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My top packing tips and what I always carry with me when I travel

11th December, 2023

I’ve been lucky enough to go on a few trips this year and each time I try and streamline my packing even more. When I travel I try and keep my luggage as light as possible. I stick to one bag so I have to be really strategic in what I pack and how I pack so I can take all my essentials with me without having to deal with excess baggage. It’s about being practical and also a bit ruthless when deciding what to cull and keep as I want to know that I’ll be able to wear all the pieces I take and not have any that are just taking up unnecessary space.

So here are my golden rules for holiday packing…

Mix and match

It’s all about bringing separates and mixing and matching that way I can take a few items and just rework them for different looks. For example I’ll take a leather skirt which I can then wear with a nice black evening top and it’s fine to go out for night or I can wear it with a white t-shirt and sandals, sneakers or slides and I can wear it throughout the day. It’s all about finding items that are versatile. Also, one thing I’ve grown to love is taking matching sets with me which can be worn as separates. It looks polished but it’s also something I can rework into a few different looks.

Take one versatile LBD

I always take a little black dress because it can be worn with a pair of great flats but can be dressed up in the evening with a pair of heels so it has versatility. Bringing items that are versatile and can be worn more than one way is key to avoiding overpacking too many things.

Limit the number of shoes you take

As for shoes, I pack a pair of sneakers which I can wear while sightseeing and I also take one or two statement heels that can be mixed and matched with different outfits. If you’re going on a tropical holiday obviously a great pair of sandals or slides is a must.

Pack flat

When I’m packing I lay everything flat as I find it takes up less room. And I stick to only one bag. If I find I need to take another bag, I’ll revisit what I’m packing. When we’re travelling with the kids they end up having to take so many things with them—I want to take the least amount with me as possible to make it easier.


Minimise beauty products

Beauty products are heavy! So, I try to keep it light as far as what I take with me. As far as beauty goes I definitely always take a great sunscreen, a bronzer, cleanser, a good lip balm, mascara, and makeup remover. And I go with nude nails so I don’t have to keep worrying about any chipping or the polish growing out while I’m away. It’s a much more no-fuss approach.

Always take spare clothes

Having lost my luggage too many times to count I always take a change of clothes in my carry-on in case my suitcase gets lost and I also take items that I can’t lose such as my jewellery in my carry-on bag. I also always take my makeup with me just in case.

Go for comfort

Comfort is key on the plane and my fave plane outfit is pair of straight leg jeans, sneakers or a dad sandal, a loose-ish white tee and or a lightweight sweater (or both depending what time of year it is). I tend to do layering because it’s easy to adjust my clothing to the temperature on the plane. I also take a cosy Louis Vuitton wrap scarf in case it gets cold. Plus I always take a nice roomy tote carry all my essentials.

Tell me—what are your fave travel packing hacks?









What to pack for a European summer holiday

9th June, 2022

If you’re making the big trip over to enjoy the European summer —lucky you! I’ve enjoyed spending time over there during the warmer months through the years, and even got married in Taormina in Italy so it’s the type of holiday that has a special place in my heart. And having packed for it a time or two I’ve managed to get my packing down to a fine art to avoid carting around a big heavy bag to the other side of the world. If you’re heading over there here are a few of my tips for what to add to your European summer packing list.

Dress up!

Europeans have the most amazing style and tend to dress up so it’s the perfect time to step up your fashion game. I’ve always found it a great opportunity to get some use of out the dressier pieces that I don’t tend to wear that often in Australia. So if you’ve got a cocktail dress that you love, you can totally get away with wearing it with flats or sneakers during the day when you’re enjoying summertime in Europe.

Invest in Aussie brands

I firmly believe Australia does beautiful resort wear like no other place on the planet so take advantage of it and add a few homegrown pieces to your travel wardrobe. Brands like Zimmermann, Camilla and Marc, Aje, Bec and Bridge and Bondi Born are faves of mine and I’ll always go away with a dress or swimwear or cute separates from those brands.

Separates are a great due to their versatility

Think versatility

I’m a firm believer in not over packing so I’ll always do a tight edit of what I’m bringing with me. If I’m bringing dresses, I always make sure that it’s a style that I can wear with slides or sandals during the day and dress up with wedges or dressy accessories at night. The same rule applies to any separates I bring too; everything has to serve more than one purpose.

Pack separates

I mostly like to bring separates with me because I can create several different outfits by just bringing a few pieces. I always make sure that everything works together so I don’t end up with a top for example that I can only wear with one specific pair of shorts. Also co-ord sets are great for this purpose too because they look cute worn together but can also be separated and worn apart.

This is one of my go-to bags to take overseas – tiny, multi-purpose and chic

Bring a multi-purpose bag

I don’t like to bring a ton of bags with me so I’ll always bring one crossbody bag that I can wear with the straps over my body or tuck the straps in and use it as a clutch. Another alternative that’s perfect for now is a basket bag. I’m really loving all the wicker/straw bags around now as they can be worn during the day or at night.

Leave heels at home

You’ll find yourself navigating lots of cobblestoned streets so leave stilettos at home because it’s virtually impossible to walk in sky high heels on cobblestones night after night and not do yourself an injury! Instead bring wedges, or alternatively a beautiful pair of flats or slides will also work well. Plus they’re much more comfortable.

Pack fun accessories

One thing that doesn’t take up much room but can really change the look and feel of an outfit (and also addresses the issue of outfit fatigue on a trip) is accessories. I always bring my day-to-day jewellery, so my watch, my Cartier bracelet, my gold coin necklace and of course my wedding and engagement ring but I like to bring a few fun pieces to liven up a look when I’m going out. I find statement earrings are always a good place to start as they can really elevate an outfit, while bracelets are always good for stacking. I sometimes bring a necklace that’s on a slightly shorter chain to stack with my coin necklace. Accessories are definitely the perfect thing to pack as they’re tiny but really do pack a sartorial punch.