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Why you need to start shopping from the men’s department

14th September, 2020

When I was pregnant I often borrowed things like jumpers and shirts from Luke’s wardrobe as it gave me just the right oversized fit I was looking for. Plus when it comes to certain pieces such as the t-shirts, shirts and jumpers, you’d be hard pressed to find the difference between something specifically tailored for women and a tiny size in the men’s range. And that’s just the beginning of why you really need to start broadening your shopping horizons to the men’s department…

Items are sometimes cheaper

I’ve noticed that there is sometimes a big price difference between something that is marketed to men and something marketed to women, particularly designer items. Yes, it’s not entirely fair, but it does happen so you may as well use it to your advantage. Take this Balenciaga camera bag for example. Check out the price here in the women’s section and check it out here in the men’s. There’s a price difference, no? They’re almost identical styles but you’re saving a few hundred dollars by buying it from the men’s department. So it often pays to scour the accessories and clothing section of men’s sites/sections because you may just save yourself some money by choosing to buy there.

You have more chance of finding your size on sale

It’s not uncommon for really popular sizes to disappear quickly when they’re on sale, so if you want to up your chances of snapping up a great find, try scouring the men’s section. There’s not much difference between getting an XS or S men’s size and a women’s S or M, but the main difference is that you have increased the chance of finding something in your size as those sizes are generally not amongst the first to go in the sale section for men. This is once again particularly great for designer items, as a branded jumper for men is often priced very differently than it is for women.

You can get a perfectly oversized fit

I’m often searching for a slightly oversized fit when it comes to basics such as t-shirts and jumpers and there’s no reason not to find those items in the men’s department. The fit that you can often get is that just perfectly relaxed look.

Designs are different

If you want to broaden your horizons style-wise then you may just find what you’re looking for in the men’s range. The cuts or prints are often different so you’ll often unearth things that you may not see in women’s stores/departments. It’s a great way to give your outfits a more unique spin.


A guy’s guide to dressing for the races

31st October, 2019

When it comes to spring racing what men wear trackside also comes with its own set of guidelines, much like it does for the ladies. Whilst sticking to the dress code of each day is key, there are a few important things that should be kept top of mind to ensure that you look dapper on the day.

A well-fitting suit

There’s no doubt that a suit is the most stylish option for men attending the races. However if the fit isn’t quite right, whether it’s the fact the sleeves are too long or the pants haven’t been cuffed correctly or the jacket’s too big or too tight, these little things can all ruin the overall effect. So it’s important to go to the extra effort to tailor a suit perfectly. And the great thing about suits is that they can be worn time and time again so it’s worth investing in one that fits like a dream.

Attention to detail

I think the little touches can make all the difference between a good look and a great look. Pay attention to the small details like wearing a tie and a matching pocket square, stylish cufflinks and quality shoes. And a good looking timepiece also never goes astray.

Shine your shoes

One of the things that can really let a look down is if your shoes aren’t up to scratch. If you’re wearing a beautiful suit but your shoes are scuffed and dirty it will ruin the overall effect. So spend a few minutes polishing your shoes and giving them a good clean to ensure they’re presentable.

Respect the dress code of each day

Whilst men have a little more freedom when it comes to dress codes it’s also important to adhere to the rules of each day. For example some events may let you in without socks, but others require that you definitely have on a pair. It’s worth checking beforehand to ensure that you’re not caught out on the day. Also there are certain flowers that go with each race day during spring carnival such as wearing a cornflower on Derby Day and a yellow rose on Melbourne Cup Day. It’s a nice touch and is respectful of the event.

Good grooming

Look sharp from head to toe by ensuring you’re well groomed. This means having a shave beforehand or if you’re rocking a beard, making sure it looks neat and presentable. When it comes to hair keep your ‘do tidy and you’ll look perfectly dapper.

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New collab to love: The Daily Edited x Dion Lee

16th March, 2018

Dion Lee with the tote from his collection with The Daily Edited

Dion Lee with the tote from his collection with The Daily Edited

Dion Lee is one of my favourite designers and I’ve worn pieces from his label more times than I can count. His aesthetic is always clean, sophisticated and with a fashion forward spin that makes his designs instantly unique. So whenever he launches anything new, I always think it’s worth sitting up and taking notice. You can bet it’s guaranteed to be on point, especially when it’s a collaboration with one of Australia’s most popular accessories brands, The Daily Edited.

Last year Dion launched his first men’s line and says he was interested in building out the brand to include accessories. “Working with The Daily Edited seemed like an opportunity to really create accessories that felt like they were helping me tell the story of the men’s character,” says Dion. Of the collection, The Daily Edited’s co- founder Alyce Tran says, “I’ve always loved his line and we have collaborated with other designers before so when the opportunity to work with Dion came up we wanted to take the collaboration in a different direction to our previous collaborations with a menswear capsule.”

The range includes three main designs – a messenger bag, a tote bag and wash bag in a chic colour palette of black, navy and khaki. “With men’s wear it’s much more intuitive and personal and it’s more about what I would wear and what I’m attracted to,” says Dion. “The palette was really about things that I would put together and colours that I would work back into my own wardrobe.”

Whilst the range is technically a men’s line the designs are so minimalist that I think it could work equally as well in a woman’s wardrobe. So if you’re looking to spoil the man in your life or are just in the market for a stylish new bag, this is one collab definitely worth checking out.

Scroll down to shop a few of my favourite pieces from the collection

Dion Lee in New York with the tote bag from his The Daily Edited capsule collection

Dion Lee in New York, says the collection is largely inspired by his own wardrobe

The Daily Edited x Dion Lee black messenger bag

TDE x Dion Lee black messenger bag, $369.95

The Daily Edited x Dion Lee khaki tote bag

TDE x Dion Lee khaki tote bag, $369.95

The Daily Edited x Dion Lee navy wash bag

TDE x The Daily Edited navy wash bag, $129.95