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The new skincare products I’m obsessed about

23rd March, 2016


The health of my skin has always been a crucial focal point of my beauty routine. I’ve always firmly believed that if you start with great skin as a base that you’ll always get a great result from your makeup so its maintenance has always been important to me. I admittedly encounter new beauty products all the time and while I’ll give some a go for a day or two it takes a lot for something to make it into my regular beauty regime. So I’d like to introduce you to my latest beauty obsession: the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 range.


I’ve incorporated the serum and day moisturiser into my daily skincare routine for awhile now and I’m really pleased with the results I’ve been seeing. I’ve been really focussed on tweaking my skincare routine to help minimise the signs of ageing so the Revitalift range has been great because it specifically targets fine lines. It’s also been clinically proven to challenge a laser session from a professional so it’s great for helping to resurface the skin without needing to pay a visit to a dermatologist. The moisturiser and serum are lightweight so it doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin and it has a really delicious scent which is always a nice bonus.

My skin has been feeling quite dehydrated of late so it really drank up the moisturiser and helped to combat the areas of dryness I had been experiencing. I usually get fine lines around my eyes so I made sure to focus on that particular area. I found the products to be really soothing and hydrating to my skin and it was really easy to incorporate it into my usual routine. I’d wash my face, apply the serum and then moisturise so it was really straightforward to use which is really important for me as I usually need to get out the door fast. My skin is looking and feeling great so it definitely ticks all the boxes for me.

Photography: Mike Belkin


How to get your glow on: essentials for amazing skin

9th February, 2016


I’m all about healthy, glowing skin. I think that your makeup simply looks and sits better when you have a great canvas to work with from the start. I have a skincare routine that incorporates a few different elements and I’ve found the below combination works in harmony to help keep my complexion looking healthy.

1. Take makeup off before going to bed

I’m religious about taking my makeup off. I always do a thorough cleanse at the end of each day before I go to bed mostly because I like the feeling of having clean skin when I sleep but also because sleeping with makeup on can clog pores which in turn can cause my skin to break out.

2. Try to have regular skin treaments

I sometimes just need a more thorough skin overhaul than my usual cleansing, toning and moisturising routine can offer which is when a facial comes in. I book myself in for regular facials because it’s great for sloughing off dead skin cells which in turn can help reveal the healthier skin underneath. Healthier skin = healthy glow. As I mentioned in this post, my favourite treatment before a big event is a blueberry facial which does wonders for my skin.


3. Hydrate your skin

I have really dry skin so I love using facial oils. My go-to is the above SK-II Facial Treatment Oil which is so hydrating it feels like a big gulp of water for my skin. I use oils at night as I like to have really hydrated skin when I go to bed as I find I wake up the next morning with a much better complexion. However it’s also great for wearing under makeup when I want my skin to have a dewy effect.

Facial oils are great for dry skin, however I recently learned that they’re also ideal for oily skin. It may sound counterintuitive to use an oil but when you strip your face of its natural oils by over cleansing your body will produce more oil to compensate. So the trick is to replenish your skin’s moisture with a facial oil as it locks it in much more effectively than a regular moisturiser. This will in turn help to balance your skin and avoid the over production of oil.

4. Drink plenty of water

It’s a given that drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy, glowing skin. It flushes out nasty toxins which in turn helps to improve your complexion.

5. Make sun protection a must

If there’s one thing that will stand in the way of you and a healthy glow it’s sun damaged skin. This is why it’s important to make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine. I make sure I always apply sunscreen before I leave the house everyday. I apply it under my makeup and ensure I stick to this routine religiously.







My day to night skincare routine

26th January, 2015


Over the years I’ve managed to get my skincare products down to a very tight edit. I make the effort to really look after my skin but I also don’t have all the time in the world to apply a million and one products. I’ve found these skincare products really work for me and so far I’ve found it keeps my skin in great condition and I also don’t have to spend hours on my routine.

I always cleanse my skin twice a day. I use Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser in the shower in the morning, then I use it at night before I go to bed. I always get all my makeup off before I cleanse and I normally just use a makeup wipe or a makeup remover from MAC or Napoleon. I cleanse twice – once to get all the makeup off and a second time just to clean my face.

In the morning I use a moisturiser called Dermaquest Stem Cell 3D. It has the added bonus of having an SPF for extra skin protection. Plus it’s tinted so if I don’t need much coverage I just use it on its own.

At night I skip the moisturiser and use an Aspect face serum instead as I find it’s really nourishing. After I moisturise I apply an eye cream. I’m all about an eye cream! I think it’s really important to get into the habit of applying one as the skin around your eyes doesn’t get much moisture so it’s important to apply an eye cream to hydrate the area. I do this before I go to bed.

Occasionally I’ll apply an Cosmedix exfoliating mask to give my skin a more thorough cleanse and get rid of any dead skin. And I always moisturise my body with Nivea skin lotion. And that’s it – nice and simple!

What are your favourite skincare products?

Photography: Tamika Keioskie


How to get the perfect summer glow

23rd December, 2014


What’s the key to an “I just spent the summer in the Greek Islands” summer glow? Founder and CEO of ModelCo, Shelley Barrett shares her top tips on getting the kind of skin that will have people asking you if you just came back from an exotic tropical holiday.

Exfoliate regularly – “As skin cells build up, they will start to diffuse light and in turn, dull the surface of the skin. Regular exfoliation will gently whisk dead skin cells away to reveal the fresh, smooth skin below.”

Embrace oils – “I love applying ModelCo Rosehip Luxury Facial Oil. This skin-quenching elixir is packed with the hydrating, firming and brightening ingredients.”

Give your skin a boost – “ModelCo has literally bottled the secret to an instant glow with our new ModelCo Instant Miracle Booster Serum. This wonder serum is formulated with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, renowned for its skin brightening properties and has the ability to magically transform a flat and dull complexion in a flash.”

Light up – “Using an illuminator will help you achieve a dewy glow, and ultimately leave you with a brighter complexion. I apply it lightly down the centre of my nose, on my cupid’s bow and of course, to top off my cheekbones.“

Fake a glow – “A self-tan will not only lift your overall glow but your mood too. When it comes to fake tan I find the first thirty minutes after you shower is the best time to get your glow on. When the skin is clean and starting to cool it’s at its best to react with the tanning agent, as well as being super absorbent and soft.

Exfoliation is the key to getting a smooth, “I-can’t-believe-it’s-fake-tan” finish. I use ModelCo Tan Remover, an exfoliating scrub that smooths skin and removes old tan for the best bronze application.

Over application or uneven application is unsightly – use a fast working tan remover immediately to correct mistakes! A tan remover helps to remove self-tan mistakes when applied directly after the initial tanning process – perfect for when you get it on your palms!”

What are some of your tips for getting the great summer skin?


Beauty profile: Natalie Imbruglia

26th November, 2014

nat resized

Sitting down to chat beauty with Natalie Imbruglia is like swapping beauty tips with a really good girlfriend – you’ll walk away wanting to try everything she recommends! Not only did Natalie reveal her top beauty tips during our recent chat, she also let us sneak a peek inside her Chanel bag to find out what beauty products she actually carries around with her…

Her top beauty tips…

  1. “Drink lots of water”.
  2. “This is a tough one sometimes but make sure to cleanse your face at night and always take off your makeup. I know that sounds really obvious but so many people don’t do it.”
  3. “You don’t necessarily have to wear a foundation these days. With tinted moisturiser you’re getting a really good SPF and a lighter coverage.”
  4. “Remember that less is more.”

Her fave product from her new anti-ageing skincare line, Iluka

“The Pearl Illuminator. It’s actually got crushed pearls in it. Some people like it under their makeup as a primer which you definitely can do, but if you don’t like being that luminous you can just put it on your cheekbones. And crushed pearls are great for problem skin which I have. Everything in my range is really good if you get acne and things like that because I have to be really careful with what I use.”

Her makeup faves…

“I’ve got a really nice Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick. It’s the colour of your lip but a bit enhanced. And Laura Mercier peach rouge which has got the consistency of a thick lipstick. It looks like the makeup is coming from under your skin and not just sitting on top. I also use an Iluka lip conditioning treatment.”