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The one thing that I can’t survive a busy day without

12th October, 2017

Balancing my family and my work commitments along with everything else in between is quite the juggling act most days. I can often be found trying to carve out time to work on the blog and answer a million emails whilst also organising street style shoots and most importantly being a mum to Sophia and Grace. It’s a frenetic existence at times but I wouldn’t change a thing. It often feels as if there are never enough hours in the day and sticking to a schedule is one way I can ensure I make the most of my time. I utilise every technological tool at my disposal to help me stay on track and organised but the one thing that I’m a bit old school about is using a watch to tell the time (an iPhone clock just isn’t the same!).

I’ve always been a watch girl, something I think I’ve inherited from my dad who loves great timepieces. I’m a stickler for design and quality when it comes to my watches so I was excited to be introduced to Michel Herbelin‘s range. Their watches are not only classic and stylish with that je ne sais quoi that only something with a long French heritage can possess but—watch fans will appreciate this—they’re also crafted in the original watchmaking district of Jura in Charquemont in Switzerland. A watch is always a considered decision for me as I wear them every single day, and with Michel Herbelin’s timeless look, Swiss-made precision and affordable price point this is one timepiece I know that will be able to keep up with me, my busy schedule and my wardrobe!

Enjoying my on the go breakfast of choice of coffee and a croissant whilst catching up on emails

Squeezing in a What I Wore shoot in between appointments

Heading straight to another meeting

Spending quality time with Sophia and Grace every day is a non-negotiable

Precious moments with my girl

My day doesn’t stop! Making my way to a work event…and ready to do it all again tomorrow.

This post was produced in collaboration with Michel Herbelin

Video filmed at the Langham, Sydney