Styling trick: stacking jewellery

21st February, 2021

One of my favourite ways to work with jewellery is to make it a decorative feature by stacking my go-to pieces. It’s an effective way to enhance an outfit, but it’s an easy one at that as I am able to work with existing pieces in my wardrobe, and mix and match them to achieve a different effect. You can do this with earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets so it’s easily achieved, no matter your accessory preference. If you love this look, here are a few of my tips for how to stack jewellery and have it be just the right amount of busy.

Try to keep your metals the same

I tend to try and keep metals in the same family. So if I’m doing one gold piece then I’ll try and keep the others the same to provide some cohesion. The only thing that I don’t mind mixing is something that features diamonds as I find it’s the kind of piece that tends to work well with any metal.

Mix and match different shapes

The thing with stacking is that you need to incorporate pieces that are of varying shapes and sizes to make it look interesting. So below I’ve mixed a watch with some of my favourite bracelets, but all are quite different in style and are different shapes and sizes.

Have different lengths

This doesn’t apply as much with bracelets, but if you’re working with necklaces ensure that you’ve got pieces of varying lengths. I’ll often work with a necklace with a longer chain then pair it with a shorter, almost choker style piece to achieve a graduating effect with the layers.

Maintain balance

You don’t want to have too many statement pieces in the one cluster as it can look too overwhelming. Try and stick to one or two really striking pieces, then work them back with things that are a bit more streamlined and plain.

Tell me—do you like layering jewllery? What are your tips for making it work?

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