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Date with Kate at Australian Fashion Week: Roberta Pecoraro

16th May, 2018

As one of the most in demand models in Australia, Roberta Pecoraro has had a busy few days to say the least. With her signature to-die-for curls and blunt fringe, Roberta has walked in multiple shows during Fashion Week, and it seems her next stop may be further ashore as she pursues an international modelling career. Having already appeared in a Country Road campaign and in editorials for Vogue and Grazia, there’s no doubt that she’s well on her way to making her dream of walking in a Gucci show a reality. I caught up with Roberta backstage at the Hansen and Gretel to chat about how she got into modelling, her signature dish and the highlight of her career so far…

You’ve walked in a lot of shows this week. What have you walked in so far?

So far I’ve done Camilla and Marc, We Are Kindred, Macgraw…wow, I’m forgetting them all now. And Hansel and Gretel right now and … I’ve forgotten heaps.

And so what’s been the biggest highlight of the week?

Probably the Camilla and Marc show. It was a beautiful show, the set, it was amazing.

So did you always want to get into modelling?

I did, actually. During high school I really got into it and then after high school I finished school and at [Sydney] Fashion Weekend, [modelling agency] Chic has a stall, and they saw me walk past, and they asked me to come in for an interview and a meeting. From then on, I signed with them.

And so far what has been your biggest career highlight?

Probably last year opening for the Dion Lee show. It was opening all of Fashion Week so that was an amazing opportunity.

And what has been the biggest surprise being in the fashion industry?

Biggest surprise … just all the opportunities that you get. Even travelling overseas, you’re so lucky to be able to jump from one city to another and I’m really appreciative of those opportunities.

And what has been your biggest pinch-me moment?

Biggest pinch-me moment? I actually don’t know this one.

Have you met anyone that you never imagined meeting?

Well, I got to meet [Victoria’s Secret model] Georgia Fowler not too long ago so that was amazing.

And so if you could walk for anyone, who would you walk for?

I’d love to walk for Gucci one day. Definitely a goal of mine.

Is the plan to stay in Australia or go overseas?

I’d like to go overseas during September, to try Fashion Week overseas.

And where do you see yourself in five years time?

Five years? If I can still be doing this, that would be amazing. But I love to cook and anything involving food, so maybe something involving food.

Nice, what’s your signature dish?

I like desserts so, I make these little Italian brioche buns with ricotta.

Need to come to your house for dinner. And what do you love about fashion?

How creative you can get and [being able to] show your personality through it. You can be a different personality one day to another.

And do you get to work much with your sister [stylist, Jess Pecoraro]? I interviewed her earlier in the week.

I do, actually. Recently we’ve been working a lot together, which is nice. It’s so comfortable and relaxing on set with her, so, yeah. It’s lovely.

Amazing, well thank you so much. I can’t wait to see you walk in the show.

Thank you. I’m excited.

Date with Kate, Fashion & Beauty

Date with Kate: Jessica Gomes

13th August, 2017

Catching up with Jessica Gomes in the David Jones food hall, Bondi Junction


Model Jessica Gomes appeared in the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated every year from 2008 to 2015. She also appeared with Bruce Willis in the recent action comedy film Once Upon a Time in Venice and alongside Owen Wilson in the movie Bastards, set to open late this year. The David Jones ambassador has also recently launched her own beauty brand, Equal Beauty. Gomes, 32, chats to me about how she stays in shape, what she likes to indulge in, and the best advice her actor boyfriend Xavier Samuel has given her.

What are you working on at the moment? 

[I’m] back for the David Jones spring/summer launch, which is really exciting; just came back to shoot the new Jets campaign, which is amazing; working on Equal Beauty – we launched four months ago; still auditioning and doing the film side of things.

Jess’ Equal Beauty range has just launched. Photo: @iamjessicagomes


What are some of the spring/summer trends we should expect to see.

Red is a huge trend, so just like colour blocking – beautiful bright reds, florals…

Do you have a favourite fashion piece for spring/summer? 

There’s so much to choose from. I would say one of my favourite pieces would be a lace dress from Self-Portrait, or a dress from Ginger & Smart. I always think it’s nice to have a printed dress or a bright colour for your wardrobe.

What does being the face for Jets involve? 

I came on with them just recently, so we just launched the first campaign, and we just shot the second … I’ve always been shot in their swimwear, and I always wear Jets in the [David Jones] show as well, so it’s a nice affiliation … [I’m] definitely in with them for longevity, and we’re going to be doing some exciting collaborations in the future.

As a swimwear model, how do you stay fit? 

I do lots of things. Right now I’m really into yoga, and I’ve been doing a lot of yin classes … I feel the best when my mind’s feeling good, like mentally I’m feeling sharp, and clear, and great. For me, lately, I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and yoga, and doing lots of long walks; nothing too aggressive.

Jess Gomes modeling. Photo: @iamjessicagomes


What do you indulge in? 

I love food, I really do. I definitely try and keep it 80 per cent pretty lean, but I’m not too strict on myself. As I get older I’m just like, “You know what, babe? Life’s too short. You deserve whatever it is as long as it comes from a good place.” I’m very much into shopping at farmers’ markets, and eating organic as much as I can, especially in LA … I get my vitamin drips. I do my smoothies. I do my green juice everyday … I have to have my coffee, but I’ll indulge in a really good bowl of pasta, some really good food, especially when I come home … I’m definitely a little more lenient in terms of what I like to eat.

Is modelling or acting your No. 1 focus? 

Definitely modelling is still my No. 1. It’s what I do well … I think acting is more a hobby, something that I have there because I really love being creative and telling stories and working on film sets, but modelling has always been my core, and it will always will be what I do.

Tell me about your coming film Bastards. 

Bastards is a film with Owen Wilson, Glenn Close and Ed Helms. It’s about two brothers who are on the hunt for their biological father. I shot it two years ago; it just hasn’t come out yet … The studios have been waiting for a right time for it to come out, but it’s a comedy film. It’s really funny; I’ve seen it.

What’s life like in LA? 

LA’s amazing, I love it. I just feel so comfortable there. I’ve got my house there, and I’ve got all my things, and I love the lifestyle. I’ve got such a great group of friends there, and I just love it. It’s central to everything. I still duck off to New York if I need to, or it’s one flight over to Australia, or one flight to Europe. I get to dip into the film industry and then dip into the fashion industry too.

Will you ever move back to Australia? 

I feel like Australia will always be a place that I come back to. Obviously it’s where I’m from so I feel like my roots are here, but I do feel rooted, also, in LA. I feel like I’ll always do both … I definitely would move back here in the future when I have a family.

Jess and her Equal Beauty products. Photo @iamjessicagomes


What inspired you to go into the beauty business? 

I love beauty, and I’ve always been obsessed with cosmetics and beauty products, and I spent a lot of time in Asia, and in Seoul, and in South Korea. I discovered so many amazing beauty cosmetics … I thought it would be amazing to start my own brand, and be able to use the David Jones platform as well, as a way to launch it … I wanted something that I could travel with, that was the whole inspiration. I need an easy routine that I can travel with around the world, for hydration and protection, and fragrance free. I wanted it all natural but still effective, and still medicinal, still a preventative, because I was finding that other products weren’t working for me.

What were the biggest challenges of starting your own business? 

The biggest challenges would probably be being resourceful. I think becoming a business person, and becoming an entrepreneur, you realise that it’s just problem solving the whole time … Putting out fires, problem solving, making sure that you’ve got the right team. You’re constantly running into certain things and … you’ve just got to push through. But then the rewarding side of it is seeing the creativity come to life.

Who do you look up to and admire? 

I look up to my sisters because they work so hard and run a household. They’ve got three kids each, and I just see how hard they work and how dedicated they are to their family, and they do it all.

Did you ever think when you were younger that you would have the successes that you do today? 

I did not think that I would ever be in the position that I’m in now. When I first started out my career in Australia … it wasn’t really happening for me, so I had to go overseas, but David Jones has changed my life … and I’ll be forever grateful for that … I’m just proud that I’ve been able to stay grounded and still be true to who I am, and still keep my integrity with everything that I’ve been doing.

Jess in Sports Illustrated. Photo @iamjessicagomes

How’s everything going with Xavier?

Everything’s going great. He’s amazing. We’re doing really well. He’s just been in LA with me. It’s been wonderful, because he’s obviously in the film industry as well, so we’re really, really good.

Is he a big support to you?

He is, he’s very supportive. He’s been really amazing throughout everything, and just been so great, and I feel really lucky that we’re very supportive of each other’s careers, and we definitely let each other do our things.

Do you find it easier to date someone in the industry, or do you find it more challenging?

It’s important to let one another be your own person and … that you both can have your identity, and both do your own thing, but still have that support and come together, so that’s been really nice … He helps me with auditions. We read lines together.

What’s the best piece of acting advice he’s given you? 

He’s like “Don’t second guess yourself.” He’s just like: “You’ve got it” and “You can do it.”

What do you guys do when you have time off together?

We have had the best time in LA because it was the first time that both of us didn’t travel, so we had two months in LA together. We went and saw concerts [and went] on little road trips … we like discovering new restaurants in LA … We go for hikes, we just chill out [and] go see movies …

What’s next for you?

I am heading to Asia. I’m going to Singapore, Seoul and Shanghai for Equal Beauty. We’re going to do some research there, and we’re setting up to launch over in Asia, and then I’m back [in Australia] for a Dior event with David Jones.


WE WENT TO The Restaurant at the David Jones Food Hall, Bondi Junction.

WE ATE  Oysters – Raw, Kilpatrick and Mornay;  Market prawns with parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil; Shredded raw vegetables with Sriracha vinaigrette and pecorino; Grain Fed Wagyu Beef.

WE DRANK Mineral water and herbal tea.

JESS WORE a Dion Lee dress

Photo Christopher Pearce

Date with Kate, Fashion & Beauty

Date with Kate: Jessica Kahawaty

4th June, 2017

Jessica Kahawaty and I at Catalina Rose Bay

Jessica Kahawaty was born and raised in Sydney and now lives in Dubai, where she is a model and was the host of Arabic TV show Project Runway Middle East, season one. She won Miss World Australia in 2012, has worked with luxury brands including Louis Vuitton and Rolls-Royce and has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. Kahawaty, 28, talks to me about her rise to fame, her biggest  “pinch me” moment and what most people find surprising about her.

You grew up in Sydney. How would you describe your childhood?

I had a great childhood growing up in Castle Hill. I absolutely loved the suburbs because they were so relaxing and I went to a great school as well not too far. My parents always encouraged us to travel and practice the languages we speak so we found ourselves in Europe and Beirut a lot during our summer holidays.

You have such a striking look. What is your heritage?

My mother is olive skinned and has very light green eyes and brown hair. She is Lebanese. My father has white skin and black hair – his ancestors are a mix of Armenian, Lebanese and Syrian. A bit of a cocktail [mix]!

How did you get into modeling?

I started modeling when I was 14. My mother was a model and was rehearsing for a show when I got scouted. I had to stop for a few years because I had a very awkward period with braces and bad skin [laughs], then [I] started again at 18.

Jessica modeling pool vibes with @VogueArabia x @ToryBurch Captured by @MazenAbuSrour. Photo: @ jessicakahawaty

What did it mean to be crowned Miss World Australia in 2012 and how did winning impact your career?

I always saw Miss Australia’s role as an ambassador to her country as well as a spokesperson for regional and international philanthropic causes. I loved that their aim was always to choose someone well rounded who can speak and bring light issues that matter. It definitely impacted my career positively but the title lasts for a year so it definitely took a lot of hard work and perseverance to have a long lasting career [after].

You were born and raised in Sydney but have become a superstar in the Middle East, how did that come about?

News travels fast! The Middle East was very embracing of the fact that an Australian girl with part of her heritage being from there had won Miss Australia and was a runner up in Miss World. They were so proud of that fact and it was an opportunity for me to bridge a gap between East and West. I was pretty lucky that I spoke Arabic and English and was able to translate all my experience and upbringing into the Arabic culture and vice versa without a language barrier. I found Dubai to be such an amazing base for all the things I wanted to do in the Middle East, Paris, London and New York.

What was it like to land the prime-time role as host of Project Runway Middle East?

I had always looked up to Heidi Klum as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who was one of the first to combine the modeling, TV and fashion worlds together. The show was another point in my career that I am so proud of doing especially considering Arabic isn’t my first language and I had no TV experience at all. It was an incredible experience to have the likes of Carine Roitfeld, Toni Garrn, Milla Jovovich and many other international guests on the show and to hear their perspectives on emerging Middle Eastern talents.

Jessica in her first 6-page editorial in @voguearabia featuring empowering women, wearing @toryburch. Photo: @jessicakahawaty

How did that impact your career?

Television presents immense exposure and is such a traditional form of media that takes you into the living room and private spaces of people and families. Becoming a household name definitely presents new opportunities, as well as challenges!

How is life different in the Middle East?

Life is so dynamic and fast-paced there; I barely have [any] time to myself. There’s always something going on and Dubai is a melting pot for a lot of expats, tourists and visitors. There’s a lot more travel (almost every 2 weeks) and the activities differ a little from Sydney… You spend a lot of time outdoors in Australia whereas in Dubai it’s 50/50…

You’ve been touted as Dubai’s ‘It Girl’. What is that like?

It’s an honour every time I hear that. I think it’s just really important to present whatever country or region you are in, in the best light possible. I love that I was able to put a mark specifically in Dubai.

What are some of the perks of being a superstar in a place like Dubai?

I love flying in and out of Dubai… I’ve been to the most picturesque British countryside with Rolls-Royce but also experienced the hub of London with other brands. I’ve seen Paris during fashion week but I’ve also shot in a forest and on the side of lakes outside of Paris.

What has been your biggest “pinch-me” moment?

This would definitely be riding a bike with IWC watches for the Laureus event in the South of France with Olympic champions and athletes like Nico Rosberg, Fabian Cancellara and many others. We rode from Monaco to France and ended in Italy. The pinch-me part was the company I was with and the fact that I had never ridden a bike before (super overprotective parents who thought I was too clumsy [laughs] and [I] managed to cross borders!

What’s it like being recognised everywhere you go in the Middle East?

… It’s humbling and grounding when they come up with such loving words especially when it’s from young girls.

What’s the most exciting campaign you have ever worked on?

There have been so many. I loved the mini IWC campaign earlier this year with Lewis Hamilton. I also loved the cover shoot I recently shot for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in the desert. The most exciting and memorable I would say is shooting a campaign with Oscar winner Adrien Brody in Abu Dhabi where I was chasing the guy who stole his suitcase in a Rolls-Royce!

You are a superstar in the Middle East, yet you remain largely unknown in your home country. What is that like?

I put so much focus overseas in Europe and the Middle East in the last three years to create so much value to bring home. Geographically, Australia is quite far and you have to be physically present here. This is why I am aiming to spend a bit more time in Australia whilst continuing all my endeavours overseas.

What did you miss most about home?

I definitely miss the nature, people and food! All my close friends and family are in Australia and I love the outdoors so I miss the beach, the beautiful sky and definitely the best food in the world!

Do you have plans to spend more time here?

Definitely! I was coming back two to three times a year just to visit my family and friends – no work, just downtime. But I’m aiming to try and come back every three to four months – also for some chill time but to work with some of my favourite brands here.

You have a finance and law degree – is that helpful for the work you do?

I specialised in Human Rights Law and all the subjects I ever studied revolved around humans and international rights. I love that aspect of the law and I feel like it translates into the charity work I do. It’s definitely a great complement to the industry that I am in.

What human rights issues are you most passionate about?

We all have a soft spot for something. For me, it’s children’s rights and displaced children with no access to education. If only we can provide this basic human right and need to millions, we would be able to pave a golden path for the next generation.

You speak English, Arabic and French fluently; did you grow up being multilingual?

My parents sent us to a French school in Australia for a few years where we spoke English in the playground and Arabic at home! It wasn’t easy but they wanted us to be fluent so they refused to speak to us in any other language inside the house. Traveling abroad every year also helped because you were forced to speak the local language. I’m currently learning Italian and find that I improve drastically when I travel to Rome for work.

What do you do for fun?

We go out on the boat a lot in Dubai or I spend time with my friends at the beach or doing some sort of activity like wakeboarding. I like watching TV series and movies so we’ll do that as well if it’s too hot to go outside.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I definitely see myself doing what I’m doing on an even bigger scale and creating a platform that can help bridge this industry together (it’s all I can say for now). I would also love to have a family of my own. I’m very close to my parents and would love to have that relationship with my children.

What is something people would find surprising to know about you?

I have never tried coffee in my life! In an industry that’s so fast-paced and extremely long working hours as well as international flights, people are usually shocked as to how I am full of energy. I would like to try it one day though as I’m usually left out when all my girlfriends are drinking coffee and I’m slowly sipping a juice.


We went to Catalina Rosebay

We ate Pan fried snapper, garlic potato mash and lemon caper butter; Kumara tortellini, pine nuts and sage beurre noisette; Rocket and parmesan salad.

We drank Mineral water

Jessica wore Celine top and pants from David Jones.

Photography by Louise Kennerley

Fashion, Shop

Steal her style: Gigi Hadid

2nd December, 2016

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

This party season why not try an after dark look a la Gigi Hadid. Whilst Hadid’s Roberto Cavalli coat might not be quite right for a warm Australian summer you can do your own take on it with a lightweight duster coat. A little black slip dress teamed with a flowing coat adds a touch of drama to an otherwise simple look. Add a pair of strappy stilettos and you have yourself a sexy evening ensemble that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Duster coat

A neutral coat can be worn in the evening however you can also take it down a notch into daywear by teaming it with a pair of jeans or a dress and sneakers.

Slip dress

The slip dress is the ultimate nod to the ’90s trend. Consider it a key addition to your summer wardrobe – it’s sleek, simple and so versatile.


A pair of black strappy stilettos will keep you party ready this festive season. They’re an easy go-to when you want to make a statement without overpowering the rest of your outfit.

Top handle bag

Hadid has kept her bag quite practical however if you wanted to swap it out for a simple clutch you could easily transform the look into something spot on for the evening.

Fashion, Shop

Steal her style: Coco Rocha

7th October, 2016

A photo posted by Coco Rocha (@cocorocha) on

Model Coco Rocha has covered virtually every major magazine in existence including Vogue, Elle, Allure, Glamour, Marie Claire and i-D. She has walked for Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Emanuel Ungaro and fronted campaigns for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent. Her style has always been chameleonic going from colourful and quirky one minute to monochromatic and polished the next, however her looks are always strong and make a statement. If ever there was a reason to embrace a bold coloured dress, this is it…

Fuchsia dress

A hot pink dress is certainly not one for the faint-hearted but Rocha manages to pull it off and make it look chic. A tip: if you’re going to rock a bright, form fitting dress, keep it looking demure by going for one with a knee length hemline.

Peep toe booties

Pink and black has always been a winning combination and in this instance it helps to ground the showstopping nature of the dress. Plus you’re guaranteed to get plenty of wear out of black booties as they will work with virtually everything in your wardrobe.

Fashion, Shop

Steal her style: Jessica Hart

26th August, 2016

A photo posted by Jessica Hart (@1jessicahart) on

With spring just around the corner I thought it was an opportune time for a little wardrobe inspiration for the warmer weather that’s to come. In typical model fashion Aussie Jessica Hart’s off duty style is one worth coveting. Her ability to be a style chameleon and mix it up between edgy looks one minute and feminine, girly ensembles the next, make her wardrobe one definitely worth watching. Her look below is a perfect option for those gorgeous spring days up ahead…

Off the shoulder top

If there’s one silhouette that’s going to remain a constant this spring/summer season it’s definitely the off the shoulder top. And really, what’s not to love about it? It highlights one of the most flattering areas of a woman’s body, comes in a variety of different cuts and styles and has a distinctly relaxed resort vibe that make it perfectly on trend.

Midi skirt

The denim skirt made a comeback last spring/summer and it seems it’s going to quickly become a style staple. Try a midi skirt in a chambray for a slightly different take on the look. A fluted cut gives it a fun retro spin.

Tan sandals

Every girl needs to add a pair of tan sandals to her wardrobe. The versatile shade will mean it will work back with virtually everything in your wardrobe so it’s a no-brainer during the warmer months.

Neutral bag

Once the weather heats up sometimes darker hued bags can look a little harsh so why not consider switching up your bag for something in a neutral colour? A beige or cream bag looks fresh and as an added bonus can be paired with myriad outfits.


A pair of oversized dark sunglasses is still very much a necessity in every girl’s accessories arsenal. Invest in just the right pair and it will see you through many seasons to come.

Date with Kate, Fashion & Beauty


17th April, 2016

Australian model Elyse Taylor was discovered at 18 and went on to walk for Victoria’s Secret, Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger and has been on the cover of Australian Vogue. The 29-year old, born in Sydney and based in the United States, is now the face of Nude by Nature make-up and involved with Milea swimwear. Taylor chats to me about life, juggling motherhood and modelling, and her quirky cleaning habits.

What’s a day in the life of you when you’re at home in the US?

If I have a day off, I have breakfast with Lila and then I walk her to school, with my neighbour. Our kids are the same age and go to same school. While she is at school, we go to the gym, work out and pick her up and have lunch, and then have enough time with her and just hang out. But then if I’m working, I’m up at five [o’clock] and gone. So it’s constantly changing but it’s good.

How do you juggle it all?

I’ve learnt to be a little bit more aggressive. I’ve had to say no to certain jobs, just because they’ve been back to back. I don’t really want to spend more than four or five days away from my daughter because she is just growing and doing so many things and you don’t want to miss anything. I start getting a little strange after five days. I get really anxious and hostile. So I just try and make sure that I have enough time off and enough time on.

What do you enjoy most about motherhood?

Just the milestones and watching her and seeing her personality come through because she is two now.

Do you have plans to grow your family?

I would definitely love to have more children. It’s just trying to find the right time. If it happens, it happens. It would be wonderful. But we’re just taking it one step at a time.

What’s next for you?

I have this amazing relationship with Nude By Nature, and Milea is about to launch … And then, I think I was planning on coming back for Australian Fashion Week in May.

What made you get involved and become the face of Nude By Nature

I think it was just like a natural alignment. Nude By Nature had a worldwide search for a face that was an Australian kind of beauty. When I got the call saying “it’s you”, I was so humbled and honoured.

What’s your top beauty secret you’ve learnt while modelling?

If you’re doing smoky eye, you put your foundation on afterwards … and with highlighting, just highlight the bridge of your nose and cheekbones.

Out of everything in your life, what are you most proud of? 

In life, I feel like I’m most proud of Lila, but my career probably has been over 10 years now. As a model, you never think it’s going to last that long.

When you did the Victoria’s Secret show, what was the most surprising part about that?

The grandeur of the show. You don’t realise how big it is, and how big the machine is behind it. I was also surprised at how it is like a little family – doing the catalogue, doing the commercials and then doing the show. I still keep in contact with the girls.

What’s the worst part about your job?

That it’s not forever. That’s always in the back of your mind, especially as I get older!

What’s your plan after modelling? 

There is no set plan. I would like to keep building my brands and keep moving forward and seeing where that takes us. There’s definitely a lot of opportunities, especially in the States. So it’s just trying to find the right outlet for that.

If you didn’t become a model, what would you have done? 

I like to be creative. So I think I would like to stay within the industry, but maybe in art direction or maybe on the other side of the lens. I would still like to create content for brands and stuff like that, so that’s very natural for me. I enjoy that.

Do you think Lila will follow in your footsteps?

I don’t know. If she wants to, and if she is passionate about it, I’ll support her in her work. I’d love her to have a real job, one that lasts forever. But if she is passionate about this, then, of course I’ll support her and direct her in the right direction.

Who do you look up to and admire?

I look up to other women that have children with really intense careers. Especially how they find the balance to make it all work and have success after having children as well. You don’t realise how intense and what a whirlwind it is having children and then how much you are actually taking on.

Do you have any quirky habits that no one knows about?

I really am OCD about cleanliness … I clean all the time. I can’t stop. With my nanny’s cleaning, I’ll clean over the top of her cleaning and she is like, ‘is something wrong?’ I’m like, ‘Just go find, Lila. I have to finish this’.

Do you have any fears?

I don’t really like heights … I climbed the Harbour Bridge and I was dying inside.

Where is your favourite travel destination?

My favourite personal travel destination is St Barths, especially with my daughter. It’s a quiet place, to just be with the family, be on the beach. We know the island really well so there is no surprises, which is always great, especially when you have a kid.

How do you stay in shape?

I work out and I try a lot of different diets, and a blood-type diet works best for me.

What is a blood-type diet?

Each blood type is different. I’m an O blood type, so I can have lots of meats and certain kinds of fruits. I can eat as much of that as possible and not gain weight, which is great … because before I was juicing and eating all these types of salads but I was holding all this body weight. Then, once I started that, all the weight came off, all the extra baby weight.

If you have this strict diet regime, what is your biggest indulgence?

Pizza. If I’m in Australia, I like seafood pizzas. And then, if I’m in the States, macaroni – because I try and think of like the worst possible thing I could eat after a week’s rigid diet.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I guess I see myself just keep working and keep planning for the future and keep building on what we’ve already been building; constantly working with different brands and just trying to diversify myself as much as possible. There’s definitely things in the States with [talent agencies] WME and IMG combining, so there is a lot more film and television options that weren’t available before, which is exciting.



WE WENT TO  Bistro Moncur, Woollahra

WE ATE vine ripened tomato salad; salad of beetroot, balsamic glazed heirloom carrot, goats curd and hazelnuts; buffalo mozzarella, figs, witlof, basil and vino cotto; pan fried barramundi fillet with mashed peas, crème fraiche and confit spring onion, sunflower seed and caper beurre noisette.

ELYSE WORE Isabel Marant top and Levi’s.

KATE WORE Bec and Bridge dress .


Celeb look of the week: Karlie Kloss

4th September, 2015


There are times where the simplest outfits are the best – and this is one of them. Karlie Kloss looks effortlessly chic in plain black pants, ballet flats and a grey polo neck. Sometimes you just don’t want to overthink things and step out in something classic and pared back.

Photography: Vogue UK