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28th April, 2013
Jodi Anasta takes me on a training session in Centennial Park.

Jodi Anasta takes me on a training session in Centennial Park.

Actor Jodi Anasta (nee Gordon) recently returned from a working trip in Los Angeles where she landed an acting gig she is keeping under wraps but that will air in the US. The former Underbelly: Badness star and wife of West Tigers rugby league player Braith Anasta is keeping herself busy as ambassador for the Nike She Runs 10km, a women’s-only event being held in Centennial Park on May 4. The 28-year-old takes Kate Waterhouse on a training session and discusses everything from her fitness regime and career to her baking skills.

What are you up to at the moment?

I’ve been training my butt off for the Nike She Runs 10km run. Even my friends said to me, “Babe, you are taking this really seriously, just calm down a bit.” But I just have a [finish] time in my head and when I’ve got something in my head, I need to hit it. I’m really hoping I can run the 10 kilometres under 45 minutes – that is my goal.

What is your training regime like?

I’ve been training five days a week … I’ve never pushed myself this hard, I’ve never felt so sick after I’ve done sprint training. But I feel good. It’s pretty incredible that when you start to push your body that hard you start to feel results.

Do you ever train with Braith?

No. When we first started dating we would go for walks but we never really train together. If we are on holidays we might go to the gym but we don’t sweat it out together [laughs].

How is married life treating you?

It’s beautiful. I didn’t think it would be that different because we have lived together for so long, but it has really cemented our relationship and it’s a really beautiful feeling.

Do you watch all his NRL games?

Yes! Their last game in Melbourne was the first game I missed because I had to work but every other game I’ve gone to. I even travel to New Zealand when he plays there. I love it. I love seeing him play; I love seeing him go well. And Kim [Braith’s mother] comes as well, so we go together.

What are you up to work wise?

I went to LA at the start of the year and did the pilot season and had some auditions and meetings … and I came back and I got a job last week that I was shooting for the US.

Can you tell me about the job?

No. It’s weird: it’s exciting when you get a job but you can’t say anything about it except that it will be airing soon in the US, so that’s exciting.

Will you go back to the US to continue auditioning?

I’m in a place now that if opportunities come up I will go to where the work is and Braith is always 100 per cent supportive of me doing that as well … As long as you have a manager and an agent over there, you can kind of make it work.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

We have barbecues; we have two Siberian huskies, so I take the dogs out running; I cook a lot for the husband and the family; we go to the movies; just normal stuff.

Are you a good cook?

I’m a really good baker! My thing are cakes. I’m better at baking but then [Braith] can do all the other stuff. I thought I was the queen of the kitchen but he is really good, it surprised me. He cooks the best roasts.

What is your signature dish?

I would say a cheesecake or a humming bird with cream-cheese frosting. The cheesecake is my mum’s recipe.

Do you always have freshly baked cakes at home?

When Braith and I first started dating I did, I was portraying Betty Crocker! [Laughs] I was feeding him so much cake and he couldn’t say no because he thought I would get upset. But not so much any more; we have found a balance. My thing is if you can eat healthy food and have a pretty good diet, then you can have a piece of cake every night.

Do you have any plans on starting a family?

Yes. You know what, one minute I’m saying “no”, the next minute I’m saying “yes”, so I think at the end of the day Braith and I really do want to have a family, but it’s just a timing thing … But it is definitely [on the cards]. You have to, that is what life is all about.


WE WENT TO The Park, Centennial Park.

WE ATE Chicken and panzanella salad and a pear and onion tart.

WE DRANK Mocktails, C Coconut water and San Pellegrino Sparking Water.

JODI WORE Nike Sportswear.


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