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What I Wore: Rainbow Bright

3rd January, 2017

It’s party season so there’s no better time to embrace bold metallics. Appearing on the cover of Grace magazine with my family was all about feeling and looking festive and what better look than vibrant hues of gold, red and green. I loved the kaleidoscope effect of the Dodo Or dress I was able to wear on the shoot – I felt it was quite dramatic with the array of colours but the shift dress silhouette kept it somewhat classic the same time. I think every girl needs at least one statement-making party dress that can elevate her look for party season. Whilst I wore something quite colourful alternatively you could go for one bold shade. My sister-in-law Hoda wore a beautiful Michael Lo Sordo dress in a rich plisse fabric which I could see turning heads at any event. Even Sophia and my niece Rose got into the metallic trend with their adorable Boden dresses.

Credits: Dress, Dodo Bar Or from Mode Sportif; Earrings, Christie Nicolaides; Necklace, Sarina Suriano; Hoda wears dress, Michael Lo Sordo; Necklace, Christie Nicolaides; Rose and Sophia wear dresses, Boden; Ballet flats, Cotton On (Sophia); Shoes, Boden (Rose)

Photography: Julie Adams


Behind the scenes on my Grace magazine cover shoot

22nd December, 2016

I am so thrilled and honoured to share the news that I’m covering the new issue of Grace magazine with my family.

I’ve known Georgie Abay, the editor of the parenting website The Grace Tales since her days at Vogue and have been a long time fan of her site which is all about motherhood, stylish mothers and all things children and is a great website for mums. Recently Georgie launched an online magazine called Grace which I absolutely loved reading so I felt very honoured when she asked my sister-in-law Hoda and I to appear on the cover of the second issue with our children.

It was a Christmas themed shoot that took place in a studio in Sydney’s Waterloo. I always love seeing the outfits the stylist has pulled for a shoot and this time around we got to wear some fabulous outfits, in really bright colours and a handful of metallics to reflect the fact it was an issue celebrating the festive season. It was a nice way to mark the start of this great time of year.

Sophia was particularly excited about the shoot as she was able to “go to work with mummy”. Photo shoots are long days so by the end of it I think her excitement had waned slightly and going to work with mummy was no longer quite so fun but she loved spending time with her cousins, Rose and William. As with most little girls I think her favourite part of the day was playing dress ups. As soon as she walked in she was trying on shoes and trying on different dresses and she just wanted to be in everything Rose was wearing so a lot of the shots they’re wearing the same thing. It was an honour to be asked to be in the shoot with Hoda and the kids and we had such an unbelievably fun day shooting it. I hope you like the end result!

To check out the story head to The Grace Tales.

With my sister-in-law, Hoda

Hoda and my niece Rose and nephew William on set

Sophia inspecting the accessories for the shoot

Selfie time with Hoda and Rose

If there’s one thing you need on a shoot it’s coffee!

Hoda getting her hair styled




Profile: Douglas Kirkland, photographer

2nd November, 2016


Photographer Douglas Kirkland is proof that one image can change everything. In 1961, at the age of 27 he was hired as a photographer for LOOK magazine and would go on to shoot the image that would establish his career. The photograph in question was Marilyn Monroe wrapped up in bedsheets and wearing nothing else [below]. The image has become iconic and started Kirkland on the path to shooting some of Hollywood’s biggest and most renowned stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. An exhibition of Kirkland’s work is currently taking place at There Is, a gallery in Perth’s Northbridge so I decided to speak to the man himself. Here we speak about the most memorable shoot he’s been on, the key to a good photograph and whose portrait he’d most like to take…

Your shoot with Marilyn Monroe… did you ever expect how big an impact it would have on your career?

Of course I didn’t. It was just another, albeit great, assignment in between others. The impact of the Marilyn Monroe session came much later. At the time no one paid that much attention to it. It was not used that well in the magazine. After she died, the interest got bigger and has not stopped growing since. 

Marilyn Monroe – the image that started it all

You’ve shot so many famous faces. Who has been the most interesting to shoot and why?

This is a difficult question to answer. There have been so many wonderful and interesting people and the next shoot is always the most important in my mind. But I would say Audrey Hepburn. It was in the Fall of 1965 in Paris …Audrey was lovely of course but the bonus was that this was when I met my wife Francoise. We fell in love, got married and here we are 50 years later as if it was the first night.

What has been the most challenging shoot you’ve ever been on?

Every assignment is a challenge, If you don’t feel challenged you are asleep and you will not get satisfying results.

What’s your artistic process like for shooting portraits?

It is instinctive. It is a process, you assess the situation, you care about your subject, It is a dance, you cajole, you whisper, you shout, you make love to your subject with your camera.

Portraits are so personal. How do you develop that rapport with the person you’re shooting so you can take the best and most engaging photo of them possible?

In the 60s and 70s you had days and sometimes weeks to develop a rapport with your subject, now if you are lucky you have a day or at least a few hours, but sometimes only a very very short time. And you just need to get a feeling, connect with the person and tread carefully to keep your subject happy, engaged and comfortable.

The beautiful Brigitte Bardot

Whose portrait would you absolutely love to shoot?

Absolutely Michelle and Barack Obama.

These days it seems anyone with a smartphone and access to a filter thinks they can take a good photo. Do you think this has helped to evolve the craft or has it taken away from the skill required to be a photographer?

I don’t think it really has done either, tools do not take the pictures, they are just an accessory and whatever tool you choose you the photographer still has to do an exceptional job that will stand out.

What can people expect from your exhibit?

They will get a glimpses into people’s lives they don’t know, and hopefully they will go home feeling good, moved and enriched by the images.

Elizabeth Taylor

You’ve worked as a photographer on some iconic films. What did you find the most enjoyable about doing motion picture photography?

Being on a film set is like an addiction. It is both thrilling and unnerving.

There is a lot of waiting around and yet a great sense of urgency. In the best of circumstances as it always is on a Baz Luhrmann set, you feel you are part of a wonderful creative process, you are part of a collective effort to accomplish something special and you feel privileged to be part of the caravan.

What’s the key to a beautiful photograph?

This is completely subjective. What I find beautiful is not necessarily what others do. So a successful image depends a lot on the beholder.

Audrey Hepburn in Paris in 1965

For amateur photographers out there, what are your top tips for taking photos?.

Know your equipment and don’t spend time fumbling with it. The most important thing is to connect with your subjects.

Who or what inspires you?

The fantasy of photography and what you can find and explore with it and how you can speak with it. And of course my wife and muse Francoise.

Douglas Kirkland’s Icons and Idols exhibition is on until 13 November at There Is, 49 Stuart Street, Northbridg, WA.

All of the limited edition signed prints are available for purchase. Enquiries: [email protected]

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Shooting my Skin and Threads collection with Oracle Fox

18th June, 2015


One of the best things with collaborating with some of the girls from my show is that they’re all so talented, especially Mandy who is such an incredible photographer. When she offered to shoot my collection I was absolutely thrilled. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity! We shot my whole Skin and Threads collection at The Society Inc in Sydney’s Alexandria. These images are the end result of our day shooting (which you may have caught on tonight’s episode of Fashion Bloggers).










Fashion Profile: Zanita Whittington

30th October, 2014


When you ask Zanita Whittington what made her first start her eponymous blog, she laughs and says, “I think it was probably just a little too much free time to be honest.” From her early days blogging where she says her first post “was dreadful. I actually took it with a point and shoot camera but it looks like a blurry iPhone shot” to shooting fashion campaigns and starring on the reality TV show Fashion Bloggers, Zanita’s blog has well and truly morphed from a hobby into a highly successful career. Here Zanita reveals her biggest fashion fail, how she reacted to seeing herself on TV for the first time and the one thing she’d never ever wear…

What she planned to do before blogging…

I kinda didn’t have a plan and the blog helped me decide. I really thought I could just carry on my life freestyling a little bit. I used to be a model and you kind of have a grey cloud on your horizon as a model because it can’t last forever. My blog was something that really taught me to be myself and to grow into a woman that’s considered a businesswoman and has a brighter future than just flailing.”

How she reacted seeing Fashion Bloggers for the first time…

When I started watching it I started crying. Obviously it’s pretty exciting seeing myself but it’s like I’m watching some other kind of character… but I’m so proud of the other girls.”

Her favourite go-to outfit…

“I’ve been wearing these Friend of Mine leather overalls for three days. I don’t know if I should be admitting that! They’re so comfortable. I really just like wearing clothes I’m comfortable in. I love onesies and overalls and boiler suits and big long skirts and things. I don’t like showing a lot of skin; that’s my main rule for myself.”

Her biggest fashion fail…

“Oh my gosh there’s so many. When I look back it’s actually not really the individual pieces, it’s just styling that I’ve really stuffed up. Years ago I really liked to be creative with the styling of what I wore, but I didn’t really have many pieces and not everything goes together so you compromise a lot. I look back over my archives sometimes and I’m like ‘what?’”

Her best style advice…

“I don’t really like to give people styling advice because I think you should just trust your instincts. Maybe that’s good advice in itself, to just go with your gut.”

If she could only be dressed by one designer for the rest of her life…

“I’d go with not a brand but a store, it’s called & Other Stories. It’s mostly because they have big collections and it’s so diverse and I could have a lot of options. And their stuff has quite simple pieces but there’s also a lot of quirky stuff there that I’m a fan of.”

The most prized item in her wardrobe…

“I’ve got this vintage denim jacket which I just absolutely love. Vintage pieces are always really special because they’re always one of a kind. I also have a brand new Chloe handbag which is probably the most extravagant piece I own, so it would be that as well.”

One thing she’d never wear…

“Oh body con. Never say never cause ill probably end up wearing it to some fancy event but I hate wearing tight dresses. You can’t eat a lot of food!”

Favourite style icons…

“Diane Kruger is always really polished but she always has an element that’s thinking outside the box. Also Chloe Sevigny, I think she’s quite brave in her personal style.”

The Peter Lindbergh pic Zanita wishes she'd taken.

The Peter Lindbergh pic Zanita wishes she’d taken.

One image she wishes she’d taken…

“It’s probably that Peter Lindbergh photograph with all the naked models in the alley. I wish I took that picture. The supermodels of the 90s are the reason I love fashion.”

Favourite person she’s met…

“I really loved meeting Diane von Furstenberg. I met her briefly but I would love to hang out with her as I’m sure she’s got the best stories.”

Her favourite travel spot…

“I haven’t been there in a long time but when I was 22 I went to Japan and it’s been on my list to go back there. It’s just the most magical beautiful place. It feels like going to an alternative reality.”

What left on her blogger bucket list…

“I really want to go to Iceland and do a bunch of editorials and things. It’s so perfect. It’s like a photographer’s dream.”