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Holiday packing like a pro

24th December, 2014


When I travel I try and keep my luggage as light as possible. I stick to one bag so I have to be really strategic in what I pack and how I pack so I can take all my essentials with me without having to deal with excess baggage! Here are my golden rules for holiday packing:

  • It’s all about getting separates and mixing and matching that way I can take a few items and just mix and match them for different looks. For example I’ll take a leather skirt and I can wear it with a nice black evening top and it’s fine to go out for night or I can wear it with a white t-shirt and thongs and I can wear it throughout the day. It’s all about finding items that are versatile.
  • I always take a little black dress because it can be worn with a pair of great flats but can be dressed up in the evening with a great pair of heels.
  • As for shoes, I pack a pair of runners (I take Nikes) for exercising plus I can also wear them while sightseeing and I also take one or two statement heels that can be mixed and matched with different outfits.
  • If you’re going on a tropical holiday obviously  a great pair of sandals and a great bikini are a must.
  • When I’m packing I lay everything flat. And I stick to only one bag. You can’t take more than one.
  • As far as beauty goes I definitely always take a great sunscreen, a bronzer, cleanser, a good lip balm, mascara, and makeup remover. And I go with nude nails so I don’t have to keep worrying about them while I’m away.
  • Having lost my luggage too many times to count I take a change of clothes in case my luggage gets lost and I take items that I can’t lose in my carry-on bag. I also always take my makeup with me just in case.
  • Comfort is key on the plane and my fave plane outfit is skinny leg jeans, a pair of loafers or ballet flats, a loose v-neck white tee and a leather jacket and a Louis Vuitton wrap scarf in case it gets cold. Plus I always take a nice roomy tote carry all my essentials.

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