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Date with Kate: Braith Anasta

19th March, 2017

Fox Sports Commentator, Braith Anasta and I enjoying lunch at Bistro Moncur, Mosman

Braith Anasta is a former rugby league player who has represented NSW and Australia and won a premiership with the Bulldogs in 2004. The 35-year-old chats to me about his new job as a sports commentator, how things are going with new girlfriend Rachael Lee following his split last year from Jodi Anasta (nee Gordon), and how he balances his busy schedule with his three-year-old daughter, Aleeia.

What’s a typical day for you?

In the off-season, a typical day is spent with Aleeia … I spend a lot of time with her, whether it’s going to the beach, the park … During the rugby season my weekend is consumed still with rugby league … either calling games or we’ve got a 24-hour channel this year at Fox … I’ve [also] got a show with Tara Rushton, which is called League 13-to-1.

Braith and daughter Aleeia. Picture: @braith_anasta


Did you always envisage that you would go into commentating after footy? 

I did … I thought I  had the potential and I enjoyed the media because I’ve had so much to do with the media … I had to do a lot of interviews when I was coming through the grades, so I got comfortable in front of the camera and then I really enjoyed it.


What do you love most about commentating? 

I love the challenge, the excitement of live TV – you need to get it right. I enjoy it a lot because it’s a job where you can improve a hell of a lot, and also I’d love to host one day.

What’s the secret of being a good commentator? 

Well, it’s a bit premature for me to say it because I’m only early days but, I think, it’s honesty … Tell it how it is without obviously being too harsh … [The audience] see straight through you if you’re being biased … Even if it’s one of your best mates who plays and he does the wrong thing, you’ve got to be critical of him.
Have you ever upset anyone by your commentary? 

I wouldn’t know, they haven’t told me! [Laughs] … We’re all young, we all play – I mean I’ve had some good games and some horrible games. The older you get, you understand that it’s part and part of the business you’re in. You’re going to be judged and you can’t really do anything about it.


Who do you look up to in the commentating arena?  

Growing up, I loved Gus [Phil Gould]. A lot of people have different opinions about Gus, but I actually think he is a great judge of the game. It’s unbelievable. Peter Sterling as well. I think he is so smart, got a lot of class the way he handles it all too … And Greg Alexander… he is fantastic and probably along the lines of where I would like to head down that track.

How is life after footy? Do you miss playing? 

I actually don’t. I know that sounds unusual, but I don’t because of the job I’ve got at Fox Sports … because I’ve made that move into a job that I’m still very much involved with the game. I still get a kick out of all I do … I think I was ready to retire.

So you don’t ever plan to come out of retirement? 

No way in the world [laughs]!

Braith and new girlfriend, Rachel Lee. Picture: @braith_anasta


How do you juggle your work commitments with Aleeia? 

It has been a bit of a challenge with the 50-50 [share]. The relationship [with Jodi] is all smooth, which has made it, I suppose, easier. But I have [Aleeia] a lot, which is unbelievable. I’m a lucky dad because a lot of dads in that situation miss out.

Living in separate cities, how do you make co-parenting work? 

Yeah it’s good … Jodi is very busy. She is in Melbourne a lot with Neighbours. So we’ve been making sure when she is back in Sydney, she is with Aleeia as much as she can be.


Braith and new girlfriend, Rachel Lee celebrating Aleeia’s birthday . Picture: @braith_anasta

Can you share anything about your new girlfriend Rachael Lee? 

I’m happy to but I don’t want to talk too much about it because I like to be as private as I can be.

How is the relationship going? 

It’s fantastic… It really is. It couldn’t be better, really … We’re really happy and life is good.

What do you do in your time off, when you’re not working? 

Aleeia – it’s pretty much the answer! I was coaching in my spare time last year. But because Fox is so busy …I can’t do the coaching any more, which I’m disappointed about. I still want to be able to coach if I can down the track, depending on how everything goes with the commentating.

In your footy career what was your biggest career highlight? 

Definitely winning the Premiership, 2004, with the Bulldogs, you can’t replace that no matter how many amazing times you have throughout your career, that’s the pinnacle. You can’t beat it. The Roosters, being captain; and one game, where I kicked a field goal in the semi-final. That doesn’t sound like much, but at the time it was.

What NRL team do you support? 

It’s funny, that. To be honest, I love the Roosters and Bulldogs and I always will. I’ve got a soft spot for both. I was coaching at the Roosters, last couple of years. So I find myself still involved in the club.

What would you be doing if you never went down the career path of football? 

Well, I wanted to be a fireman … Apart from that, my dad was a panel beater, so I could have been a panel beater, and we owned a restaurant, so I could have been working in a restaurant. So I think I picked the right avenue!



WE WENT TO Bistro Moncur, Mosman
WE ATE Pan Fried Barramundi Fillet, Mashed Peas, Creme Fraiche & Confit Spring Onion, Sunflower Seed & Caper Beurre Noisette; Vine Ripened Tomato Salad

WE DRANK Mineral Water

BRAITH WORE Messini suit and shirt.

Date with Kate, Fashion

Date with Kate: Jodi Anasta

20th March, 2016

Jodi Kate

Actress and model Jodi Anasta won a 2006 Logie Award during her five years on Home and Away and has had other screen roles from Underbelly to the film, The Cup. As a Myer ambassador, the 31-year-old shares the latest season trends with me and opens up about her separation from footballer ex-husband Braith Anasta​ and how she copes with the constant media attention.

What are you up to at the moment? 

Myer is keeping me busy. We’ve got lots of different fashion shows on and launches. There’s so much going on and then I’ve got race days with Myer Fashions on the Field.

What are the upcoming winter trends?

It’s all about that contrasting effect. So leathers and lace, suits, blouses, ruffles, fur, suede. The ’70s revival is still back. We’ve been taught how to wear the bell sleeve, the bell pant, so we’ve had time to explore how to wear this kind of trend and now they’re taking it to the next level. My other favourite trend is just beautiful florals in really deep, rich tones.

Tell me about your involvement in the Autumn Racing Carnival.

I’m going to the BMW Derby (April 2) and then the Queen Elizabeth Stakes (April 9). I get to judge Myer Fashions on the Field.

You’ve got so many different roles. Is acting still your No. 1 priority?

Yes, it definitely is. It’s hard to say it’s my No. 1 because at the moment, I’ve got other things going on. But I’m auditioning every chance that I get. Even the day when the Myer Parade was on, I was in there doing auditioning for something before. So I’m just fitting them in wherever I can and just going along with it, doing classes and doing everything I can to be ready when those roles come up.

What has been your favourite role that you’ve played so far?

That’s a tough one. It’s hard because I love working on a film and working with certain people but maybe I don’t like my character as much. But then I do something like Home and Away, where I loved playing Martha and the character that she was. It was so much fun. That’s probably why I did it for five years. But I loved Underbelly and playing the drinking, smoking machine that she [Kylie Keogh] was.

If you could play any role, what would it be?

I would like to do comedy or action; something different to anything I’ve done. I love the characters Angelina [Jolie] plays – strong women. I think she is amazing. The choices she makes with her characters are never the same. She pushes herself. She’s not scared to dive into these really crazy roles and storylines.

With all your commitments, how do you juggle family life?

I think, for me, it’s just about finding balance, having a great family relationship and kind of just trying our best with communication and making sure everyone knows what’s going on so we can all support each other. My focus is putting Aleeia [her daughter] at the front of that, making sure she is looked after and I can take care of myself as well.

You’ve been in the headlines so much lately.

Oh my god, I know. I’ve been put on the spot a few times lately!

You really have had a tough time in your personal life. How are you going? 

I’m good. I think I’m lucky. He [Braith] is supportive. We have a great family dynamic. It was nice to go to the zoo the other day [together] to celebrate Aleeia’s [second] birthday. Things are the best that they can be right now.

It must be hard going through a separation let alone to have the media watching your every move. What has that been like?

It’s definitely not easy. But it comes with the job, so I can’t complain. That’s just a result of the work that I do and I guess that attention is there. So you can ask for privacy but that’s kind of all you can do; all you can do is get on with it. Tomorrow is another day – I’m going to the beach with my daughter and I’m going to have a good time.

How do you cope with the paparazzi following you everywhere?

To some degree it’s just part of the game. I’m not going to sit here and whine about it because it’s an element of what I do. So if you put yourself in this position, then that attention is going to be there and then that attention will go … I care about Aleeia and making sure she is happy and she is having fun and no one is harassing her and no one is in her face. I can handle [the media] but I don’t like it being forceful in her face. So as long as she is happy and she is having a good time and – she is. She is such a delightful little girl and as long as it stays like that, then I’m happy.

You been in the headlines for being “too thin” lately. Is that frustrating? 

Yes, frustrating is the right word, Kate [laughs]. It upset me that they did that because there’s photos shot in two different ways. So it just depends what did you choose to look at. I think that’s what it comes down to … It’s disappointing. Given what I’m going through, I think that people should just kind of be a bit more respectful. I’m a healthy gal. I go to the gym and I eat well. It’s funny when people see me in the flesh and they’re like, “Oh you look fine.” I was like, “I am fine.” … I do have a small frame, but I work out. I’m at the gym and I’m healthy.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

I think any girl that works in fashion, maybe in a photo they can look intimidating. So I always get, “Oh God, you’re so nice.” I think it’s just like when you’re associated with fashion, and maybe they think you’re not – I don’t know. It’s just funny … I’m a normal girl.

What do you do in your downtime?

I will read, I’ll hang out with Aleeia, I go to the beach, park, spend time with my family, see movies, go for dinner.

What’s next in the pipeline?

I’ve got to design a capsule collection for Mon Purse. That will all be coming to life. This is the first time I’ve done this and seen my creative and my designs coming through a campaign kind of look, so it’s really exciting.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Just working and having a beautiful life. I guess, for me, the essence of life is just being happy. So that’ll be with Aleeia and whatever else will be happening.



WE WENT TO George Ballroom, Melbourne.

WE ATE Confit of ocean trout with watercress foam, edible flowers and mustard fruits and shoots; pink grapefruit jelly, summer berries with rose-scented geranium syrup and candied flowers

WE DRANK Sparkling mineral water.

JODI WORE Georgia Alice

KATE WORE Georgia Alice top and flared pants







Inside the Myer Contemporary Brands Launch

16th March, 2016


I flew down to Melbourne last week to attend the Myer Contemporary Brands Launch during VAMFF which was held in St Kilda at a gorgeous space called the George Ballroom at The George Hotel. The iconic building was the perfect location to officially launch the Autumn ’16 collections of designers such as Georgia Alice (who I was wearing), Aje, Daniel Avakian, White Suede, búl, Skin & Threads and Acler. Myer’s brand ambassadors were there including Jodi Anasta, Rachael Finch and of course, Jennifer Hawkins to help showcase the range and we were treated to a gorgeous lunch. The models walked around during the lunch to show the various looks from the designers featured and provided a great fashion moment. Keep an eye out for the new looks in store.

Kate Waterhouse Brooke Testoni Kaity Ham

With Brooke Testoni (middle) and Kaity Ham

Kate Waterhouse Jodi Anasta

Me with Jodi Anasta


The amazing table at the lunch


The gorgeous floral centrepieces


The brands on show


The beautiful place settings


Snapping away with Rachael Finch


Taking a snap of the gorgeous table

Kate Waterhouse Zoe Foster Blake Melissa Singer

Me with Zoe Foster Blake (left) and Melissa Singer


Rachael Finch


Jodi Anasta

Kate Waterhouse Adrian Norris

Me with Adrian Norris

Myer ambassadors Jodi Anasta, Jennifer Hawkins and Rachael Finch



Top and flared pants: Georgia Alice

Heels Aquazzura

Photography: Danielle Castano and Adam Nalapraya 



2015 Magic Millions Raceday

13th January, 2015

2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day 2015 Jeep Magic Millions Race Day

The Magic Millions raceday took place last Saturaday and the Moët & Chandon VIP Marquee was the place to be! Zara Phillips MBE, Patron of Magic Millions Racing Women was joined by an A list line-up of celebrity guests including Rachael Finch, Jodi & Braith Anasta, model Amanda Ware, Myer Ambassador Kate Peck, Pia Miller & Melanie Vallejo.



3rd September, 2014
At the Sydney Spring Carnival launch with Kyly Clarke and Jodi Anasta.

Attending the Sydney Spring Carnival launch with Kyly Clarke and Jodi Anasta.

My favourite time of year is here! The Australian Turf Club officially launched the 2014 Sydney Spring Carnival yesterday. The launch took place at the Owners Pavilion overlooking the Theatre of the Horse at Royal Randwick racecourse.

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Fashion, Social

30 Days of Fashion and Beauty Launch

29th August, 2013
Hanging with Georgia May Jagger.

Hanging with Georgia May Jagger.

Jodi and Braith Anasta

Jodi and Braith Anasta

Jesinta Campbell.

Jesinta Campbell.

Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger.

Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger.

Emma Birdsall

Emma Birdsall

Terry Biviano.

Terry Biviano.


Leah Simmons, Laura Csortan and Jesinta Campbell.

Leah Simmons, Laura Csortan and Jesinta Campbell.

Georgia May Jagger and her mother Jerry Hall attended the 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty launch party at Sydney’s Town Hall last night. Georgia was an ambassador for the event along with Jesinta Campbell. The highlight of the night was when Delta Goodrem, dressed as Olivia Newton-John, sung Xanadu for the glamorous crowd. 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty is a line-up of events, fashion shows and competitions throughout September hosted by Bauer magazines.

Fashion, Social

Myer SS 2014 Collection Launch

9th August, 2013
Jen Hawkins in Manning Cartell.

Jen Hawkins in Manning Cartell.

Jodhi Meares

Jodhi Meares

sass & bide.

sass & bide.

Maddy King & Kris Smith.

Maddy King & Kris Smith.

Jodi and Braith Anasta.

Jodi and Braith Anasta.

Jesinta Campbell.

Jesinta Campbell.

Jennifer Hawkins.

Jennifer Hawkins.

Michael and Lindy Klim.

Michael and Lindy Klim.

Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins.

Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins.

Jen Hawkins in Aurelio Costarella.

Jen Hawkins in Aurelio Costarella.

Bridget & Frances Abbott.

Bridget & Frances Abbott.

Myer Ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith hit the runway for the Myer Spring Summer 2014 Collections on Thursday night. 500 VIP guests view the spectacular parade that showcased 62 models and over 200 new season looks by Myer’s stable of leading Australian designers. Staged at the enormous Stage 7 at Fox Studios, the 48 metre long catwalk was flanked by 100 metres of low lying abstract ravines elegantly inlayed with 1 tonne of richly coloured dust and glitter creating a setscape as far as the eye could see. Jennifer Hawkins made a stunning entrance in Manning Cartell to open the show. Jennifer took to the catwalk five more times through the show wearing designs from YB J”AIME, Leona Edmiston, Aurelio Costarella, Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins and Maticevski to close the show.

Photography: Lucas Dawson.

Date with Kate


28th April, 2013
Jodi Anasta takes me on a training session in Centennial Park.

Jodi Anasta takes me on a training session in Centennial Park.

Actor Jodi Anasta (nee Gordon) recently returned from a working trip in Los Angeles where she landed an acting gig she is keeping under wraps but that will air in the US. The former Underbelly: Badness star and wife of West Tigers rugby league player Braith Anasta is keeping herself busy as ambassador for the Nike She Runs 10km, a women’s-only event being held in Centennial Park on May 4. The 28-year-old takes Kate Waterhouse on a training session and discusses everything from her fitness regime and career to her baking skills.

What are you up to at the moment?

I’ve been training my butt off for the Nike She Runs 10km run. Even my friends said to me, “Babe, you are taking this really seriously, just calm down a bit.” But I just have a [finish] time in my head and when I’ve got something in my head, I need to hit it. I’m really hoping I can run the 10 kilometres under 45 minutes – that is my goal.

What is your training regime like?

I’ve been training five days a week … I’ve never pushed myself this hard, I’ve never felt so sick after I’ve done sprint training. But I feel good. It’s pretty incredible that when you start to push your body that hard you start to feel results.

Do you ever train with Braith?

No. When we first started dating we would go for walks but we never really train together. If we are on holidays we might go to the gym but we don’t sweat it out together [laughs].

How is married life treating you?

It’s beautiful. I didn’t think it would be that different because we have lived together for so long, but it has really cemented our relationship and it’s a really beautiful feeling.

Do you watch all his NRL games?

Yes! Their last game in Melbourne was the first game I missed because I had to work but every other game I’ve gone to. I even travel to New Zealand when he plays there. I love it. I love seeing him play; I love seeing him go well. And Kim [Braith’s mother] comes as well, so we go together.

What are you up to work wise?

I went to LA at the start of the year and did the pilot season and had some auditions and meetings … and I came back and I got a job last week that I was shooting for the US.

Can you tell me about the job?

No. It’s weird: it’s exciting when you get a job but you can’t say anything about it except that it will be airing soon in the US, so that’s exciting.

Will you go back to the US to continue auditioning?

I’m in a place now that if opportunities come up I will go to where the work is and Braith is always 100 per cent supportive of me doing that as well … As long as you have a manager and an agent over there, you can kind of make it work.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

We have barbecues; we have two Siberian huskies, so I take the dogs out running; I cook a lot for the husband and the family; we go to the movies; just normal stuff.

Are you a good cook?

I’m a really good baker! My thing are cakes. I’m better at baking but then [Braith] can do all the other stuff. I thought I was the queen of the kitchen but he is really good, it surprised me. He cooks the best roasts.

What is your signature dish?

I would say a cheesecake or a humming bird with cream-cheese frosting. The cheesecake is my mum’s recipe.

Do you always have freshly baked cakes at home?

When Braith and I first started dating I did, I was portraying Betty Crocker! [Laughs] I was feeding him so much cake and he couldn’t say no because he thought I would get upset. But not so much any more; we have found a balance. My thing is if you can eat healthy food and have a pretty good diet, then you can have a piece of cake every night.

Do you have any plans on starting a family?

Yes. You know what, one minute I’m saying “no”, the next minute I’m saying “yes”, so I think at the end of the day Braith and I really do want to have a family, but it’s just a timing thing … But it is definitely [on the cards]. You have to, that is what life is all about.


WE WENT TO The Park, Centennial Park.

WE ATE Chicken and panzanella salad and a pear and onion tart.

WE DRANK Mocktails, C Coconut water and San Pellegrino Sparking Water.

JODI WORE Nike Sportswear.