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Styling trick: stacking jewellery

21st February, 2021

One of my favourite ways to work with jewellery is to make it a decorative feature by stacking my go-to pieces. It’s an effective way to enhance an outfit, but it’s an easy one at that as I am able to work with existing pieces in my wardrobe, and mix and match them to achieve a different effect. You can do this with earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets so it’s easily achieved, no matter your accessory preference. If you love this look, here are a few of my tips for how to stack jewellery and have it be just the right amount of busy.

Try to keep your metals the same

I tend to try and keep metals in the same family. So if I’m doing one gold piece then I’ll try and keep the others the same to provide some cohesion. The only thing that I don’t mind mixing is something that features diamonds as I find it’s the kind of piece that tends to work well with any metal.

Mix and match different shapes

The thing with stacking is that you need to incorporate pieces that are of varying shapes and sizes to make it look interesting. So below I’ve mixed a watch with some of my favourite bracelets, but all are quite different in style and are different shapes and sizes.

Have different lengths

This doesn’t apply as much with bracelets, but if you’re working with necklaces ensure that you’ve got pieces of varying lengths. I’ll often work with a necklace with a longer chain then pair it with a shorter, almost choker style piece to achieve a graduating effect with the layers.

Maintain balance

You don’t want to have too many statement pieces in the one cluster as it can look too overwhelming. Try and stick to one or two really striking pieces, then work them back with things that are a bit more streamlined and plain.

Tell me—do you like layering jewllery? What are your tips for making it work?


Styling trick: Colour blocking

17th July, 2019

Colour blocking has become a styling go-to of mine because I love how it can create such a strong look with minimal fuss. In fact, it’s seriously so easy that you can bookmark it as a styling trick to deploy when you’re having one of those days where nothing seems to be working in your closet. Playing with punchy, bold hues is a guaranteed way to make a statement, and it’s something that you can easily do with pieces you probably already have in your closet. But before you do, here are a few things to remember…

Go bold

Colour blocking is the time to go all out and have a little fun with your outfit. Playing with differing hues is always a tried and tested way to give your outfit a strong point of difference. Think pink and red, blue and yellow, green and blue… the options are endless but do try and work with solid colour as much as possible as the effect is not quite the same when you’ve got patterns in the mix.

Mix it up

You can block bold shades or keep things quite tonal and work with varying shades in the same colour family. And depending on your mood, you can easily colour block most outfits to either be quite striking and vibrant or keep it a little more subdued and work a subtle gradient effect instead.

Clash textures

In the outfit above I wore a red ribbed knitted jumper and worked it back with a bubblegum pink lurex skirt. Not only did I colour block but working with vastly different textures helps elevate the look, giving it some depth and makes the already vibrant shades work that much harder.

Don’t forget about your accessories

Your accessories shouldn’t be left out of the colour blocking fun! Adding splashes of colour with your bag or jewellery, shoes and sunglasses is one way to keep the theme going throughout your entire look.


Styling trick: statement skirts

19th June, 2019

Skirts are a constant in my wardrobe because they’re so easy to rework into different styles by simply changing up what I pair with them. One thing I’ve found to be a styling shortcut over the last few years has been a statement skirt. Working with a skirt with either a striking feature, an interesting print or a cut can add a certain freshness to a look. Also when paired with the right pieces you can take a skirt from day to night making it an unlikely hit in the versatility department, yet it still packs a sartorial punch. Here are a few ways to work a skirt that’s anything but neutral…

Go flashy

When it comes to statement skirts you really want to go all out sometimes and what’s better than a little lurex? I love the sparkly effect that this skirt has because it’s got so much energy and personality. Sometimes when you’re working with such a piece it means you can relax a little in what you pair with it because you definitely want it to steal the show.

Use it to anchor a look

One of my go-to pairings is a statement skirt with a sweater. Without fail, it always looks polished and chic. And the reason why is because the skirt is such a strong piece that it helps bring everything together. When matched with simple pieces such as a neutral jumper and a classic bag, you’ve got yourself a cohesive look that’s also anything but pedestrian.

Use it as an after dark look

Usually when I think of night events I’ll gravitate towards a dress or these days, a great suit. However don’t forget about a statement skirt! If you can find a beautiful skirt with a standout feature (the sheer effect of the skirt below is what made me gravitate to it) whether it’s an amazing print, next-level embellishment or a sublime colour then you’ve got yourself a piece that can definitely hold its own for an evening occasion.


Styling trick: the silk scarf

9th May, 2019

Sometimes all it takes to revamp a look is the help of simple accessories. Case in point: the silk scarf. The beauty of this one simple item is that you can wear it in so many different ways, using it as a hair accessory one minute to a bag accoutrement the next. And whilst it’s great for everyday use, it’s also a handy little thing to have when you’re travelling as it’s small, light and multi-purpose. Here are a few different ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Use it as a hair tie

You can turn an ordinary bun or ponytail into something a little more pretty and polished with the help of your fave scarf.
Turn it into a bag adornment

You can easily elevate the bag with the addition of a beautiful scarf. Drape it around the handle a la Elle Ferguson and you have yourself a decorative element that will give any bag a touch of personality.

Wear it as a headband

Headbands are having a bit of a moment and there’s no better way to dip your toe into the trend than by utilising a scarf you have in your wardrobe. Fashion it into a headband and you’re on trend in seconds.
Use it to elevate a look

There’s something quite chic about incorporating a scarf into your look. Tie it around your neck or drape it over a coat and you’ll look classic and put together.