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How to nail practical and stylish dressing as a mum

26th May, 2021

One of the most common questions I receive is how to build up a great mum wardrobe. I’m sure a lot of mums out there will agree that dressing when you’re looking after a tiny human is all about comfort and wearability. I can’t be wearing anything too fussy when I’m with the girls as I am often running after them, playing in the park or just generally on the go so I’ve got to be comfortable. Over the years I feel I’ve managed to really nail the key pieces that make my outfits cohesive and allow me to get dressed with minimal fuss. Here are some of my musts…

Have go-to pair of sneakers

I spend my life in sneakers whether it’s paired back with a dress or jeans and a tee. A pair of classic white sneakers is a must and is a worthwhile investment as it can work back with so many outfits. They’re ideal for those days when you’ve got a packed schedule with the kids and need to be comfortable.

Invest in great outerwear

During winter I often rely on my jackets to change up the look and feel of what I’m wearing. If I’m purely relaxing with Sophia and Grace then I have a puffer jacket I pop on as it’s casual and warm. However if I need to look smarter I often put on a nice coat or a blazer to help dress things up a little. The thing with outerwear is I can be wearing the same thing underneath— so jeans and a tee for example and changing up the jackets can instantly change the vibe of my ensemble.

A great pair of jeans is a must

Take the dress shortcut

Dresses have got to be the easiest thing a mum can have in her wardrobe. I just pop on a dress, pair them with sneakers and then I’m pretty much ready to walk out the door. They’re great for when I need to get dressed in seconds and don’t have much time to fuss around (which is pretty much every day.)

Look for pocket details

I love clothes with pockets. Since the girls are getting older I don’t need to bring a baby bag with a million things which is why I tend to gravitate towards coats and jeans with pockets. If we’re not going out for long I don’t need to pack a massive bag, and I just pop my key essentials in one of my pockets and I’m set.

Go for hands-free bags

Backpacks and crossbody bags are a huge trend and they’re a godsend for mums. I often opt for either style when I’m out with the girls as it leaves my hands free (this is ideal as most mums can attest you never know when you’ll need to stop someone from running off or need to wipe someone’s hands). I’ve invested in a quality leather backpack and crossbody bags as it can withstand the daily wear and tear that running around after two kids can bring. A simple neutral colour such as black, grey and navy is perfect as you can match it with virtually everything in your wardrobe.

Take the easy way out when it comes to fabrics

I love the feel of luxe fabrics like cashmere and silk but when I’m on mum duty they stay at home. I will always wear easy wash and wear items made of cotton or wool as I’ll invariably end up with something on me so need to be able to clean it off quite easily.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and colours

Build up a staple collection of pants

I’ve found that by building up my collection of comfortable pants— so think things like jeans, leather leggings and casual lounge pants— it has made getting dressed every day easier. I can pair them back with my trusty t-shirts or jumpers and I’m set.

Ensure you have a healthy supply of tees and sweaters

I’ve found that anything I can easily throw on (that doesn’t need ironing) makes getting dressed so much more straightforward. I’ve got a good range of t-shirts and sweaters in practical neutral colours that I can rotate every day. I’ve made sure that my tees and sweaters can work back with everything in my pants collection and vice versa so I don’t have the added layer of complexity of trying to figure out what to match with which.

Play with prints and colours

I’ve found one of the easiest ways to liven up a an outfit is with a touch of colour or a great print. I tend to incorporate a few bold pieces amongst my neutral pieces and find that it can give my look a little extra personality.

What are some of your favourite wardrobe essentials as a mum?

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What I Wore: 9 to 9 dressing

8th May, 2019

Being a busy mum and juggling work at the same time has meant that my wardrobe has had to adapt too. I recently spoke to Witchery about this very thing and how I make 9 to 9 dressing work. Essentially it’s about how I go from morning to dinner with the one look, with the help of a few simple, strategic outfit changes and some key pieces.

One of the ways I make 9 to 9 dressing work is the fact that my wardrobe has to consistently be versatile so I like to have strong pieces such as a statement blazer to liven up everything from jeans and a shirt to one of my favourite dresses, to a beautiful coat that can work back with myriad looks. This makes it easy to look polished but without too much fuss.

I also like to enlist the help of great accessories to help lift and adapt almost any outfit, according to the day I have. I can easily be wearing an outfit but with a change in bags from a crossbody bag to a clutch or the addition of some statement jewellery or even just a simple belt it can easily go from work meeting to fashion luncheon and then school pick-up without missing a beat. I’m all about versatility now and I like my outfits to be adaptable no matter what my schedule entails from day to day. And with the right pieces I’ve found it’s not only do-able it’s totally effortless too.

Look one:

Shop the Look:

Blazer: Mini Check Blazer by Witchery

Top: Cotton Pocket Shirt by Witchery

Pants: Mila Zip Jean by Witchery

Look Two:

Shop the Look:

Jacket: Winter Coatigan by Witchery

Dress: Ribbed Swing Knit Dress by Witchery

Belt: Mila Belt by Witchery (Similar)

Look Three:

Shop the Look: 

Dress: Button Midi Dress by Witchery

Jacket: Boyfriend cardigan by Witchery

Belt: Mila Belt by Witchery (Similar)

This post was produced in collaboration with Witchery