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What to spring clean from your wardrobe

24th October, 2017

There’s nothing like a new season to inspire you to do a thorough clean out of your wardrobe and purge it of any unwanted or unusable clothes taking up valuable closet real estate. After all there’s nothing better than a completely organised space where you can see everything you own at a glance and not have to dig through piles of clothing that you last wore in 1998. I’ve already covered in depth how to spring clean your wardrobe and also how I keep my own organised however if you’re going to embark on a big clearing spree it pays to know what to keep and what to bin to ensure you end up with only the clothes that you will definitely get plenty of use out of. And just think, once you’re done you’ve freed up essential space for any new purchases.

Stained/damaged/misshapen garments

Go through every single item of clothing you own (yes even socks and undies) and bin anything in bad shape. First and foremost this means clothes with stains or rips that can’t be mended and anything that’s a bit misshapen or stretched. It’s better to have a tight edit of clothes that are in pristine condition than a ton of clothes that are only partially usable.

“Someday” clothes

I think most women have clothes in this category in their wardrobe. It could be that dress you’re hanging onto for when you lose a few kilos or the jeans that you once loved but are hoping could come back in fashion. Be brutally honest and ask yourself whether you’re really going to wear them again. I’m betting that most of the time the answer is no.

Anything you haven’t worn in a year

If you’ve survived an entire 365 days without the urge to take out a particular item of clothing once, chances are it’s time to break up with said garment. And you may say that you’ll swear to wear it someday but the reality is it’s probably just going to end up gathering dust in the back of your closet for another 365 days. Bite the bullet and bin it or donate it to charity.

It belongs to the old you

As we age and move into new phases of our lives often our wardrobe can be left behind. Whether it’s changing jobs to an entirely new industry where your collection of suits just no longer works or being a mum who lives in casual lounge wear but has a closet full of non-child friendly clothes, it’s time to start dressing for the life you have not the one you had. You’ll feel so much better looking into your closet having plenty of feasible outfit options everyday than feeling despondent every morning that you have nothing to wear.

…and what you should definitely keep

Hang onto classic pieces that are timeless staples of every woman’s wardrobe. These are the clothes that will last you season after season and will still be with you long after the latest trend becomes a distant memory. I think there are 10 items every wardrobe needs but as a general guide these things will not date and are worth hanging onto:

  • A crisp white shirt
  • A black or navy blazer
  • A trench coat
  • A leather jacket
  • A great pair of jeans that fit you perfectly
  • A little black dress
  • A striped tee
  • A pair of leather pants/leggings
  • A quality winter coat in black, grey, navy or beige
  • A pair of black dress trousers

If you’re honest with yourself and are able to let go of what’s going unused I promise that after this you’ll end up with a wardrobe that you’re just dying to wear…and a valid excuse to go shopping for some new additions!


Sneak a peek inside my wardrobe and how I keep it organised

22nd March, 2017

I used to have the luxury of using a spare room in our house as a wardrobe however I’ve since had to cull things down a lot and keep it confined to a set of cupboards and drawers. This definitely called for some serious organisation on my part. Whilst it was quite a mammoth task to get everything into a smaller space it was certainly very cathartic to do an edit of everything I owned and to see the more organised finished product. When it comes to my wardrobe having a system is key as I find it helps to make it so much easier to get out the door in the morning. Here’s how I do it:

Categorise everything

I make sure to separate everything into different categories – I put jumpers with jumpers, skirts with skirts and pants with pants so I know which section I need to look at when I’m after something. If everything is just in random piles I will never be able to find what I’m after.

Segregate into seasons

I put my out of season clothes in storage so it doesn’t take up valuable real estate in my wardrobe. When it’s summer I put away all my coats and winter clothes and vice versa. I find this also helps me to see what I have to wear during a particular season without being overwhelmed by everything else I own. Also, so my out of season clothes don’t take up valuable storage space in the house, I put them in vacuum sealed bags. This is also helps protect them whilst they’re out of action for a few months.

Introduce a go-to section

I hate having to rummage through the rest of my clothes when I’m pulling things out that I use on a regular basis so to get around this I make sure to put all the clothes I use a lot in one section. This includes my jeans, leather pants, black blazer, a white shirt and all my white t-shirts as I wear them the most. I have about seven different looks that are my go-to so I keep them in an area that is easily accessible so I don’t mess everything up.

I have the same system with my shoes. I put the ones I wear the most at the front of my cupboard and the ones I wear the least further back so I don’t have to pull everything out when I’m trying to get to them.

Invest in matching hangers

I threw away all my wire hangers and invested in black Ikea hangers to keep everything in my cupboard uniform. It keeps everything looking neater and it makes me feel like I’m browsing through a boutique whenever I’m looking at my wardrobe.

Keep accessories in the one spot

I keep things like my sunglasses, jewellery and hair accessories in the one easy to access drawer so they’re easy to view at a glance and I know exactly where they are. I find if I have them in different spots I’m more likely to forget where everything is thus adding more time to my getting ready time in the morning. When it comes to the accessories I use the most, I pop them in a small bag which I know I can easily grab if I am going away.

The great thing with having an organised wardrobe is it encourages me to stay organised as not only does it feel nice to look at a tidy space it also helps me to keep track of where everything is. I’ve also found that by having a system it doesn’t matter how much closet space I have, everything is guaranteed to have a home.

Tell me – what are some of your best wardrobe organisation tips?

Photography: Sophia Athas


How I plan my outfits

16th August, 2016


I’m an outfit planner. My days are so varied that I like to take wardrobe dilemmas out of the equation as much as possible (that said, I’m not totally immune to a wardrobe crisis here and there!) by mapping out my outfits. Some days I’m in full mum mode which means comfort is key but other days where I’m juggling work functions and Date with Kates I need to look a little more polished. Here’s how I make it work:

Wardrobe organisation

If there’s one thing that will make pulling an outfit together easier it’s an organised closet. My wardrobe is organised according to category so jackets together, jeans together and so forth so I know immediately where to look. There’s nothing worse than having a particular outfit in your only to find the shirt that pulls it all together is M.I.A. And to make things even simpler I compartmentalise all the pieces I wear all the time into a section in my wardrobe so I don’t have to search the rest of my closet and mess everything up in order to find what I’m looking for.

Picking a focal point

I know some people start with a pair of shoes or a great necklace and work their outfit around that but I like to start with a particular garment whether it be a dress or pants. From there I build on the outfit with a jacket, shoes and bag.

Ensuring versatility

There are times when my day is quite mixed so I need to make sure my outfits are quite versatile. I sometimes have multiple Date with Kates to do in a day so I have to ensure that I only need to change one thing to mix up the look, for example changing the jacket to give the outfit a different vibe.

Giving myself enough time in the morning

There are those people who plan their outfits the night before, even the week before but I don’t tend to work that way as I often find I won’t feel like wearing something if I lay it out beforehand. So to combat this I try and factor outfit prep into my morning so I don’t get frazzled and end up running late. Even just an extra 10-15 minutes of time is enough to pull something together with minimal stress.

What are some of your major wardrobe tips? Share in the comments below!