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Activewear that you’ll want to wear even when you’re not exercising

12th June, 2020

One of the best things that I did during iso was to get out of the house everyday to go for a run, or if the weather wasn’t great I’d do a Zoom fitness class. Exercising was one of the things that helped keep me sane being at home all the time, and I’m continuing to do it now. Without a doubt, one of the things that can sometimes help me get up and get moving is great activewear.

Exercise gear has come a long way from what it was and they’re now fashion pieces in themselves. Which is a plus as I’m able to go from running to grabbing a coffee and doing the school run if I need to, all without missing a beat. In fact, the range of fitness staples around right now is so good I’ve often taken to wearing them while working from home too.

I’m always a fan of a matching activewear set with a crop worn with leggings or bike shorts, as it’s an easy no-brainer look. Simply pair and away you go. And now with cooler temperatures, a warm jacket or jumper is a must and there are some great pieces around that can really elevate your look.

Ready to get moving? Shop my edit of fitness gear below.

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What’s getting me through the week

8th May, 2020

It’s all about getting back to basics right now and as a result it’s the simplest things that are bringing a little brightness into my days. I’ve been embracing cooking, spending time with my family and also ensuring I’m incorporating some exercise during the day which has made another week of being in iso just that little bit better.

My slow cooker

I know I might be late to the party on this but I recently got a slow cooker and it has been amazing! I got one by Russell Hobbs and it has been such a great addition to the kitchen. It’s made getting a yummy dinner on the table easier and quicker in amongst home schooling and running my business, as I can quickly pop something on in the morning and by the evening it’s ready to go.

Australian Women’s Weekly slow cooker recipe book

To accompany my new favourite appliance I had to enlist the help of this great cook book. It features so many great recipes and so far I have tried making Mexican pulled pork, Hungarian goulash, Thai chicken curry and my husband’s favourite – American ribs. Can’t praise this book highly enough as cooking at home for almost every meal has meant needing to have plenty of dinner inspiration at the ready and this doesn’t disappoint. 

The Last Dance

This docuseries featuring Michael Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls is consistently topping Netflix’s list of most watched shows so we decided to check it out and it has quickly become a fave in our house. I was a huge fan of MJ as a little girl in the 90s as my brother used to watch all the Chicago Bulls games when we were kids and it has been great to relive all those moments and check back with some of the iconic players of the era.

Horse riding with my girls

Even during isolation we have been luckily enough to be able to ride and exercise our ponies. It’s so amazing to get out in the fresh air and be with these incredible animals. It’s one of the things I absolutely love doing with my girls, and it’s nice to see that they’ve also developed a love of horses.

Exercising during the week

Every weekday morning I try and get out of the house by myself for a run and some exercise. My husband and I tag team—he goes first and then, when he comes back to be with the kids, I head out. It’s only for about 40 minutes but it’s a great way to start the day. I also mix it up with Fit For Dreams Zoom classes, especially when it’s raining. 


At home fitness tips from my trainer

1st April, 2020

I’ve always tried to stay active in whatever way I can and recently I’ve been doing group fitness training with David McIlwaine of Fit4Dreams and Mum Squad. Now that that option is on pause for awhile I’ve been trying to figure out effective ways that I can still work out from home, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard. Recently I asked David to share his tips for keeping exercise a part of my daily routine, and here’s what he said.

Why is it important to keep on top of your fitness regimen during this time?

“Training is a great way to feel like you have done something for yourself. 

With so much happening from day to day and conditions changing at every turn it can be really stressful. It’s easy to feel like things are out of your control and that can take a toll. 

Once you have done a good workout though, you have done something positive for yourself. Nothing can take that away from you and it gives you strength to take things in your stride knowing you have done what you can to stay #fit2fight.”

If you’re stuck indoors, with limited or no equipment at all, what are some of the best workout moves you can do?

“When you’re stuck indoors with limited or no equipment at all, it’s hard to beat the classics.

Exercises like push-ups, lunges, squats, the plank and sit-ups are great. 

On top of that, you can use a chair to work on the backs of your arms with tricep dips or stand on cushions or close your eyes to introduce a balance challenge to your squats or lunges. 

If you’re starting out, you might like to begin doing push-ups on your knees and then build up to doing them on your toes.

As you get stronger you can prop your feet up on a cushion to lift them up as you take on the push-up position and make it hard to balance as you lower your chest to the floor. This really really encourages you to engage your core as you do your push-ups.” 

What are your suggestions for a workout routine that can be done outdoors if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard to work out in?

“If you’ve got a backyard you can designate a workout zone on either side.

Then you can run between them.

So you might start with 24 push-ups on one side of the lawn, run to the other side and back and then do 20.

You repeat that going down by 4 push-ups at a time ie 24,20,16,12, 8 & 4.

That means you’ll be running across the yard 6 times. You can use that as your exercise system and just change the exercises or the repetitions and if you want to make it harder you can mix it up a little. 

Try running up and back across the yard to double the distance.”

What if people want to up the intensity?

“Lie down and get up again on the turn around and see how much harder the exercises are when you get to them. 

Remember when you add the extra run, you just do your exercise on one side and the lie down and get up on the other.  

Once you finish that you call it your first round and take a minutes rest.

Then you can do it with the plank with say a 24 sec hold then 20, 16, 12, 8 & 4 second hold to finish. Running across the yard and back in between each.

If you’re looking for an even higher level challenge when you finish your plank you can jump two feet at a time across the lawn instead of running. This will really get your heart racing.

You can also try lunging across the yard, do 24 squat jumps when you get to the end and then run across the yard and back, ready to lunge across the yard again and do a set of 20 squat jumps. You keep doing that and reduce your squat jumps by 4 at a time. 

As you get fitter, you start reducing the set of exercise by 2 at a time or even double the number for each set.. 

Then to finish off the workout you can sprint across the yard and back twice and then add in different stomach exercises while you’re still puffing from your run. 

Just sprint across the yard twice and get straight down and do:

You could also try this workout or this one for other alternatives.”

How can people adapt their workouts so they can still get a good workout at home?

“You might just concentrate on doing more or lifting heavier weight when there is lots to gain in doing every exercise properly and to the best of your ability. So much improvement will come from being able to concentrate on the details of your exercise because it’s easier to focus on that when you are on your own at home.”

What are your suggestions for ways people can keep moving right now?

“Some easy simple suggestions keep moving during the current coronavirus restrictions are: 

  • walking
  • walking on the soft sand at the beach
  • going for a ride
  • running
  • running on the soft sand at the beach.
  • doing some stair repeats or 
  • finding a nice steep hill to run up.

Fit4Dreams is still doing personal training sessions at this time but also they have just launched group sessions online. If you’d like more information or to sign up you can email David at [email protected] or give him a call on 0414 138 778.


New beauty essentials for your gym bag

30th January, 2020

Sweating it out at the gym does wonders for our health and fitness but the flipside of smashing it out during a workout is that you inevitably end up in a less than ideal beauty state at the end of it. Contending with sweaty hair or makeup running down your face is less than ideal if you’ve got to head back to work or have event afterwards so here are some new beauty goodies worth adding to your gym bag kit.

Wander Beauty Extra Mileage Hair Refresher

You’re definitely going to need some assistance in the hair department after a workout and anything that helps refresh your locks is a must. A quick spritz of this (or other dry shampoo) will help you get your sweaty mane looking presentable again.

Agent Nateur Deodorant Stick

Of course a great deodorant is a non-negotiable in any gym bag. This one however, not only looks totally chic, it also contains no nasty chemicals and is scented with honey, lavender and eucalyptus.

Iles Formula Hair Turban

If you’re going to wash your hair at the gym then a quality hair turban like this will come in handy. Made from an extra soft microfibre, it quickly absorbs moisture while also helping to reduce static and breakage. It’s also perfect for keeping your hair off your face when you need to reapply your makeup.

Missoni Towel Set

When you’re trying to get yourself ready for the outside world again, a chic towel set will make it all the more luxe.

Clinique Fit Workout 24-hour mascara

The last thing you want during a workout is for all your mascara to be running down your face. This is where this little gem comes in handy. It’s sweat and humidity resistant and is designed for wearing while exercising so you won’t have to contend with any panda eyes the next time you train.

The Nue Co. Magnesium Ease Spray

Magnesium is commonly used by athletes to combat aching muscles and this spray will do just that. Spritz it on post-workout to help relieve any aches and pains.

Invisi Bobble Hair Ring

One of the annoying things about having to tie your hair up during a gym session is that you inevitably end up with a little kink in your hair from tying it up. If you want to sidestep this, this hair bobble will pull your hair back without leaving a telltale mark.

Yunni Beauty Flash Bath No-Rinse Body Cleanser

Don’t have time to spend ages in the shower after exercising? This almost too good to be true cleanser is the answer. It lifts that post-workout sweaty/dirty residue off your skin without the need for water. Perfect for when you need to get back to your desk but can’t bear the idea of not having showered.

Clinique Fit Workout+Face Hydrating Spray

Throwing yourself into a workout means you’ll likely end up a red, sweaty and hot afterwards. The answer? Spray this on to instantly feel refreshed and hydrated.


3 ways I stay healthy as a busy mum

19th January, 2019


Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to me. I think if you’re eating well and staying active you’ll generally have much more energy to get you through a very busy day. However  juggling being a mum along with work and any other commitments means – and I’m sure a lot of women will agree with me – that I don’t always have as much time to focus on my health regime. I know some days are definitely better than others, but ultimately I’ll always try and approach each day with a healthy mindset. Here’s a peek at what I try and do each day.

I go for long walks…

Before I became a mum, I used to run a lot, go to the gym twice a week and do Pilates twice a week. I was really, really into it. However being a busy mum I’ve had to get creative with how I stay active as it’s not always easy finding the time to head to the gym or go to a class. I’m always running around after Sophia and Grace whether it’s at home, in the park or at the beach so that’s my cardio! I also do a lot of walking with the girls. Every morning we’ll do a pram walk and sometimes we’ll go in the afternoon as well. They love going for long walks so it’s a win-win for all of us.

I keep my meals simple…

I eat out a lot for work so when I’m at home I try and keep things as basic as possible. Typically we’ll have something like chicken and salad or steak and vegies. I also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables throughout the day and drink loads of water. I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen but still want to eat well so I will always try and find the quickest and easiest way to whip up a healthy meal.

I love juices…

I think freshly squeezed juices are great, especially when I’m on the go. They’re quick… and they’re portable! I always try and incorporate some vegies into my juices so I can squeeze in an extra dose of vegetables each day. When I’m running around I always get an orange, carrot and ginger juice. If I’m pressed for time, a juice is an easy and healthy option for me.

Tell me – what are some things you like to do to stay healthy?


Beauty, Lifestyle

The rituals I use to stay healthy

12th July, 2018

I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who are in the same boat—juggling work, family, and friends can become a neverending spiral of busyness. From school drop-offs to meetings and trying to get my inbox clear (one day I’ll get to Inbox Zero!) it doesn’t stop. I’ve realised along the way that if I just keep going without looking after myself no one benefits. My energy levels drop and I can become rundown and end up not functioning at my best and this affects both my family and career. This is why I’ve tried to incorporate some little rituals into my week to ensure that I give myself the best chance to stay fit and healthy. Whether it’s five minutes to have a cup of tea or a daily run, I know everyone has their own little ways of nourishing themselves. Here are mine…

Go for a daily walk and coffee run

It’s become a daily event for the kids and I to take a leisurely stroll down to my local cafe to grab a coffee. It’s a nice way for the three of us to start the day and it’s especially nice during summer as we can enjoy the sunshine. I’m able to get my daily caffeine hit and find it’s a great way to ease ourselves into what’s sure to be a busy day.

Go to bed early

I used to go to bed quite late but that all changed when I became a mum. My girls are early risers so I’ve got into the habit of heading to bed between 9.30-10.30 every day. By sticking to this religiously I’ve found I’m able to get enough sleep and have enough energy to deal with a full day constantly being on the go with Sophia and Grace.

Incorporate exercise into my week

I’ve recently joined a local mum club that trains at the beach near my house and have found it to make such a difference to my overall health and state of mind. I do it twice a week, and I’ve found that being able to do a workout helps boost my energy levels and gives me the stamina to get through my hectic schedule. We do lots of circuit training so it’s definitely helped my fitness.

Try and incorporate ‘me time’ into my routine

It’s hard not to get caught up in the craziness of work and family life but I’ve tried to make a point of taking a little time out for myself every so often. Even if it’s just an hour or so to do something on my own. I’ve found it works wonders for my mental health and wellbeing. I’m also lucky in that a lot of the time my work commitments and ‘me time’ intersect. If I’m going to a few racing events for example, getting my nails done and my hair tended to is all part of the process, so I can combine the two and enjoy a little break.

What are some of your favourite health rituals?

Date with Kate

Date with Kate: Lorna Jane Clarkson

29th October, 2017

Catching up with Lorna Jane Clarkson at China Diner in Sydney’s Double Bay

As the woman behind one of Australia’s biggest activewear brands it seems only fitting that Lorna Jane Clarkson’s love affair with fitness apparel first began when she was an aerobics instructor in the 80s. Unable to find fashionable clothes to wear to her classes she decided to design and create her own and found herself inundated with orders for her designs from other women in the gym. The rest, as they say, is history. Today she is a fashion designer, entrepreneur and author and there are now more than 200 Lorna Jane stores across Australia and the United States, as well as stockists in Europe, the UK, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Lorna’s first cookbook, NOURISH – The Fit Woman’s Cookbook was released in 2014 and Lorna’s first ever coffee table book INSPIRED was released in 2015. The fifty-two-year-old businesswoman spoke to me about the inspiration behind her brand, who she looks up to and the most difficult part of being in the public eye.

What is a day in the life of you? 

I wake up around 5am, squeeze in a workout, have breakfast, catch up on my international emails from overnight and then head into the office by eight. No two days in the office are ever the same (which I love) and on any given day I could be writing, designing, on a campaign shoot or in marketing, strategy or creative meetings. I always try and leave by six and go for a walk with my husband and our dog Roger to catch up on each other’s day before dinner. I love to finish the day with some yoga or meditation, then I go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again!

What does healthy and fit mean to you? 

Being healthy is essentially taking care of yourself so that you can think, feel and be at your best every day. Our health is the one thing we can ALL invest in, and I honestly believe it’s the ultimate investment you will ever make. Without your health, you have nothing, which is why I’m so passionate about empowering women to embrace my Active Living Philosophy and daily practice of Move Nourish Believe – for the simple reason that it makes being fit and healthy really easy.

What is your favourite piece in the current collection? 

At the moment I’m obsessed with The Gothic Rose bra and tights!

What do you think was the key to being able to successfully expand your empire? 

Authenticity. Since day one, I’ve always done things my own way and I’ve never tried to emulate anything another brand is doing. I think our authenticity is why we have such an incredible and loyal customer base, which is what has allowed us to be able to expand internationally.

How did you get into the health and fitness space? 

My mother has always been a great role model for health, so it’s been important to me for as long as I can remember. I got really into the aerobics craze when it launched in the 80s and ended up doing my instructor training and teaching aerobics classes after work. At that time I couldn’t find any gym clothes that inspired me to want to workout—so I started making my own. When I started wearing them to the gym, the women in my classes really loved them, so I started taking orders and before I knew it I was completely swamped (and my lounge room was an absolute mess). I found a real niche and loved what I was doing, so I decided to quit my day job and start designing activewear full-time. And I can honestly say it was the scariest but absolutely BEST decision I’ve ever made!

What were the biggest challenges you faced when you started the company? 

The very first one was getting people to believe in my vision, that comes down to self belief as well. I think you need to need to come from a very powerful place with your vision because for me to say that I want active wear that inspires women and changes the way they think about their workouts, people are thinking “yeah yeah”. I could see women wearing their activewear beyond their workouts and people thought I was crazy to open a store that just sells womens activewear. But a lot of hard work and I proved them wrong!

What are you most passionate about? 

Inspiring women to live their lives at 100 per cent.

Who do you look up to? 

I admire so many people for so many different reasons. I admire strong women like Oprah, Michelle Obama and Diane von Furstenberg. My mum for being such an inspiring role model for me when I was growing up. And of course my husband Bill for being such a visionary and fearless leader!

What is the most rewarding part of having such a successful brand?

Hand over heart, the most rewarding part of my job is when our customers tell me how Lorna Jane has helped them overcome an obstacle in their life. Our ‘Inspo Tanks’ have become a big part of our brand DNA and I’m humbled every time a customer tells me wearing one has helped them push through an obstacle in their life. I’ve heard stories from fitness instructors wearing them to help motivate their members in class right through to women wearing them whilst fighting for their lives in hospital. Hearing stories like those are the reason I do what I do and it makes the more challenging and stressful times so worth it.

Did you have any struggles and setbacks in creating the Lorna Jane brand? 

Of course! I can’t even count the number of times—but it’s all part of the journey and to be completely honest I wouldn’t change a thing, because it’s the setbacks and obstacle that teach you lessons, make you stronger and help you to appreciate what you already have so much more.

What is the most challenging aspect of being in the public eye? 

When people are quick to make a judgment or assumption about you based on something they’ve read or heard.

What motivates you on a day-to-day basis? 

My customers, my team and my amazing family.

How important is it for you to be a role model and embody the Active Living Philosophy and daily practice of Move Nourish Believe?

The reason I put my name on the door 28 years ago, was to make sure that I stayed 100 per cent authentic to who I was as a person. Lorna Jane the brand really is just an extension of Lorna Jane the person and Active Living is my personal philosophy that’s achieved through the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe—plus it’s the very thing I credit for getting me to where I am today.

What is your favourite meal? 

Breakfast! Hands down!

Who do you turn to for support? 

My husband Bill. While he’s the CEO of Lorna Jane, he’s first and foremost my husband and I know I can turn to him for anything.

Your husband Bill also works actively in the business. Is it hard to switch off as a couple? 

We always make sure we schedule some quality family time together every day, even if it’s just a 20-minute walk together before we have dinner so we can really connect as husband and wife. I think when you run a business it can be so easy to get carried away and think “I’ll just send one more email” or “I’ll talk to him about it when I get home”, so actively scheduling ‘no more business’ time is the way we switch off.

Why do you think the activewear industry has seen such growth over the past few years? 

Two things—I think that people are finally starting to realise the importance of good health and that wearing activewear is so much more comfortable and conducive with how we live our lives today. Activewear has become an important part of the modern woman’s wardrobe and I think more and more brands have realised this in the last few years, which is why the activewear industry has absolutely boomed.

Where do you see the Lorna Jane brand in five years? 


Do you get to relax? 

Of course. There’s no way you can be in business for 28 years and stay at the top of your game if you don’t take the time to rest and relax.

What do you do in your downtime? 

We love to go to the beach and Byron Bay is a popular spot for us to escape for the weekend. But I also make sure I schedule a little bit of down time every day, even if it’s just half an hour of yoga or reading before I go to bed.


WE WENT TO China Diner, Double Bay

WE ATE Pork & scallop san choi bao with green bean and almonds; “Asian Slaw” of shredded cabbage, snow pea, carrot and coriander with plum and yuzu dressing; Crab spring rolls with plum sauce; Massaman curry of wagyu beef shin and roasted peanut

WE DRANK Lemongrass and Coconut Sour

Date with Kate, Lifestyle

Date with Kate: Tim Robards

19th February, 2017

Tim Robards and I at Sticky Fingers Cafe in Surry Hills

Tim Robards rose to fame as the Bachelor in the first season of The Bachelor Australia in 2013. Recently the chiropractor and fitness trainer has been on magazine covers in Australia and the US. Robards, 34, tells me about the key to getting fit, his advice to the next Bachelor, and when he thinks he will pop the question to his girlfriend, Anna Heinrich.


Tim showing off his fit physique. Photo: @mrtimrobards

Did you always want to be a sports chiropractor?

Yes, I was always interested in the sports side of things … I like helping people be the best that they can be … Instead of just treating people’s pain, I actually want to just make people function better … A lot of people usually come in with a problem or something in their life they’re not happy with, so you’ve go, “Right, what’s the cause? Let’s address the cause.”

Were you a sporty kid at school?

I was always pretty academic – I was into maths and did physics and all that, the sciencey sort of stuff, the nerdy stuff … I was kind of small, so I started hitting the gym in year 7, when I was 13. I was training every day, growing some size and strength. Most kids at that age, none of them had gone to a gym, so when I went to play footy I was actually pretty good because I just had that strength and, I guess, the determination and discipline.

Tell me about The Robards Method.

It took about nine months to get the app where we wanted to get it, but it is pretty unique in that it uses the minimal amount of equipment to get the maximum amount of result … I wanted something to get more people outside – something that gets fresh air, a good place to de-stress. We incorporated the use of Olympic rings … There is a level for everyone.

How has The Bachelor changed your life?

That experience has proven one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Every day I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and it makes you grow as a person … It was great to have an audience … and people that love following your story.

Did you actually think you would meet the love of your life when you first went into the show?

I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think so … I said to them, “If this is just a show about drama and you just want some guy on, I don’t want to be part of it.”

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich. Photo: @mrtimrobards

What would be your advice to someone going into the show?

I think if you’re going in as the Bachelor or Bachelorette, you’ve got to be really, really clear on what you want. If you really want another relationship, it’s going to show, but if you’re just getting there to get a boost of your profile, it comes through. The camera doesn’t lie.

So the big question is: is there is a proposal on the horizon?

I think the key to us being successful in our relationship is keeping it real, and that is also part of what I would suggest to someone: even though you’re on a show, don’t get swept up on a TV show, like in a fairyland … We haven’t rushed things because obviously everyone wants to see that, they either want to see the relationship continues and flourish or fail. So I want to do things when I’m ready.

Do you ever feel the pressure to pop the question?

No, I wouldn’t want to do it because I feel the pressure. I would do it when I feel just completely excited and ready and everything kind of falls into place. At the moment, we’ve got a wedding every second weekend. So when do you get time around other people’s weddings? We’ve got to wait till the wedding season cools down, so that it can be kind of special. Otherwise, literally, the next day you have to go and be celebrating someone else’s wedding that day.

What’s the funniest headline you’ve ever read about you guys?

Definitely there has been a couple about a baby surprise! And once there was a photograph of me leaving work with my lunch box and they are like, “Yeah, it’s official, Tim and Anna have broken up and he’s moving out”.

What’s your number one fitness tip?

Just start with a simple little habit change; it’s all about habits. So if you can just start with changing one thing in your diet and just add one little bit of exercise – maybe a walk, and maybe once a week but then soon it will probably turn into twice a week or three times a week and then turn into a jog. So, I think, set your goals, but start with small steps.

What do you indulge on?

Probably Jude’s food [Jude is Anna’s mother] … Usually once a week or once a fortnight [we] have a three-course meal, some big sugary desert, and I just go like, “All right, I’ve been pretty good during the week” and I just let loose.

What’s an ideal weekend for you?

I love little adventures, I love to get out of Sydney or at least to new parts of Sydney sometimes. So we might pack up to mum and dad’s up in Newcastle; to Toronto, which is always nice; or just heading up towards Palm Beach. Sometimes it is nice if we’ve got something in Sydney … go to Kings Cross, go to boxing class together, go back, go to the beach on a quiet little spot.

Tim on to cover of Men’s Health. Photo: @mrtimrobards


Congratulations on your US Men’s Health covers. How did that come about?

Basically now I’ve had three covers in Australia, two of them got picked up by the US last year … So right now, I think I’ve got like 30 covers or something around the world.

What about your partnership with ALDI?

It’s kind of in line with my values – fitness should be accessible to everyone … and that is where these guys help make fitness apparel to make it accessible to as many people as possible … So I am working with them for at least a year.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would probably like to see to kids on the way, I would like to have a family – obviously with Anna. From a work point of view, [with] the Robards Method, I’d love to build that community and make that international community and sort of keep influencing and changing people’s ideas on health and healthcare.


We went to Sticky Fingers Kitchen & Bar, Surry Hills

We ate Scrambled Eggs; Avo Toast with goat cheese, pistachio nuts and citrus truffle honey on sourdough

We drank Green tea; Flat white and Freshly squeezed juices

Tim wears The Academy brand shirt, Venroy shorts.

Photography  Ben Rushton

Date with Kate, Fashion

Date with Kate: Jodhi Meares

18th December, 2016

Fashion designer Jodhi Meares has just launched the first stand-alone store for her successful activewear brand, THE UPSIDE, in Mosman. Her designs are stocked around the world and have been spotted on fashion and sports icons including Kelly Slater, Kim Kardashian and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Meares, 45, chatted to me about developing an activewear empire, finding love with her 29-year-old husband, Nicholas Tsindos, and her secret to being a better wife.

Tell me a day in the life of you? 

Gosh, it changes so much. I’m still travelling a lot, I don’t have like a really regular day … [THE UPSIDE] needs a huge amount of attention as it’s still a young company … I read a lot of philosophy and I find that that’s inspiring, for my work. …We really look at THE UPSIDE [as] the Heroine and now we’ve launched men’s, he is the Hero. So, we look at so many aspects of the brand and we talk about it, politically, what she or he stands for, what they might be reading at the moment, what films they’re watching.

What has been the biggest milestone for THE UPSIDE?


I think, days like today when you see it on somebody. To me that’s where I get the most joy, watching it come to life and see somebody enjoying wearing it and playing with the kids on the beach in it.
Why did you decide on Mosman for your first bricks-and-mortar store?


I like to shop on streets, so we were just looking for really good areas that we could do good retail. Mosman was on our list and this shop came up and it was perfect … I’m excited and I know the area because I went to school over here and we think it’s right on point for the brand.


As a designer, where do you get your inspiration?


I look at so many things … When I started developing the [Jocks & Nerds] collection, I was in Paris and we were looking at some of the ghettos of Paris and watching kids play basketball … it’s good to look at things from the street level.


What made you first launch THE UPSIDE?


The evolution really was, I’ve sold Tigerlily [Meares’ bikini brand, sold to Billabong in 2007], I’ve taken some time out, I’m spending a huge amount of time in New York and this phenomenon happens … For me, it started with that one Lululemon Black Legging and it’s what I was wearing at the time and then I was kind of looking for other things because it became such an important part of my wardrobe and just seeing it on the street, it was so there … It just felt so obvious, the gap in the space, that it was like, “You just have to do this. This is such an obvious need” and then, the timing was really perfect.


With so many activewear brands, how do you set yours apart?                                     


We try to stay very true to the philosophies of the brand. I mean there is so much scope in this area: we’re going to launch new categories, which I can’t give away, I wish I could, but because it opened this huge spot, it’s really a lifestyle business.


What did you learn from your experience with your label, Tigerlily?


I’m much more involved in the business now. I think I was very nervous of that with Tigerlily because I had no experience in it … I understand what we need to do, but with Tigerlily I was very nervous and I don’t think that’s a good place to be in business … I had to learn the hard way a lot of times with Tigerlily, [I] really made some big mistakes.


Did you always plan to go into fashion and have your own company?


I did. Tigerlily was an absolute dream. I didn’t know that I would have any success in it … but I am absolutely a bikini nerd, it was my first love … I had an education in that business anyway, I knew pretty much every surf retailer in the country and that’s where Tigerlily started.


If you hadn’t gone down that path, what would you have done?


I don’t know … I probably would have been a yoga teacher I think … I still might be one day!


Congratulations on your marriage to [photographer] Nicholas Tsindos.


Thank you, yes. It was very unexpected, but very wonderful.


What drew you to him?


He has got so many wonderful qualities, but he is incredibly kind and for me kindness is probably at the top of my list.


Your husband often shoots campaigns for THE UPSIDE. What is your advice for mixing business and pleasure?


We get along so well. We’re really great mates, so it’s really nice if you go home and talk to somebody credibly, because I really love my work. I’m a chatterbox. It fully drives Nicholas mad sometimes, but it’s really easy because he has got such a great eye … He is already so close to the creative, he is my husband anyway, so by the time we get to shoot he knows what we’re trying to do.


What are you most proud of?


In the end, it’s about relationships, so probably my relationships with my family and my friends.


What do you think really helped you to grow your commercial ventures?


I think the timing was really, really good; and the right team.


What’s the vision for the brand?


Ultimately, I have a huge vision for the brand and outside of apparel, completely; I can’t divulge any of it just yet.


What do you do to stay fit?


I love yoga, I’m a yogi, and I love to walk and I love to paddleboard when I’m in Hawaii. But really, I’m not a gym person; it feels like going to the office … Some weeks I do yoga every day and sometimes, at the end of a long day, the answer is yoga and some days at the end of the day the answer is a bottle of wine!


What do you do to relax?


Yoga. I think I’m a nicer person, a better boss, probably a better wife, a better friend, better sister when I’m practising yoga, that also makes a difference … I think even if you’re not going there for spiritual reasons, [spirituality] … will happen anyway.


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I don’t really think in terms of that, I probably should more. I do try to actively stay present in what I’m doing … There is that old saying that if you live in the past you’ll be depressed, if you live in the future [you’ll be] anxious, and if you live in the now you’ll be peaceful and I think that’s true, so I don’t really think about it too much.



We went to Public Dining Room, Balmoral Beach

We ate Hermosa Kingfish Carpaccio with pine nut puree, grapefruit, radish and puffed quinoa

We drank Still mineral water

Jodhi wore Celine pants, JBrand top and Chloe shoes.


Beauty, Shop

Beauty essentials for your gym bag

29th September, 2016


Karlie Kloss in workout mode. Pic: @karliekloss

When it comes to packing a beauty kit for your gym bag it pays to keep it to just the essentials so you’re not lugging around your entire bathroom cabinet. So, what are the things that you will really, really need? Add these 10 things to your list the next time you pack your bag.

Dry shampoo

For those times when you just don’t have time for a shower a spritz of dry shampoo will do the trick. Not only does it absorb sweat it will even give your locks a volume boost.


This is a no-brainer of course! No one likes to deal with the odour post-workout so a mini can of deodorant in your bag is well worth packing.


It goes without saying that packing a towel in your gym bag is key. If you really want to up the style stakes this is a great option.

Cleansing wipes

Doing a hardcore workout with makeup on is a serious beauty no-no. Just think of your poor clogged pores! Be sure to always have cleansing wipes in your bag to ensure that you can give your face a good cleanse before training.

Hair ties

There is nothing worse than rocking up to the gym only to find your hair tie has gone M.I.A. To avoid this dilemma keep a packet in your bag so you always have spares.


It goes without saying that staying hydrated is important during exercise. Why not upgrade from your standard plastic bottle and pack yourself a more durable option.

Blotting sponge

If you’ve got to contend with an oil slick after each training session then pack one of these in your bag. They’re great for mopping up shine and doing a quick refresh.

Tinted moisturiser

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to re-do your makeup a swipe of tinted moisturiser will have you looking presentable in no time.


A quick swipe of mascara after a heaving training session will ensure you’re ready to tackle the outside world.

Tinted lip balm

In a pinch, this can double as a cheek stain so it’s a great 2-for-1 product to keep in your bag. Just a little coat of lip balm will help you look polished.