage that is caused by the summer months and sun damage.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is used to treat redness, “sun spots” or pigmented areas of the skin as well as spider veins. This is a great treatment for winter months because staying out of the sun is crucial to the effectiveness of IPL. Sunlight can lead to darkening of the treated areas.

Anyone that visits my clinic knows I am a huge fan of LED Light Therapy and I recommend my clients to do it as often as possible, particularly if their skin is feeling dehydrated, sensitive or suffering from any skin conditions such as dermatitis in winter. I try to have light therapy 2/3 times a week!

Gentle lasers such as Laser Genesis and treatments like Ultraformer, which firm loose skin with ultrasound energy, and radio frequency micro-needling treatments are safe to do year-round. All of these procedures represent non-invasive ways to target loose, sagging skin and wrinkles on the face, neck, and body with minimal to no downtime.


The biggest makeup trends in 2023

27th February, 2023

I love playing around with different makeup styles whenever I get the opportunity so I’m always curious to know what trends are coming up, especially what we can see being huge throughout the year. Makeup inspiration is of course everywhere, from runway shows, to Instagram and TikTok, to TV shows, so it can be hard to keep track of what’s what. This is why I decided to turn to my good friend and go-to makeup artist, Michael Brown who always keeps me abreast of what’s happening in the world of makeup and beauty. When it comes to trends in 2023, it might be time to embrace the 90s and farewell to that contour brush, while it seems a minimalist foundation approach and upping the gloss factor when it comes to lips is going to be top of mind.

Skin-like Foundation

Continuing the no makeup/makeup trend, we are seeing an even bigger pushing to bare faces. Skincare-like tints are IN. Dewy, fresh, less matte full coverage skin is all the rage in 2023

This is also with the rise of skincare knowledge —good skin = less makeup!

Tip: If you have a foundation that is more matte or full coverage and don’t want to splash out on a new purchase, just add a drop of your favourite hydrating serum and mix, this will give that skin-like finish.

Shadow Winged Liner

We saw a big rise in winged liner in recent times, this is still a thing, as it really can define and elongate the eyes! But rather than sometimes struggling with a liquid liner, we are seeing more of a ‘lived in’ eyeshadow applied wing, allowing for a little less polish and more ease in application.

Tip: Use a thin-tipped brush to apply a deeper tone shadow on the top lash line and extend where a wing would go. It’s a good idea to try and do this when your eyes are open, to give a realistic take on placement as you don’t walk around with your eyes closed. Using the upward angle from your lower lash line can be a great guide into the correct placement of a winged look. Blend and smudge with ease, using a shadow.

Vinyl Lips

YAY! I personally am over the matte ‘dry lip’ look. Yes, we have come along way when it comes to matte textures, being more creamy, but unless your lips are so juicy and hydrated, a matte just looks, well matte and often very dry by the end of the day.

Big, bold, juicy, fresh and shine is your lip trend for 2023.

Tip: If you are worried about shine/gloss going everywhere or creeping into lip edge fine lines, just applying gloss or a ‘sheen’ style lipstick on the very centre part of the lip is all you need to get that vinyl look—but go bold in colour to really complete this lip effect.

Michael’s my go-to for on point makeup looks

Brow Art

Brows are kind of always on trend lists, lately for big, fluffy, gel and soap brows being a ‘thing’ but now we are seeing lots of creativity.

From bleach brows (it’s a no from me) or even just lightening them slightly with lighter brow gels than your brow colour, it’s all the rage to add some art and design to brows.

Thin brows are slightly creeping in, thanks to the 90s comeback, but for me it’s not necessarily going thinner, just a more accentuated arch.

Tip: Using a brow product – I am loving the felt-tip brow pens at the moment – accentuate and exaggerate the arch of your brow to create focus. Then, especially for deeper toned brows, try a brow gel lighter than your brows so brow hair can catch the light to give a different dimension.

Go Grunge

Yes, we are seeing it everywhere, a nod to the 90s.

Now we aren’t saying go the full Ghoul Girl trend, as seen on TikTok, but less ‘pretty’ and ‘sparkly’ makeup is a thing. We were obsessed with ‘Euphoria beauty’ last year with face embellishments and metallic eyes, which had a pretty cool girl vibe, now we are seeing a lived-in, smudged black liner, raw fresh skin vibe – think Kate Moss or Courtney Love in the 90s.

Tip: This look is fresh, but with no colour. Think a black pencil liner, smudged up into your eyelid with a brush for a lived-in smoky vibe, less blush, but still fresh beautiful skin.

Lashes On Lashes

With a big decline on false lashes and eye lash extensions (thank god), especially as a nod to the 90s comes into play, we are still seeing big, thick, almost chunky lashes, but with mascara.

That lived-in trend is also on mascara, so using a double or triple layer technique, building up big thickness, rather than the prettiness or overly styled long lashes from falsies or extensions, mascara brands are going BIG this year.

Tip: For this to really work, curl your lashes first then use a lash/brow comb to make sure you still have big, yet full, but separated lashes.

Hyper Glow Skin

So, we know that the super raw, fresh faced, tint like skin is in and we are seeing way less contour and bronzer used in makeup trends – I mean probably a good thing, as faces were starting to look muddy!

The glow factor we all love hasn’t changed, well in terms of placement – on an area you want to enhance and bring forward – it’s the textures that have changed.

Powder highlights are out, unless they are super fresh, creamy-like and no shimmer. Fresh, mirror-like, reflective but less shimmer is in to make skin look so transparent and glassy, this will give you a natural contour, now that bronzer contour is fading.

Tip: Always apply highlighter to the frontal points of the face, where light will hit naturally first… Peak of brow, cheekbones, centre of nose, cupids bow of the lip etc. But, if you are naturally a shiny/oily person, make sure you balance this glow with a touch of powder in the shiny/oily T-Zone areas.