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How to have a great Easter in self-isolation with kids

10th April, 2020

With social distancing rules in place we face a much different Easter this year. There are no big family gatherings or going away for the weekend, as we’re all asked to stay in our homes and minimise contact with others. Given kids generally look forward to this time of year (particularly the chocolate!), why not try to maintain as many of the traditions that you can, or alternatively start new ones. Embrace the Easter egg hunt, take a ‘trip’ and still partake in a gorgeous family lunch (albeit virtually), and enjoy this time of year.

Have a virtual family Easter lunch

Just because we can’t enjoy big family gatherings right now doesn’t mean you can’t still maintain the tradition of having Easter lunch with family. Simply co-ordinate a set time to sit down for a meal, pop everyone on a video call and have the next best thing to having everyone sitting around the table.

Arrange an Easter egg hunt

There’s definitely no rule saying you can’t do Easter egg hunts so go ahead and embrace this tradition. Stock up on plenty of eggs, arm the kids with their own baskets and set them loose. Note: if you find really good hiding spots this could keep them occupied for awhile…

Get baking

Join the rest of the world in totally and utterly embracing all things baking right now. There are endless recipes to try, particularly with kids, but if you’re going to maintain the Easter spirit why not try baking your own hot cross buns?

Arts and crafts

A quick Google search will unearth more than enough craft projects to keep the kids entertained for the long weekend. From bunny hats to baskets and baby chicks, you’ll have more than enough to occupy the little ones in your life, and also inject a little extra Easter spirit into your home.

Go indoor camping

If you can’t go away over Easter as you usually would, why not go on a ‘trip’ anyway? The novelty factor of being able to sleep somewhere different is something we all enjoy so why not just set up camp in the backyard or indoors. Bring plenty of snacks, watch movies and do something to break up your daily routine. This is one activity kids will particularly enjoy.

Set up an indoor picnic

What kid doesn’t love a picnic? Prepare a picnic lunch, pop a rug in the living room or outdoors and enjoy a picnic as you normally would, but with the convenience of not actually having to leave your home.


My tips for taking good holiday pics

24th August, 2019

Mazzarò beach.

Mazzarò Beach in Taormina

When I am on a trip I always take a million photos and it’s one of my favourite things to do while I’m on holiday. It’s always a nice souvenir of the trip and now with a family, I love being able to capture all the special moments so we can look back on it in the years to come. So, what are my rules when it comes to taking good holiday snaps? Here’s what I do to ensure every image is Insta-worthy…

Taking Sophia to the church where we were married.

Consider your lighting

Lighting is the one thing that can take an image from good to great. I always try and use natural light when I’m taking pictures. I find this always results in the best quality photos and is the most flattering.

Mazzarò beach.

Nature is always an easy photo subject

When you’re on holiday you’ll often encounter lots of new places so your surroundings often make the best photo subjects. Think landscapes, beautiful vistas, blue skies, crystal clear water… Experiment with taking panoramic shots and close ups to really capture the scenery. Also play with different angles as sometimes you may be able to capture a really interesting shot by simply changing your point of view.

High Tea at Claridge's.

It’s all in the detail

I always love taking pictures of the details in anything I see. I will snap pics of interesting architecture but I’ll also focus on things like the beautiful tiles on the floor or a nice piece of antique furniture to really capture the moment. Sometimes it’s often the details that paint the clearest picture of a location.

Cruising in culottes.

Fashion vignettes

I love throwing fashion photos into the mix as I find when I’m on holidays I will tend to experiment a bit more with what I’m wearing whether it’s vibrant colours or exotic patterns and fabrics. Also sometimes it’s fun to take pics of the little trinkets I might pick up along the way such as a bracelet or ring to give a broader snapshot of my travels.

Bam Bar - best granita's in town!

Food, glorious food!

Let’s face it, being able to enjoy delicious food is often one of the best things about being on holiday. There’s a reason why food pictures are often one of the most popular images people post on Instagram. Take a picture of your surroundings, what’s on your plate, the people you’re with, often the experience of dining out makes one of the most interesting subjects you can photograph while on a trip.

Feeding the fish in Taormina's public gardens.

Be candid

The best photos often arise when people are just being themselves. I love taking candid snapshots of my family as it often has the best energy. People laughing, admiring their surroundings or simply looking thoughtful are a nice way to document moments without making it feel forced.

Fashion, What I Wore

What I Wore: Nautical Vibes

14th November, 2017

Easy-to-wear dresses are a staple in my summer wardrobe, especially when I’m packing for a holiday. I always try to go for pieces that won’t crease in my suitcase. Knits are especially great, as they don’t require ironing if you fold them carefully.

I recently wore this Rebecca Vallance dress on my holiday in Greece. Anything with a blue and white combination always gives off nautical vibes. I was instantly drawn to the ruffles as they add a feminine feel.

For instant style points, I teamed the dress with my Rebecca De Ravenel earrings. Statement earrings have become my go-to accessory for adding a bit of colour and fun to my ensembles these days.

Credits; Dress: Rebecca Vallance, Earrings: Rebecca De Ravenel, Sandals: Michael Kors