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Chic blazers that you need in your life

2nd June, 2023

I’m a big advocate of having at least one beautiful blazer in your wardrobe. It’s the kind of thing that can work in so many different scenarios — the polished accent piece that can elevate a look, a topper to throw on over gym gear for Hailey Bieber vibes, or the ideal power piece to finish a work outfit. It’s also really comfortable and can instantly transform an ensemble. I often reach for a blazer most days of the week as it’s quick shortcut for turning in outfit into a polished ensemble. 

If you make a point of investing in a quality blazer it’s the kind of piece that you will get plenty of wear out of and will be with you for years to come. I will often gravitate towards a black blazer because it always looks ultra put together and it’s super versatile. I can’t think of anything that a black blazer doesn’t work with so it’s a worthwhile investment. That said if black is not your thing then you easily opt for navy or white or this season’s big trend, camel, which would both serve your wardrobe equally as well. If you’re feeling adventurous then a printed blazer is also a fun option that can easily dress up an outfit and give it an on trend feel. Also, the blazer silhouette this season is oversized, so skip the super tight or cropped varieties as the vibe this season is very much an effortless, relaxed energy. The only non-negotiable is that you add it to your autumn/winter shopping list.


A few of my favourite blazer moments

As I mentioned, blazers are an integral part of my wardrobe. It’s a go-to piece that often ties many of my fave looks together. Here are a few I’ve worn of late, and as you can see I’m not afraid to venture out of my black blazer comfort zone.


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How to style one blazer three different ways

10th October, 2022

If I’ve learnt anything over the years, versatile items are a must-have in your wardrobe. With a busy lifestyle, one item you shouldn’t live without is a blazer! I’ve always found it to be a workhorse in my wardrobe as it can work for myriad occasions and styled in so many different ways. The great thing is you only have to invest in one once and you have a plethora of different looks at your fingertips. One blazer can take you a long way, no matter the colour or fit. Whether you’re working our or headed to a meeting, here are three ways you can style a blazer (I’ve worked with the Camilla and Marc Wembley style), paired with my current favourite brands.


The Blazer


Wear it to work

There’s nothing quite as polished or chic as a blazer, so it’s a definite must when it comes to workwear. Wear it with a matching pant to embrace the suiting trend and switch out the top from a smart blouse to a fashion forward top to take your office look to the next level.


Dressing up activewear

Have a coffee date after Pilates? Elevate your look by popping on your blazer. This simple styling trick will enable you to get more wear from your current activewear pieces. My go-to brands when it comes to the activewear space is PE Nation, as I love the splashes of colour they incorporate into their designs. If you’re all about sporting a neutral clean look, Alo Yoga is certainly the pick.


Edgy dressing

Need an extra layer of warmth or an element of chicness? A boxier/ oversized blazer looks divine with a slip-dress. It’s a great event look, plus it’s perfect for navigating your way through transeasonal weather.


Why everyone needs a black blazer—and how to find the right one for you

19th May, 2021

If you were to read through almost every list which sums up the wardrobe staples every woman should have, I could almost guarantee that a black blazer would be on it every time. And there’s a perfectly good explanation for it: it just works. A black blazer will see you through almost every occasion from a lunch with friends, to a job interview, to a black tie dinner… the list is endless. It plays nicely with most things you’d find in a woman’s closet (or a man’s too for that matter) so you can always rely on it to come to your rescue when you’re feeling a bit unsure about what to wear. It’s the kind of thing that I could safely get behind and say that you must have one in your closet. And here’s why it’s important to know how to find a great blazer…

It’s flattering

I’d say no matter your shape, size, or height, that a black blazer would suit you. It’s the kind of magical closet staple that is universally flattering and suits pretty much everyone.

It’s versatile

As I’ve already mentioned, I think you’d be hard pressed to find an occasion in which a black blazer wouldn’t work. Pop it on over jeans and a tee and you’ve got the most classic of looks on your hands, while you could pair it with a dress for a polished after dark look. If you’re being really fashion forward, you could totally pair it with a tee and bike pants and you’d be bang on trend. See? Versatile.

It’s a style chameleon

Along with what you pair it with, the blazer can also be worn in so many different ways. Button it up, pop it on over your shoulders, wear it open… it’s so easily tailored according to the kind of vibe you’re going for with your outfit at any given time.

It’s a shortcut

Wearing a blazer with virtually anything instantly makes it look polished. So it’s a good one to have on hand if you want to dress up something with minimal effort. Wearing a tee but need to make it meeting-ready? Pop on a blazer and you’re ready for that last minute Zoom.

It has longevity

You could invest in a black blazer today and I guarantee it would still be in your closet years from now and being used. I think it’s a fashion item that’s timeless and no matter your age, you could wear one and it would still be incredibly chic.

How to find the right blazer

Once you’ve found the perfect blazer you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Finding it might be a bit of a process, but it’s worth it. And the first place to start is to pretty much try on as many as you can, from as many different brands as you can. Blazers are cut in different ways according to each label, so it’s worth scoping a few out to find the optimum fit.

Consider the kind of fit and length you want. Some might prefer a slightly more relaxed fit while others prefer a slightly more nipped in silhouette. I like to hover between the two, as I don’t want the jacket to swamp me, but I also want it roomy enough so I can layer. I also tend to go for more of a man-style length which is slightly longer as opposed to anything that’s cropped.

If you’ve found a blazer that’s almost perfect, you can always take it to a tailor to make it perfect. I’m a huge fan of altering garments to fit just right, so if you love a blazer but it’s just slightly off, you could always get it altered to fit.

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The wardrobe items I’m currently using the most

2nd October, 2019

I’m the first to admit I often play favourites when it comes to my wardrobe. There are just some pieces that are constantly on rotation for me at the moment because they just work with everything I own and are great for instantly dressing up a look. And sometimes I just get into a certain vibe when it comes to my outfits and the following pieces work beautifully with the aesthetic I’m going for. Here are the few that are currently at the top of my list…

501 Levis Skinny Jeans

I like the fact that these jeans are a little tapered but still tap into the trend for a more relaxed fit. They’re also a great wash and are able to be dressed up or down whether I’m in the mood to wear a white t-shirt or a beautiful blazer.

Chanel Gabrielle Backpack

I can’t really go past a beautiful Chanel bag and whilst I’m a big fan of their classic 2.55 style, this backpack is also right up there for me. Not only does it look elegant but it’s also utilitarian and can hold all my essentials and still leave me hands free — perfect for travelling or when I’ve got a busy day of running errands.

CC Logo Pink Suede Sneaker

I pretty much live in sneakers so I’m so in love with this pair for the fun pink shade and the on trend shape. Plus who can resist a comfy shoe that also ticks all the style boxes! This is one investment piece that I’m definitely maximising the cost per wear on.

Sparrows Weave The Round Wicker and Leather Top Handle Bag

Beautiful wicker bags are a go-to accessory this season and I do love the shape of this bag for its simplicity and relaxed elegance. I’ve loved being able to wear it on holiday with casual summer dresses and with more dressy ensembles. A versatile piece that I know I’ll be using non-stop this summer.

Giuseppe Zanotti Farrah Heels

I’ve been wearing these shoes to events and with work ensembles of late because it’s such an easy, wearable style that goes with virtually everything. Whilst it’s a great black heel, I love the crystal detail which elevates it and gives it a striking detail that sets it apart.

Aquazzura Deneuve 105 Bow-Embellished Suede Pumps

I often refresh my shoe wardrobe with a new black pump every season and this pair by Aquazzura has been such a great buy. I’ve worn it with jeans to dresses and suits so it’s a definite style chameleon. A heel that definitely ticks all the boxes.

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My three can’t-live-without items

15th November, 2018

One of the questions I’m often asked is what items in my wardrobe I can’t live without. There are definitely plenty of pieces that form the foundations of a lot of my looks but if I were to really narrow it down there are three MVPs in my closet that I know I definitely would struggle without. They’re easily the most versatile pieces I own and I can work them back with virtually everything that I wear.

The thing with can-live-without items is that they’re not the most extravagant or up-to-the-minute designer items, they’re the pieces that work the hardest. They’re the pieces I reach for when I’m in autopilot mode because I know they’re guaranteed to work. It’s often critical to identify these pieces because it helps you drill down into your style and really know what forms most of your looks and as such what you should be investing your hard earned fashion dollars on.

So here are the three things I couldn’t get dressed without (and I bet they’re also already in your closet)…

A pair of great jeans

Denim is such an integral part of my wardrobe and I’m in it most days of the week. This is why for me, a pair of blue jeans in a flattering cut, cropped at just the right length is something that I’d struggle without. I can dress them up or down according to what I pair them with and these days, jeans are welcome almost everywhere so I definitely get value for money from a pair.

 A white tee

The humble white tee is a staple of most of my outfits. I use a t-shirt as a layering piece such as under a slip dress or pair it with a statement skirt or a pair of shorts in summer. And what’s great about it is that it’s also an inexpensive item that I could find a million and one uses for. I have a few white t-shirts in my wardrobe and they’re constantly on high rotation.

A black blazer

I can pair a simple black blazer with almost everything I own which makes it a piece that I couldn’t possibly do without. The good thing about a blazer is that it can act as the focal point of a look or be a support piece to pair with another statement element of an outfit making it supremely versatile. I can wear it to pretty much all occasions and it’s guaranteed to make whatever I’m wearing look chic.

What items in your wardrobe can you not live without?

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The winter staple your wardrobe needs

20th April, 2016

As we move into the cooler autumn weather and into winter you’ll soon find that the blazer will be an all important style staple to get you through the next few months. A great black blazer is a constant in my wardrobe and easily pulls together a look. Plus the hue is versatile and timeless so it’s easy to get plenty of wear out of it and also have it for seasons to come.

A great relaxed fit blazer like the one above by Chloe is the ideal cut to take you from work to the weekend. Team it with a structured bag a la the Givenchy Antigona and statement accessories like the above Karen Walker sunglasses and you’ve got yourself an eternally chic look. A single breasted jacket is always a safe bet, however if you’re after something slightly different try a double breasted option or look for interesting finishing touches such as gold buttons or a flared sleeve.

There are so many great blazers out this season. If you’re looking for an investment piece my favourite designer picks are the “Phoenix” by Bec & Bridge , this one by Rag and Bone, the “Boss Lady” by Bec & Bridge, plus this one by Dion Lee and this double breasted option                   by Camilla and Marc

If you’re after a more budget conscious buy there are plenty of great options out there. The first and second looks are from Lavish Alice on ASOS and The Iconic also has another great look for $89.95!